sderot: 2 teenagers severely injured by rocket - what is the best car alarm

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sderot: 2 teenagers severely injured by rocket  -  what is the best car alarm
Does anyone remember the ceasefire?
On Tuesday night, two teenagers were injured in the leg by shrapnel from the Qassam rocket.
One of the young people, Adir Basad, was seriously injured and rushed to undergo surgery.
Another teenager, Matan Cohen, was seriously injured.
Three people were hit in the area and several cars and houses were damaged. The al-
The al-Holy City Brigade, a military unit of the Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility for the launch of the rocket, which the organization said was carried out under "Israel's violation of the ceasefire agreement.
"Kassam in the center of Sderot: two 14-year-
The old boy is a Grade 9 student at Sderot Netiv Hayeshivati school.
Matan's uncle, Nir Ohanan, told Ynet, "they are good friends.
They are studying the exam together and the exam should obviously be held tomorrow.
"It seems that they went inside, and then the rocket exploded and hit them.
Matan was injured in his right foot and his friend suffered a more serious injury.
We are here, waiting for the hospital update at Barzilai hospital.
The car that was hit by Sam.
Photo: Tsafir Abayov)
Ohana said, "This is the third time that Matan was killed by the Qassam rocket.
The rocket landed at their home for the first time, almost completely destroying the house, and the second rocket landed next to him, which hit him this time.
We hope to be the best.
Unfortunately, this has become a routine, just like everything that happens with Sderot.
The sad thing is that no one knows what's going on here.
Madan's aunt said: "at 6: 40 this morning, a Qassam rocket landed next to my house. m.
All the glasses are broken.
I don't believe a rocket like this will hit my nephew later.
The children just studied for the Gemara exam at Matan's school and he went out for a walk.
I hope Gemara will protect them.
"After the incident and continued ceasefire violations, Prime Minister Olmert is expected to hold emergency security consultations ahead of his meeting with the Egyptian foreign minister on Wednesday morning.
The Prime Minister will ask for advice from security officials, but he appears to be seeking to continue the policy of restraint.
It is expected that Defense Minister Amir Peretz, IDF Chief of Staff Dan haruze, shenbete officials and other security officials will participate in the discussion.
Place where Sam landed (
Photo: Cohen)
After the fire, the Magen David Odom emergency forces were sent to the area and took care of the injured, who were then evacuated to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon for further
"We heard the red warning system and all went to the security area," said Sarit Belisha, who lives opposite the rocket landing site.
My husband just entered the garage and saw two teenage children on the other side.
"When he heard the explosion, he tried to call them to run away and he ran to take refuge.
When he came out, he saw them lying on the ground and injured in their legs, and people began to get to the place and take care of them until the ambulance got there.
Our kids have been sleeping in a safe room for a long time and they must have had a hard time sleeping tonight.
A security official who arrived in the area said it was a difficult sight to see: "The two young men twisted in pain and screaming.
The rockets landed close to them, with a pool of blood underneath.
This is a shocking sight.
"Many residents reported that when the rocket landed there, huge explosions were heard throughout the city.
Liat, 27, a Sderot resident, told Ynet: "There was a huge explosion immediately after the red warning system sounded.
"This is the third time Qassams has landed here today and it has become routine again.
We had two quiet weeks and everything is back to normal now.
We really thank the prime minister for that.
"About five years ago, Liat married a man who studied at yeshiva in Sderot, and the two moved to the city.
"We have been here since the Rockets started and suffer as usual," she said . ".
Since Tuesday morning, seven rockets have been fired from northern Gaza into Israel, one of which is close to strategic facilities.
One of the rockets landed near a strategic facility in the Ashkelon Industrial Zone, not far from where hazardous materials were stored.
Another Qassam rocket landed near the same area on Monday.
After the attack, an employee of the facility told Ynet, "just like yesterday, at exactly the same time, we heard the explosion, but this time it was louder.
After the security officer received the Rocket News from the pager, an alarm sounded in the area and we began to enter the safe room.
After the fall, someone tried to find the exact landing location.
Afternoon, around one o'clock P. M. m.
Another rocket landed on the Shaar Hanegev regional council.
There were no reports of injuries or damage. The al-
The Holy City Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack on ashclone, saying it was in the attack. range Quds-3 type rocket.
The group also claimed responsibility for the attack on Sderot earlier in the day.
A statement issued by the group after shooting at Sderot said, "an armed man --
Wing cells successfully launched two advanced holy cities
Rockets were fired at the Sderot settlement in response to Zionist crimes and violations against the Palestinian people.
"Unless there is security for residents in the West Bank, there will be no security for Sderot residents," the statement added . ".
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