refile-update 1-honda recalls fit/jazz cars over window fault - car power window

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-23
refile-update 1-honda recalls fit/jazz cars over window fault  -  car power window
* Toddlers died after a fire in 646,000 cars recalled worldwide.
* From next month there are 172,000 cars in the UK and 140,000 in the USS. (
Correct the last paragraph and add "in South Africa ".
Also added bylines)By Chang-
Fort Johannes, Tokyo, January 29 (Reuters)-
Honda Motor Co. , Ltd. 7267. T)
Last year, a child recalled 646,000 Fit/Jazz and City cars worldwide after a car caught fire and died due to a window switch failure.
A spokesman said the recall included 140,000 vehicles in the United States, covering models sold in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia, but excluding Japan.
Fit is the best at Honda-
Sales model in Japan.
Earlier this week, Toyota Motor Corporation (7203. T)
It was announced that millions of cars will be recalled to Europe and China due to faulty accelerator pedals and floor mats. [ID:nN27231388]
Honda said the recall was intended to repair a defective master switch, which could cause water to enter the power window switch, causing a fire in some cases.
The spokeswoman said it was reported that there were three fires due to the defect, two in the United States and one in South Africa.
A Honda spokesman in the UK said the company had recalled all 2002 vehicles-
The model Jazz unit in South Africa in 2008, and will recall 172,000 units in the UK after a fire last year, killing a toddler.
Honda said on its websitehonda. co.
Za will "check and modify the driver's door power supply-
In some cases, the window switch may be short-circuited due to water intrusion ".
On last September, nurse vanilla was killed on her second birthday in Cape Town when the car she slept in was on fire.
"The recall is related to the window switch and 172,000 cars will be affected by the British recall," a Honda UK spokesman told Reuters on Friday . ".
"The recall will begin at the end of February.
Now we will start to discuss with our customers and distributors how we can set up a recall.
Honda UK said water was entering the driver's window of its Jazz model and reaching the main power switch, which could cause overheating and "potentially causing a fire ".
"At the time of the recall, a waterproof skirt will be installed on the window to avoid any damage," the spokesman added . ".
Honda's Jazz is the best.
In December, the brand was sold in South Africa and 352 units were sold in the month.
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