Regina residents raise alarm over single road access to Hawkstone neighbourhood - one way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-14
Regina residents raise alarm over single road access to Hawkstone neighbourhood  -  one way car alarm
Residents near Anorthwest Regina sounded the wake-up call for road design in their communities, saying it was dangerous and could limit the passage of emergency vehicles.
A few days before Christmas, a car accident blocked cadrochdale Avenue north of a large commercial parking lot at Wal-Mart.
The problem is: Rochdale is the only way for residents near East Hawkstone to get into their home.
That means Derek Pollock is having Christmas. shopper-
It will take 20 minutes to get home to the Walmart parking lot.
"This reminds me of this problem (that)
"Well, really, there's only one way in and out of the block, and if something bad happens, it's not an ideal situation," he said . ".
Pollock is concerned: if there is an emergency near Hawkstone, access from Rochdale will be blocked, not to mention the design of Rochdale east of pasquah Street called Pollock
"There are two exits on the north side of the busy shopping center, both of which turn left onto Rochdale.
For those traveling to Hawkstone, the left-turn car flow makes the neighborhood appear frequently --
Mary novig, resident, said, "Miss.
She said Rochdale's way of reducing the eastern edge of the parking lot near Vanstone Street from four lanes to two is also confusing.
Bothreentsmoved to Hawkstone in 2013, bothreentsmoved said, with the impression that another entrance to the block will be added "as soon as possible.
"It's frustrating," Norwig said . ".
They should not wait too long.
The city reached an agreement with developers at the crossroads of the capital, a piece of land between Wal-Mart and Hawkstone, to reach videnrochdale within two years.
The developer has to extend Argyle Street north from sanster Avenue to Rochdale, which provides another way to get in and out of the block.
The city will also add traffic lights at the intersections of Rochdale and Vanstone.
Jeff Brown, manager of the city's infrastructure planning department, said that all development plans eventually have multiple channels (
Like Hawkstone will eventually do.
Although there is no rule so much.
When a community like Hawkstone is planned, the city will consider in get-go.
Scott Smith, at the crossroads of the capital, understands Hawkstone's residents' concerns about having only one entrance into their neighborhood.
He hopes to complete the Argyle extension in 2017, which is affected by the necessary planning and testing to intersect the pipeline.
"Nothing has been delayed;
The process is a bit slow, that's all . "
As for Hawkstone's developers, "we don't think it's a big deal," said general manager Kevin Reese, with only one entrance to the neighborhood.
He called Rochdale, "the two are pretty good.
"And noticed that Hawkstone was not high --
Population or hightraffic area.
"All we know is that these things take time," he said . "
"People must have a little understanding and patience about how these things work. ”
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