sari club owners want $14 million for the site of the 2002 bali bombing to build a peace park - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-09
sari club owners want $14 million for the site of the 2002 bali bombing to build a peace park  -  car alarms for sale
Families with the site of Bali's bombed Sari Club claim $9 million
Except for $4.
The land has agreed on a price tag of 9 million.
Before it promised to sell.
The $14 million demand brought an unpleasant ending to yesterday's long-standing meeting with delegates from the Bali Peace Park Association, which could eventually break the construction of permanent monuments on the site to commemorate the 2002 Bali bombings
The meeting included delegates from the government of Bali, the Indonesian foreign ministry, the Patong regional tourism bureau and the Australian consulate in Bali.
The Bali Peace Park Association attended the meeting in the hope that the owner could accept the land exchange as a solution after Bali governor Wayan Koster offered to offer another larger site nearby, thus liberating the Sari Club website for sale.
But ABC was told that the owners rejected the idea on the spot and they were only interested in negotiating the highest price for Sari Club land.
The preliminary report after the meeting stated that the owner agreed to sell 700 of the land for $4. 9 million.
However, with the end of the meeting, they requested an additional payment of Rs 90 billion, or $9 million, as compensation for the five members
They plan to build a floor restaurant on site.
The price tag only applies to the plot where the Sari Club is located until a car bomb destroyed it on October 1, 2002.
It does not include a larger 800 square meter site directly behind it, which is not suitable for negotiation.
But the price is still far below the $5 million price tag on the top floor of the fifth floor.
If it's storey.
The Bali government issued a license for the restaurant in last December, which will start construction this month.
But the owner agreed to suspend the plan.
Negotiations with memorial advocates. The Perth-
For years, the Peace Park-based association has been trying to buy the land, but with limited funds, it is never possible to agree with the owner on the price.
Last week, after a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Perth, their hopes were boosted. Morrison is understood to support the negotiations.
The Peace Park Association suddenly offered $4.
9 million the purchase of the site indicates that if the site can be purchased at a fair price, the prime minister proposes to invest a lot of money.
Previously, the Rudd government invested only $450,000 in Peace Park, followed by similar contributions from state and regional governments.
In the end, the promises of these currencies may be wasted.
ABC was told that the owner of the site held a meeting yesterday for $26 million in demand
Exactly the same price as was requested at the beginning of the negotiations more than a decade ago.
They later dropped the price to $4.
9 million, the reason is (
Based on the local market value of Bali, it is worth $700,000.
The delegates of the Peace Park Association sneered at this, saying that the market value of Kuta land is less than half, and has hardly increased for many years.
They bid $3.
5 million in return, the owner refused.
However, the Peace Park Association finally agreed to the owner's request of $4.
9 million for 700 of the site, once the peace park is completed, it is also proposed to include the name of the family on the memorial plaque.
However, the owner retreated and asked for a payment of $9 million in addition to the agreed purchase price.
They are reasonable demands on the basis of five
The Storey restaurant is not open anymore.
They cited the money that has been spent on building permits and other materials and said the family has made a commitment to investors. As a last-
The Peace Park Association offered $500,000 in compensation and the owner refused.
The meeting broke down without an agreement, leaving new questions about the future of the site.
The owner has agreed to suspend construction on site for three days to allow for further negotiations, although it is not clear whether it is possible to have more negotiations. Topics:unrest-conflict-and-
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