r u buzzed? an iphone app can tell you - car alarm with remote start

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r u buzzed? an iphone app can tell you  -  car alarm with remote start
The Colorado Department of Transport has launched a free iPhone app in time to help party participants calculate their blood alcohol levels and call taxis.
The app, called r u Buzzed, was released earlier this month and has been downloaded more than 40,000 times, according to The Wall Street Journal.
The app prompts users to enter weight, gender, drinking time, and consumption of beer, wine, and liquor. (
The calculator assumes that a drink is equal to 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1 ounce.
5 ounces of spirits. )
The blood alcohol content figures are then calculated and displayed.
Even if you are under the legal limit of 0.
08%, it might say "you're buzzing!
And warned you, "you may be arrested for damaged driving . "
Designate a sober driver
"The app contains a disclaimer stating that the estimates are not accurate enough to be considered legal evidence.
It also said that individual tolerance to alcohol may vary and may be affected by food, medication, health and psychological conditions.
GPS can also help users locate taxis. But non-
Please note--
Since these applications were developed for the transportation department of the State Department, it is estimated by Colorado law that the GPS function may not be applicable in the following casesof-staters.
The Colorado Department of Transport also suggested that the best plan would be to designate a sober driver before people start drinking.
R u Buzzed is just one of about 100,000 apps in the Apple App Store.
Here is a sample: If you are afraid that flying will keep you still, Virgin Atlantic offers you a new iPhone app.
The new application was launched in partnership with developer Mental Workout, based on (Named after name)
The airline said it had no fear of flying, with a success rate of 98%.
The app is available for iPhone and iPod Touch, including relaxation and fear therapy exercises, FAQs, and videos explaining flying from start to finish.
It even comes with the "fear attack button" in case of emergency, as well as breathing exercises and quick tips.
Sir Richard Branson said: "Our first iPhone app will bring the benefits of our successful flight to millions of people around the world who are now using mobile technology to improve their lives . " The president of Virgin Atlantic said in a statement.
"The app will reassure many travelers that they will be able to prepare for their first Virgin Atlantic flight. "At $4.
99, it's more expensive for the iPhone app.
But Virgin Atlantic said its recent fear-free flight course, as proof of the app's sound-based program, helped Whoopi Goldberg overcome her fear of flying.
"This project has been successful. I'm a skeptic.
I haven't been flying for 13 years, but after finishing their project, I understand that although my fear is true, there are many things I don't know, or there was a mistake that they were able to clarify, "the actress said in a statement.
"So what happened? I now fly.
That's simple.
"Recently, developers have released an app that promises to remotely unlock, launch and warm your car from anywhere in the world.
The app, called VIP SmartStart, was launched earlier this week by automotive safety and remote start-up system designer director Electronics and can be downloaded free of charge from Apple's App Store.
Although the remote start-up system of the car usually has limited linesof-
Thanks to your iPhone, not the original remote control, communicating with your car over the phone's network, the system has "almost unlimited range," said VIP ".
"We think customers will find a wide variety of unique and personal value Vipers SmartStart," said Mike Simmons, parent company of Electronics, executive vice president of instruction, International Holdings Limited for the protection of children, said in the statement.
"Whether it's helping her husband, he locks the key in the car, or locks the key and wallet firmly in the car while she jogs with her iPhone, we want to hear about some of the uses we never expected.
"Once the VIP SmartStart hardware is professionally installed on the car, the iPhone can also be used to unfreeze windows, cool the vehicle in warm weather, unlock the trunk or start a panic alarm.
But even though the app is free, the hardware that really makes it work with your car is quite expensive.
Only paired with one of the two VIP SmartStart systems that cost $499 will the system work (
For those who have not yet remotely started the system)and $299 (
For those with remote startup).
The first year of the service was free, but then it was $29. 99 a year.
Bad ball or sweetheart?
A new iPhone app claims it can help singles tell the difference.
The date check was launched by information commerce company Intelius in September, and users can conduct instant background checks on potential dates through their mobile phones.
Once downloaded on the iPhone, the app can search for public records with only one name or mobile number.
If you activate the app's dirty detector, it scans the criminal record to determine if anyone is accused of possession of drugs, assault and beatings, sexual offences, drunk driving and other offences.
If you click net worth, it looks for information about ownership of the House and the value of the property.
It can also view social networking sites such as LinkedIn to provide employment and education information.
"The Date Check is like you have a private investigator in your wallet," John Arnold
Intelius's founder and executive vice president of business development said in a statement.
"Getting strangers into your life is a huge risk, and in the age of Internet anonymity, a simple online search is not enough to tell you everything you need to know.
The company said the application "provides a safer way for singles to interact . "
"But although the app itself is free, the cost of these services can be up to $40 depending on the type of search selected.
The date check is available for download at the Apple App Store, and the Android and BlackBerry versions will also be available soon.
People don't usually equate the iPhone with medical innovation, but with the release of a hearing aid app released in June, they may have to reconsider.
This application, known as soundAMP, was developed by the Ginger Lab in California.
Based on software application developers, available in the iTunes store for $9. 99.
Although SoundAMP is not a real hearing aid, it has achieved similar results.
Users simply start the app and plug in a pair of headphones.
The application receives sound from the microphone (be it built-
In headphones or from other places)
Then zoom in and filter it.
You can then adjust the volume to your liking with the slider on the touch screen.
You can also replay five to 30 seconds by clicking the appropriate button on the screen.
Hearing aids can usually be related to more mature people, but developers at soundAMP insist that their products are age neutral ---
It is as important as having a post-80 s hearing impairment and having students trapped behind a large lecture. (
As a warning, you should probably see a doctor if you really lose your hearing-
SoundAMP may be novel, but it's not medically proven. )Soda. Coffee. Water.
Next time you go to the movies, take all the movies.
As long as you have a new iPhone app around you will know when you can escape to the bathroom without missing the best part.
Approved by Apple app store in early July, RunPee (yes, really)
The promise is small-
Best friend of film director.
The app offers all the movies that are currently playing in theaters and tells users about the distance from each "pee time" to the movie, the line of tips they listen to, and even what they miss. (
When you are on your way back to your seat, you can click a button to interpret the text that provides a short outline. )
"This idea comes from watching King Kong.
"Made in 2005," said Dan Florio, creator of RunPee, referring to Peter Jackson's three marathon races --
Hour blockbuster
For most of the time in the film, he said, he was eager to get out of trouble.
"I 've been thinking, I hope they can kill this ape so I can get to the men's toilet," he said . ".
Like a good fan, he waited until the end but didn't notice a good three --
The order of minutes he can use.
"I could have gone to the men's toilet on site and I could have enjoyed the end of the movie, which would have been better," Orlando, Florida. developer said.
When he walked out of the theater and saw the person waiting in line to enter the theater, he wanted to share his secret.
But he was a little shy, so he kept silent.
The idea was in a state of relief until August 2008 when he launched RunPee. com.
He said he watched about 80% movies to find the best "pee time" but added that his family helped him.
Anyone interested can submit ideas to the website.
In January, he developed the iPhone app in partnership with brother John and brother Sam Shahidi and Jordan Palmer, the Cincinnati Bangladesh quarterback.
No data has been downloaded yet, but frorio says the site's traffic has jumped from about 30 unique visitors per day last year to about 3,500 visitors per day.
Although the app is only for iPhone users in the USS.
The plan will be extended to India, China and Australia, he said.
Thanks to the iPhone, coffee is now easier than ever.
In June, Dunkin' Donuts launched an app for iPhone and Web to help organize and automate group orders.
With their computers and mobile devices, customers can initiate orders through "Dunkin' run" and remind friends and colleagues that they are willing to be "runners ".
"Each member in the group can add their orders to the list, then the runner can print the selection, or create a checklist using the iPhone so that when they arrive at the store, they will not miss anyone's order.
The app has not yet sent the order to the local donut store.
"We think Dunkin' Run is a social app that can help hard-
Baba Shetty, chief media officer at Hill Holliday, said: "The efficiency of American staff has improved slightly . ".
"This is based on the concept of reciprocity ---
I'm going to get your coffee today and hope you get my coffee tomorrow-
Complement the "we are together" spirit of the Dunkin' Donuts brand in a perfect way.
So you're late again.
You are a busy woman, but you just got married and you have hope for your family.
When you hear the ping familiar to your phone and tell you that a text message has arrived, you try to go to the meeting.
You open it: "Your fertile window opens today for five days," it says.
"Stress can get in the way of conception, so relax, massage, meditate or take a yoga class.
"The text you just received is--
Yes, this is its real name. -Booty Caller.
The app is free and offered by a parenting website called BabyCenter. com.
Do you really want text messages to remind you that this might be a good time to have sex?
It may not be your idea of spontaneous fun, but its maker says it may help you squeeze out some fun ---
And a new kid. -
Live a scheduled life.
Editor Linda Murray said: "loot callers are definitely a sign of the times --"in-
Director of Baby Center
Com, wrote in emailmail.
She said her website "started creating a tool to provide fertility information and pregnancy tips in fun, digestible text messages. "Look around --
Through magazines, store displays, kids T-shirts --
You might see the small square black. and-
Remind you of the white patch of the barcode.
Their purpose is similar.
The idea comes from Scanbuy, a New York company, who wants the small company.
Known as ezcode will become ubiquitous.
Jonathan Bulkeley, CEO of Scanbuy Inc. , said: "We have been doing it for a while . "
, "The idea is the same: make it easier for you to navigate using the camera on your phone instead of the keyboard on your phone.
"For example, by pointing your camera phone to running shoes ads, the screen of your phone will soon show you a website with specs and user reviews.
Point your phone to the code on your child's shirt and you go directly to his or her Facebook page.
Bulkeley says he can see countless other uses: for example, how about having a mark on the packaging of the lettuce head telling you how long it was picked from the ground?
He even sees a code on a grave mark that allows you to read the life of the person you respect.
Imagine yourself in the store, fascinated by a pair of running shoes you check out through Scanbuy.
But can you afford it?
Financer is a portable electronic ledger that is a way for you to track money no matter where you are.
"Financer is one of our most popular applications;
We have seen a rise in demand since the recession, "said David Becker, CEO of its manufacturer dBelement.
Your iPhone screen looks like a checkbook ledger, which is the same as what your generation used before, just it does math for you.
Your account is a bit thin;
Maybe you 'd better not wear shoes.
So you can't afford these Nike? For $1. 99 (
Many of these programs have similar prices in the Apple App Store)
, IFitness will suggest exercise procedures to keep you in shape. Flabby arms?
Touch the "arm" on the menu to find the best practice.
Worried about your abs?
Routine work will be recommended for the project.
It will keep you honest too.
You can record what you do and understand your progress, and you can try Fit Phone if you don't like it.
Or, if you are like many of us in terms of New Year's resolutions, you can stop and feel guilty.
You may want to download in this case. . .
For those of us who choose to flood the grief with burgers and chips, this is an app.
Click on any of the 4,700 items in 41 chain stores and it will tell you the number of calories, the amount of fat to go back and buy this pair of running shoes, the amount of carbs and everything you need to know. It's $2.
From Concrete Software to Apple 99.
Last but not least. . .
Perhaps one of the more ambitious apps/devices, iBreath is a breath --
A test device that connects an iPhone or iPod.
Users blow into iBreath and read out their blood
Alcohol content is displayed on the phone screen.
"All sorts of people are using it," said Don Basler, CEO of iBreath manufacturer David Steele.
"The parents of the children, the college students, the wife of the husband, the boyfriend of the girlfriend.
The starting point of the population is as low as 16, but it is basically 18 to 50.
"IBreath made its debut on Christmas Day, and according to Bassler, the company has sold thousands of dollars out of $79. 99 devices.
Of course, while we believe that these seven applications can play a big role in making a busy life easier, mentioning these specific applications does not necessarily represent recognition of them.
There are many competitors for everyone, please advise in our comments section.
Many apps have features you will like or hate, and the only way to be sure is to try it yourself.
But most apps are either free or very cheap, which means crossing the barriers.
You can now do a lot of things with very little effort on what you used to think was just your phone.
Unless, of course, you prefer to be on paper, on a computer, or even--
What a weird idea-in the flesh.
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