rcmp welcome citizens’ help - gps car alarm system

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rcmp welcome citizens’ help  -  gps car alarm system
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This article is published in 16/1/2017 (867 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
If you see a neighbor's door open or notice an unfamiliar car parked on a quiet side of the road, do not hesitate to call 204-888-0358 —
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Headingley
Emergency callSgt.
Harvey Legley, head of the Headingley detachment, said rural police welcomed tips from local residents who feared they might be broken
Or other illegal acts.
There are about 10 officers in the detachment, including hdinley, Roso, MacDonald, Katie and RMs of St. Ka.
So it's impossible for them to patrol this big geographic area all the time.
Most of the crimes committed in this area are property, Legary said --
The suspects in Winnipeg were most contacted.
The winter weather also left Winnipeg criminals in the city, Mr. Legley said.
Legary joined the Headingley detachment in October 2015 and took over command from the Cpl in last May. Ron McDonald.
From Pilot Hill, man.
Legary said he chose law enforcement when he was young.
"When I was six years old, we had an officer from Crystal City coming to the school to speak.
At that time, I decided to be a policeman.
"He lives in LaSalle with his family and he feels it helps him to work because he is able to integrate into the community and is very familiar with the area. Facebook.
Com/TheHeadlinerWPGTwitter: @ canstarlinerural tips sheadingley RCMP for rural residents suggest residents follow these tips to protect property: if left unattended,
Do not leave valuables such as money, electronics and GPS equipment in the car and on the face.
This reduces the chances of your vehicle being broken;
Don't leave your garage door opener in your car.
By doing so, theft into your car can also enter your garage and possibly your house;
Use it if you have a monitoring alarm system.
Do not announce your upcoming or current holiday on Facebook or other social media as theft will monitor these sites;
Turn on the lights outside at night;
Close the garage door above your head.
The RCMP patrol that finds the open garage door will knock on your door;
Record the manufacture, model and serial number of common stolen items such as TV, electronic products, tools and other items;
Take photos of rare and expensive items such as antiques, jewelry, golf clubs to help police identify and insure.
Put the list and photos in a safe place. —
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