spotlight gps for dogs: know where your dog is at - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-09
spotlight gps for dogs: know where your dog is at  -  new car alarm system
An innovative partnership for tracking canine friends Spotlight GPS device is a relatively new product, it combines the functionality of canine GPS with a well-known national organization dedicated to identifying technology for dogs and retrieving lost animals
The group is called the American dog Club Companion Animal Rehabilitation (AKC CAR).
This partnership heralds a good result, that is, finding your dog when it is missing.
The bottom line is this GPS-
Pet-based positioning systems allow you to know exactly where your pet is at any given time.
When these claws are raised and your dog hasn't left any notes for a long time, having a GPS device to track your wayward monster can relieve a lot of your anxiety.
Especially if it's easy for you to think about the worst. case scenarios.
The function, characteristic and ability of the spotlight to locate animals on a global scale (PAW)
Make Spotlight GPS products.
PAW is not one of the big players in the GPS industry.
However, this is not a bad thing because their main purpose is to use GPS technology to return pets in the forest to their owners.
So far, the users of this product are very satisfied with it.
The function of this product is very simple.
For example, the locator not only gives you the location and direction, but also tells you how fast your free dog jumps in town.
The black box on the collar uses an advanced global positioning system (A-GPS)
Combine satellite and cellular networks.
It is packed with a sturdy strap and is lightweight at 2 points.
5 ounces, built to absorb the shaking, swinging and rolling tendencies of elements and dogs.
There are three items in the box: the locator box (
It has a Velcro fastening strap so it can be removed from the collar);
Battery Charger;
And AKC collar tags (
Which is your dog's private identification number).
More than 4 million pets are registered in the akc car (
In their lives)
In their database.
The organization has 24-hour on-call personnel and the only purpose is to use the GPS function to find your missing dog.
They are like having an extra team at hand to search and work with the other spotlight methods you will have.
They will give you a chance. by-
When you are looking for an AWOL pet, turn the direction through your phone.
The battery is rechargeable and removable, so when the battery is low it will send an email or message to your phone.
You can buy an extra battery and switch it to a continuous coverage or keep the Fido locked inside before your only battery is charged.
The collar unit itself has five lamps;
The biggest one is the spotlight that can be remotely activated so that your dog is like a mobile disco party and it's easier to find him in the dark.
The other four smaller lights issued the following warning separately:
The alarm system is active, the battery is low, you are connected to the cellular service, and you are connected to the GPS satellite.
There are also two important, clearly marked buttons in the black box attached to the dog collar.
If you take him for a walk or drive out of his intended perimeter, a button will turn off the device.
Another button on the device is for the good-hearted person who finds your cunning dog to press, and then immediately send the location to the owner and the AKC observer.
With all this great overlay, Spotlight GPS is the best option for you to keep an eye on your dog.
With so many features, it's a miracle that dogs can't use it to order food and snacks to be delivered to designated locations.
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