smash and grab: opportunist thieves hitting car owners hard - car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-18
smash and grab: opportunist thieves hitting car owners hard  -  car alarm system
A woman was pinched for the first time in six breaks for more than $5000 worth of dance gear
Within a few months, ins targeted her small car.
Research shows that four of the five New Zealanders experienced car failures, smashing and stealing caused a heavy blow to car owners.
There's something inside.
The study, commissioned by Colma Brendon to AA Insurance, surveyed 1100 New Zealanders.
Dancer Victoria Pine told the Herald that she had parked her Holden Ballina outside of Avalon's home and that it had been split up in the last eight months
For the first time, she said, her car was taken out of her suitcase with over $5000 of uninsured dance gear.
"It's all gone," she said . "
"It's a little surprising --
Don't leave anything visible in my car.
Pye says she always locks her car and thieves can't see dance gear until they break in.
"We 've been watching TradeMe and everything else, but none of my stuff came up, so we're not quite sure what they did with it.
"She was supposed to perform that day and sprint for the last minute to find the right shoes and outfits:" It was a nightmare.
"Even if there are no valuables in the car, take a break --
Ins happens almost once a month, she says.
"It's not a good feeling because you want you to be safe in the community.
"The thief avoided the car alarm somehow.
"It's not surprising to be honest, it's just annoying, because obviously I don't put anything in the car anymore," Pye said . ".
"If you see it on the Lower Hutt community Facebook page, that's the case for many others as well.
"Every time I go back and drive and know that someone is in my car, I feel uncomfortable.
Pye said the cost was frustrating because she saved money at a performing arts school in the United States.
Last month, police in Rotorua reported that nearly 30 cars were targeted within 18 days. The break-
Ins happened at night, high
Risk period after 10. 30pm.
In a claim against AA Insurance, a car was damaged when the driver went to the dentist.
How does Kiwis protect their cars?
According to the AA Insurance survey, drivers of seven or 68 per cent of Ten took the necessary safety measures to ensure the safety of their cars.
This includes: safety systems installed in the factory53 per cent (
From 46 in 2017)
Anti-theft device installed by the owner-9 per cent (
Less than ten per cent in 2017)
Car alarm installed by car owner-9 per cent (no change)
• Steering wheel lock lever-5 per cent (no change)
GPS tracking equipment installed by car owners-3 per cent (no change)• Other -4 per cent (
Below 5% in 2017)
None of these-32 per cent (
Below the 35 in 2017)
Most New Zealand drivers are making sure their car is locked all the time.
9 out of 10 people, or 88% of the drivers always lock the car (
Below 89 in 2017)
And 11 usually locks it (
Up from 10 per cent in 2017).
The remaining 1% is sometimes or never locked, which is the same as the 2017.
People in rural areas are more relaxed about car safety and insurance tips to prevent car theft. Always lock your car and leave your valuables and car keys invisible even when parking at home. Park outside the garage, garage, or garage as much as possible
If you have to park on the street, park your car in the well
The lighting area, if possible, uses a safe parking building and stops near the entrance or exit. Install visible safety measures such as alarm clock, anti-theft device or steering lock. Always know where the keys are and never leave them in your car
Thieves steal keys so they can take modern vehicles with advanced safety systems. On weekends and when the weather is warm, be vigilant when there are more reports of theft.
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