r.i.p. dodge viper - our five best viper adventures - custom car alarms

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-17
r.i.p. dodge viper - our five best viper adventures  -  custom car alarms
If you have never ridden or driven a viperer snake, except to say "dayyyyyum! Or "It's fast.
If it's the car you drive, there's no need to explain.
The dodgeviperwillceproduction month.
We are sad to see it disappear-we have nine-but the reduction in sales and competition determines its fate, not much "No! Not the Viper! ” will save it.
However, long live the VIP snake.
This is the best story of our 5 Vipers snake. 1.
Our first project this year is 2002 and we live in Brooklyn and we can hear the first Test VIP five blocks away.
The first thing we do is get in the car, drive away and spin out, a full 360. (
We heard it. it was a ceremony. )
Thankfully, no traffic, no injuries to cars and drivers, from get-
Go-its first gear has ridiculous power, not to mention a loud enough volume to turn off all the car alarms on your block. 2.
Fried sticks at the top of an early convertible-
Potway decided to drive to Long Island.
Let go of our convertible.
But it began to rain early in the ride.
We didn't want to wet the leather seat of our $70,000 tester, so we stopped and tried to put the top up.
But the early Vipers snake top had a series of bars similar to Rubik's Cube and we didn't have much luck as the downpour continued.
One of the sticks finally slipped from our hands and fell on the nearby grass.
We held out a hand to catch it and put our four fingers in a pile of invisible fresh dog dung under our nails.
Have you tried driving a VIP snake with one hand? Not possible.
But somehow, most of the mess on our hands took it down and one hand was driving on the steering wheel with a paper towel.
Yes, we closed the top.
Thanks to Rod, the model was canceled later. 3.
The legs of the first poisonous snake often burst, and on both sides of the car there is an exhaust pipe under each lower door panel.
These will heat up like a motorcycle pipe after a short period of time, especially if you step on it, who won't step on it when driving a VIP snake?
However, if any of you forget to swing your legs and clear the panel when you get off the bus, you and your other half are in trouble.
It's not just a bit of a sting, it's like a hot stove. 4.
Silent for a long time
Win wordy buddyI put a friend in the passenger seat and the man started his half
The usual monologue-there seems to be no beginning, no middle, especially the story of no end.
I moved down and filled the car with deafening acceleration --pinned-back speed.
This shut him up. 5.
Rain, Rain, rain on the Nashville track, this is a huge event that attracts the owner of the Vipers snake from all over the United States to Tennessee, our media was invited to drive the latest Pirates on the Nashville track.
On the day of the trip, however, God decided to become interesting and dumped about a billion gallons of water in the morning, noon and evening of Nashville.
In any case, we were brave enough to wear our helmets and had done it-any of us ran the fastest on the track at about 45 miles an hour. Yay.
The next morning, when we all flew back to our homes, the sky was clear and bright.
Watch penzor bid farewell to this iconic American sports car, below the "last Vipers snake ".
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