spider may set off car alarm - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-03
spider may set off car alarm  -  car alarm
I had a lot of trouble.
Driving Fiats for free for a few years, my current car is Croma 2. 2 auto (
A good car in most ways).
However, it has recently had an intermittent fault as the alarm goes off after the car is parked.
Usually this happens after about ten minutes and sometimes after a few hours.
Fiat dealers have checked twice and found no fault.
I spoke to other Fiat dealers and they could only suggest driving the car for a week to track "gremlin ".
It was all very frustrating.
Any ideas? B. W.
Maidstone, this may be an excessive
Sensitive volume sensor
Before leaving the car, try switching the vents to recycling, turn the heater to the maximum, turn off all the switchable cabin vents and point to the directional vents on the floor.
There is no such thing as a freelancer lunch, frugal our wheel driving car, used for veterinary road hump, tearing the inner wall of the tire into pieces
Sleeper camper?
Honest John has and drives few cars, and if that doesn't work, it could be a spider when the car vacates and climbs over the sensor.
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