screaming residents’ fears as london tower block fire broke out – and alarms didn’t go off - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-11
screaming residents’ fears as london tower block fire broke out – and alarms didn’t go off  -  new car alarm system
Early this morning, screaming residents fled the fire in the Tower of London neighborhood --
The fire alarm did not ring, some claimed.
High fire-
A year after the tragedy at the glendfair building in west London, the livelsham building began.
The crew were called a fire on the 13 th floor of Building 20.
Storey Roma Corte block on Elmira Street, Lewisham, 4. 14am.
Residents of the neighborhood said they were woken up by screaming neighbors when they claimed the fire had not sounded.
The 25-year-old Alix Mabon, who lives on the fourth floor of the Roman court, was one of the first to walk out of the building, saying she was worried that they would be "the next Grenfell ".
She praised the bravery of the three teenagers who reminded her of the fire before knocking through the building.
She continued: "I was sleeping with the balcony door open, and I just heard people screaming and shouting, thinking it was a quarrel on the street, but it was getting louder and louder.
"When I came out, there were three teenage children shouting with the concierge, 'fire, fire. Get out'.
"The first thing that comes to mind is, 'Oh my God, it's Grenfell.
We're going to be the next greenfalls.
Ms. Mabon said that there was no official recommendation to evacuate and that she hoped for a comprehensive construction inspection and investigation.
"I did think about staying, but obviously glendfair is in my head, so I think I have to go out," she said . ".
"I don't know where the fire is.
It's probably next door.
Ms Mabon said that it was a good thing that the fire was locked in an apartment, but added: "I will certainly be worried when there is no alarm . ".
She continued: "Only the children in their teens ran on the stairs.
There are also people sleeping throughout the process.
Thank God it was included.
19 th floor resident Nick Cheuk said in an online interview with The Sun: "About 4 in the top 20, when I woke up, when our window was open and I opened the balcony door, I heard some shouts.
I realized it was a guy calling "fire" and then I could see the smoke coming out of the building.
"I evacuated with my girlfriend.
I knocked on the neighbor's door because the fire didn't ring.
None of my neighbors opened the door, so I ran down the stairs and when we got to the 13 th floor where the fire happened --
The door to the stairs is actually open.
"We got outside and the police and the fire brigade were there and took us to the evacuation point.
"I know there's some guidance on staying --
Put the policy, in this case it works because the fire is locked in an apartment and the fire brigade has enough time to go in and put out the fire, but we never know what to do in a fire.
He said: "We feel relatively calm now, because no one is injured and there is not much loss, so all the residents are calm --"
I mean, given the news about Grenfell this morning, we really appreciate it.
I think that's in our minds.
Kristoff Maier, 32, said: "We were on the top floor, and because there was a shout outside, so we woke up, so we went out on the balcony, and the people in the building opposite were screaming, "Fire, Fire ".
"We didn't see anything, but they began to wave and point and shout, 'You.
It's in your neighborhood, coming out of the building.
When we went downstairs, we began to run down the stairs and beat the door.
"The artist manager who lived in the building for three years said there was smoke on one of the floors.
He continued: "Everyone was shocked without an alarm.
When we were on the stairs it became more real and very warm.
"When the last group of residents were allowed to return to their homes around eight o'clock A. M. , the parents wrapped their children in blankets.
Mr. Mayr said that the residents were concerned about the fire safety of the building and that he had taken into account the fire safety of the building before moving in.
"This is a new building and there seems to be a variety of precautions, including sprinklers, with no coating. . .
But when the alarm does not sound of course, you will want to know what else does not work.
Caleb Parker, another 40-year-old resident who lives on the 10 th floor, said: "I am sleeping and someone knocks at the door and I get up and don't know what it is.
"I heard someone knock at the door and say, 'fire, go out '.
"I don't know what's going to happen and when I see the fire, I think it can be very bad.
Mr. Parker, from the United States, added: "I feel safe so far . ". .
I don't know if I feel unsafe, but I'm worried, of course on this issue --
The anniversary of Grenfell
A resident told The Sun on the internet: "I am on the 18 th floor, there is no alarm, and the same is true for floors complained to some residents.
"Despite the fire department launching evacuation alerts, the evacuation fire alarm system failed to close in many parts of the building," they said . ".
"The building is only three years old.
Twitter user Yousef Ali claimed the fire didn't ring and he was "woken up by people screaming" while another user, Anthony Devlin, said the alarm was "no sound/no presence ".
There were nearly 60 firefighters and 8 fire engines at the scene, as were the rescuers and police.
LFB says most of the balconies and four of the parts-
The room on the 13 th floor was damaged by the fire.
The London Fire Brigade said that the staff of Lee Green, Depford, New Cross, Forest Hill and Lewis Sham were also dealing with the fire.
A spokesman for Barratt's residential Asset Management said in an online interview with The Sun,
Who manages the building-
He said: "Early this morning, a fire broke out in an apartment in the Roman court building and it was safely and quickly put out without any injuries.
"We have successfully followed the entire fire safety procedures of the building and we would like to thank the London Fire Brigade for their prompt response.
"Now that all the residents have returned to the building, we are investigating.
The London Fire Brigade said about 180 people left the building before the staff arrived, and a sprinkler system suppressed the flames.
A spokesman said:"
High-rise homes are often not equipped with public fire alarms, as it is often safer to stay in your own apartment unless heat or smoke affects you.
"If you leave your apartment, you may rush into dangerous smoke, the fire itself or the firefighters use the equipment to control the fire in another part of the building.
"The fire was considered accidental because of the careless handling of the smoking material.
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