red bull interns - car electronics system

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-29
red bull interns  -  car electronics system
F1 fans seize the opportunity of a lifetime, seize one of the five internship opportunities offered by Red Bull Racing, and the time is running out.
The internship lasts for one month and will end on July and August
So, how do you want to participate in the behind-the-scenes activities of the defending f1 world champion?
Five internships in aerodynamics, electronics, marketing and other departmentsT.
Procurement will provide first for successful applicants
Gain insight into what it takes to power one of the world's most successful teams and give them the opportunity to change the status quo and contribute to success.
Christian Horner, head of the Red Bull fleet, said: "We know that a lack of experience can be an obstacle for many young people trying to get into the job market.
"That's why Red Bull opens these opportunities to anyone, regardless of their experience, to be part of the winning team and to join us in the Red Bull Racing race.
We are looking for people who are eager for success and are passionate about what we do.
"We believe that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for individuals to demonstrate their potential and learn valuable skills and hope that they can seize this opportunity with both hands.
"Successful applicants will learn from experts in the field of their choice, and will get programs that may mean differences between the first and last, in this campaign, every hundred seconds
These five internships will take place in the following areas: Aerodynamics: Interns will work with teams seeking to produce the best aerodynamics package on the grid.
Experience will include the design and manufacturing of components for the team's wind tunnel model electronics: interns will be responsible for designing, building, installing and supporting on-
Electronic and electrical systems for automobiles.
Experience will be included in one or all of the four groupings of design, manufacturing, support, and testing and inspection marketing: Interns will work with the team's busy marketing department and all related areas.
Experience will include participation in all marketing activities such as communication, hotel, partner management and brand management. T.
: The Intern will work with the team responsible for developing the applications required for design, manufacturing and racing.
Experience will include the use of the underlying computer infrastructure that supports the procurement of these applications: Interns will work with the team responsible for acquiring all the projects that the team needs to participate in the competition, not in-house.
Experience includes sourcing products, talking to suppliers and engineers, becoming a spokesperson for the team, and the good news for thousands of young people who are worried about a lack of hands-on experience is, this application process does not require five pages of resume and relevant work experience.
On the contrary, interested candidates can go to redbull to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. co.
They will be asked to complete a series of tasks in a challenging online test.
The test will evaluate a variety of skills from the heart to perseverance to reaction time, and I will have potential interns go through their pace to see if they have the ability to be part of the Red Bull team.
Those who get high marks in the game will be invited to apply for two of the five positions, starting in June at the Red Bull Racing factory in Milton Keynes, to be shortlisted for the applicant's interview process.
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