San Antonio man who ran over stranger admits murder - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-05
San Antonio man who ran over stranger admits murder  -  car alarm
After a San Antonio man quarreled with a friend about the noise of the car alarm in the bar parking lot, he knocked down a stranger who admitted to murder and faced up to 16 years in prison.
On Wednesday, the 39-year-old pleaded guilty before a state magistrate.
He is expected to be sentenced in August. 11.
Cerna admitted to being killed in November 29.
13, 280 block parking lot on the north side of Bitters Road.
According to court records, Alonso of Canyon Lake forgot his ID card and was waiting for three friends in it.
When Cerna was with him
The 31-year-old girlfriend left the club and couldn't remember where they were parked, and Cerna clicked on the panic button on his key so his Jeep would be alerted.
A friend of Alonso, 26, shouted, "lock that up (expletive)
The matter is over, "Cerna replied," you don't know who you are joking with, "the men began to argue, according to a statement submitted to the court.
The couple got into the Jeep and Cerna ran towards Herrera, grabbed him and knocked him down to the ground, court documents said.
Alonso started chasing the car right near.
Witnesses told police that Cerna made a U-
Turned to chase Alonso in the parking lot and hit him.
Alonso landed at the top of the vehicle, rolled down and was knocked down.
Cerna left the scene.
Hours later, Alonso died in hospital.
After a long investigation, the police arrested Cerna on August 2012.
Court documents show that the surveillance video of the parking lot shows "a piece of darkness --
The color SUV rushes past the victim and continues to travel to the exit of Bitters Road and "shakes from the side"to-
When it ran from the victim
In addition, investigators who saw the video said, "it seems that the SUV has to turn too much to hit the victim," the document said. ate.
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