sex offender who cut off gps-tracking device raises concerns about victoria's prison monitoring system - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-16
sex offender who cut off gps-tracking device raises concerns about victoria\'s prison monitoring system  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
Police have expressed concern that the system that monitors Victorian prisoners is not working, as search for a sex offender who cuts off GPS continues
Follow the bracelet and walk out of the correctional facility.
The man has not been seen since Sunday morning when he walked out of Victorian facilities.
Another sex offender, Sean camodie
Coyle, 28, escaped twice.
In June 2013, and also in February, from correctional institutions.
The secretary of the Victoria Ron Iddles Police Association said that the monitoring system currently in use did not work.
Mr. Iddles told 774 ABC Melbourne, "there have been some problems with these monitoring systems in the past few months, and the signal has actually disappeared, which is a serious problem . ".
"We have problems with black spots, or sometimes it signals and needs to be completely improved.
"The intent is good, but if the signal does not send a signal at any time, or is not monitored for some reason, then it has a problem.
Victorian government leader Matthew Guy said an investigation will be conducted into the situation of the prison break.
"It is clear that this is not good enough and there is obviously a need to look into how this happened," Mr Guy said . ".
"I am simply saying, however, that this government is committed to putting more people in jail and they should be in jail.
Our opponents put people back in their homes and put people back on the streets who should not be there.
"But on January, Victoria's correctional commissioner, Shuard defended the quality of the sex offender's GPS tracking bracelet, and she told Radio ferfax that she was not worried about the system.
"Electronic surveillance is one of some of the regulatory tools or dynamic security tools we use to collect information and monitor the whereabouts of offenders," MS Shuard said . ".
"It is not a single tool in itself.
It goes with our staff oversight, our case management of criminals, and the normal process of accounting for people.
"This is one of many things.
The bracelet was locked, she said, but it could be cut off with "a little effort.
"We went through an exhaustive process in purchasing this device, but there was nothing to put on and we couldn't take it off at all," she said . ".
"They have to be able to leave due to medical reasons and other reasons, so if the offenders tamper with this information, we get an alert to let us know that they are doing this, and allow us to activate the response.
"This electronic bracelet did what we expected it to do early Sunday morning.
Ms. Shuard said the bracelets were the highest limit on criminals.
"Given that they are members of the community, it is a civil program, they have completed their sentences and are subject to these restrictions for up to 15 years.
"Mr Iddles, who did not know how male sex offenders cut off the bracelet, said he believed public safety was at stake.
"Obviously, some investigations will be conducted by the Corrections Department and the Victoria Police. . .
But what we need to find isout)
So it won't happen again. "He said.
"I think the community will expect that if you go out and use the monitoring system, you will want it to work for 100 of the time.
"Sometimes the signal will not be sent to the monitoring center, so the person will not be monitored for a short period of time.
"When the signal goes away, the alarm goes out, but the reality is when they go to check that the prisoner is there.
"So on this occasion, when the alarm is cut off, they will go and have a look, but he has actually gone, and now he has to have reasonable resources to find him. "Topics:crime-
Prison preventionand-
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