rap music auto alarms take a turn to verse : security: a canoga park inventor has updated an electronic system to include a rhyming message for would-be thieves. - one way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-12
rap music auto alarms take a turn to verse : security: a canoga park inventor has updated an electronic system to include a rhyming message for would-be thieves.  -  one way car alarm
The next time you brush a car in the grocery store parking lot, it may burst out in the song.
Actually, rap.
The inventor of the electronic car alarm system at Canoga Park verbally warned passers-by to step back and he updated his creation, including a musical message urging people --
Be a thief, not break into the door.
The adventure is close to a car with an invisionbeam system with Michael Nykerk, and there's a voice coming somewhere under the hood: "Yo!
I know you want to look inside, but I suggest you stay away from the car.
"Linger, Xiaoqu continued:" return easily from riding.
Don't hang around.
Because if you don't, my alarm clock will ring.
"After the last warning not to harass the car, the sound starts to count down from five.
When it reaches zero, the car will send out an electronic signal. -
The horn honked, the lights flashed, and the voice shouted, "Someone tried to break into my journey.
Nykerk insists his invention is a toy worth more than $285.
Traditional alerts, he said, "are like buying car insurance after an accident," because it only makes a sound after damage.
But because of his 3-year-
The old system warns intruders before they touch the car, "it's like someone has been standing next to your car all the time.
The concept is simple.
The microwave field projected from the car revolves around the vehicle.
This field can be adjusted to pick up motion in a range of inches or 1 feet from the car.
When mobile is detected--
Whether it's a liar, an uninformed pedestrian or heavy rain-
Activate electronic voice. (
Nykerk recommends closing equipment during heavy rain. )
If the movement stops, the program will be reset and the intruder will be thanked-
One of the seven languages
In addition to rap in English and Spanish, Nykerk's system reproduces authoritative information in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Thai.
With these additional languages, the owner of a foreign car can install English and other languages, for example, Mercedes can warn the scammer to "stop!
"The original invisibroam sounds like a robot warpoliceman. "Warning.
You're too close to the car. Step back.
Take a step back, or the alarm will sound.
"All the recordings were done by professional sound artists, and Nykerk said the rap version was done by an excellent singer
But he refused to reveal his identity.
Former BMW salesman nykerk, who thought of a talking alarm in early 1980, watched the owner try to understand the series of confusing beeps and whits most alarms use to deliver information.
Vocalarm is the first system for Nykerk electronic security products, which tells the owner in simple English whether the alarm is turned on or off, and the time of the last launch.
"I like gadgets, different things," said Nykerk . " His office decorations include a dancing coke can, a fake burning cigarette and a life --
The size of Batman's nemesis clown cardboard cut.
It was launched in 1989.
Nykerk says thousands have been installed.
Los Angeles police investigators describe the system as "pain in the ass" and "neat", but they don't know how effective these devices are as a deterrent to breaking --ins.
"How do you know if there's something that can stop the crime?
An official who declined to be named said.
"There is absolutely no way to judge.
Reseda shop installed the system with one in it, and Jorgen Makitalo said none of his customers' cars had been stolen or destroyed.
"It's kind of like a toy, of course," he admits.
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