rankin, tk maxx and comic relief team up for red nose day t-shirt campaign - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-08
rankin, tk maxx and comic relief team up for red nose day t-shirt campaign  -  car alarms for sale
Red Nose Day is a difficult day to miss, mainly because people wear their supporters on their faces.
But we know that plastic red noses are not something everyone likes.
You wear it for a day and throw it away.
Maybe it will float on the bottom of the wardrobe or on the floor of the car for a few months first.
This year, you can get some clothes you can wear after the end of the day.
Fashion and portrait photographer Rankin works with TK Maxx and comic relief for this rather sweet Red Nose Day T-shirt campaign.
Each shirt will have one of the 9 animals and a matching pajamas set will be available.
This means that no one will forget that you support Red Nose Day, you good Samaritan.
The line is only available in the TK Maxx store (
From February 13, 2017)and tkmaxx. com (
From 1st. At least £5.
00 sales and pounds 2 from women and men.
50 children will be donated to Comic Relief and their efforts to improve their lives
Change funding for aid to Africa.
The shirt itself is made in Africa and is made from certified co-
Operators in Uganda-this means that the prices of farmers are more fair.
Rankin said his inspiration came from his love for animals and his mission to inject new vitality into the sport.
"I designed this series specifically for Comic Relief, considering my love for animals.
"I hope to be able to make fun and creative spins on the classic images of this particular event, smile on people's faces for Red Nose Day, and encourage everyone to make their laughter important.
A spokesman for TJX explained that they hope these collections will help families across the UK to get involved and improve their living standards --
Red Nose Day change fund.
"We're glad Rankin was at our T-
This year's Comic Relief shirt campaign.
There is no doubt that his magic series will appeal to all families across the UK and we will not be able to improve our living standards without their generosity --
Red Nose Day change fund.
Online shopping collection.
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