snowplow bumps into snow-covered car, finds woman ok inside - trunk open

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-02
snowplow bumps into snow-covered car, finds woman ok inside  -  trunk open
Lake Tahoe South, California(AP)—
A woman was considered by the authorities to live in her car and was rescued after a snow plow accidentally crashed into a vehicle buried in the snow.
Chris Fiore, spokesman for the southern Lake Tahoe City in California, highlighted February.
17 accidents occurred at a press conference on Tuesday, urging drivers to take safety precautions in winter.
He said there was a problem with illegally parked vehicles in the city, which slowed the removal of snow.
Fiore said the snow plow driver hit the back of the car and the trunk suddenly opened.
After that, the workers of the Plough began to shovel things around the vehicle, ready to drag it while the woman put her hand from the inside on the window.
"She didn't want to go out," he said Wednesday . ".
"She made no noise.
Fiore said: "The name of the woman has not been released because the police did not mention any irregularities she had.
She refused medical treatment and left and the vehicle was towed away.
He said the woman said she had been in the car for about five hours and did not seem to care what would happen if the snow plow hadn't hit her car.
The battery of the car was dead. she couldn't shake the window.
"The fact is, it can become very different," he said . ".
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