stacey abrams makes first remarks. transcript: 11/16/18, the rachel maddow show. - what is the best car alarm

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stacey abrams makes first remarks. transcript: 11/16/18, the rachel maddow show.  -  what is the best car alarm
MSNBC host rachel maddow: have a great weekend.
Thank you for joining us this hour at home. Happy Friday.
Newly appointed president of the United StatesS.
The Justice Department, Matt Whitaker, is not a person you might expect to rise to the highest law enforcement position in the United States, especially at this point in his life.
He did not have a very distinguished resume.
I'm not insulting to say that.
I'm not saying-I'm not talking about personal identity.
He's just-I mean he doesn't have that kind of experience and this kind of resume is usually associated with his current job.
Matt Whitaker is from Iowa.
He joined a small Iowa law firm in early 2000.
He also does business in his hometown state.
He went to a lot of businesses.
He owns a daycare center and a concrete supplier, and is also a trailer manufacturer called Road Husky.
If you want a difficult and reliable path, they will always pull you after the death of others, and you need a husky Road.
It's okay if you haven't heard ofRoad Husky yet.
A banker who helped Matt Whitaker arrange financing for the trailer business told The Washington Post this week that it did a good job, citing this sentence.
This is not a big deal.
He has never done anything big or even a medium business.
His business is big, but he does have a knack for building connections and political relationships in Iowa.
Matt Whitaker, for example, is at George W.
Bush must have been impressed during his 2000 presidential campaign in Iowa, because many years later, President George w. Bush
Bush appointed MattWhitaker as president of the United States. S.
Lawyers in Iowa
Now, he is not the obvious candidate for that job.
This has also become a theme for Mr Obama.
If you want to know, Whitaker's biography.
But when it comes to George W.
You just-you wouldn't imagine this guy going to be number one on the list of qualified people for that job.
Quote: In an announcement to the federal government, Whitaker was asked to list his most important legal work.
One case involved a personal injury lawsuit, on behalf of a man whose legs were knocked down by a car.
The second is a contract dispute.
Cleaners and dry cleaners in grocery stores
Cleaning operation.
In another company, he represented a marble tile company and was sued by a couple for their house renovation project.
When The Post showed the material, showing it was his resume, it was the experience he provided when he became president of the United StatesS.
Counsel, they showed the material to the professor who studied the federal court system.
The professor told the Post that he did not know about the United States, citing him. S.
A lawyer with a resume like Matt Whitaker.
Quoting this sentence, this is a very weak and unusual background for the United StatesS. attorney.
But he has connections. he got the job.
Then MattWhitaker tried some other political positions.
He ran for the country's finance minister and lost. He ran for U. S. Senate.
He lost too.
His ticket rate has just exceeded 7%.
So, he's been-he's been a little small-
A businessman in Iowa, a major lawyer, but he has some political relations and political ambitions.
There is nothing wrong with this.
But now, all of a sudden, with this resume, he became the acting attorney general of the United States.
It feels good, right?
I mean, it's a big boost.
Just like you 've just been promoted from car wash to a champion NASCAR driver, all of this comes in one fell swoop.
You just upgraded from cleaning in the lobby to living in the penthouse and charged rent from others.
I mean, it's like shooting out of a cannon.
So on his first trip after he was appointed acting attorney general, MattWhitaker returned to Iowa triumphantly, baby.
What do you think of me now? I`m back.
When do you know me, right?
Guess what I am now.
On his first visit as America's top law enforcement official, he returned to Iowa and gave a speech this week.
He talked about how he plays football in Iowa, how he supports his family in Iowa, and how Iowa is his home, and how Iowa shapes his values,, he must understand why he was allegedly there. (
Start Video CLIPO)
Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker: We will continue to provide our prosecutors, our state and local partners with the resources they need and we will continue to put fraudsters in jail.
I would like to thank each and every one of you for your contribution to this effort.
This room is packed with frontline staff who are working on this important priority for the Department of Justice, and I cannot thank each and every one of you for your efforts and attendance here today.
Each of us plays a role, not just in our government, of course.
All of us can monitor fraud plans and reports of suspected criminal activity. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: we can all keep a close eye on the fraud program.
This is an important and priority issue for the Ministry of Justice under the leadership of the new acting minister of justice.
We're going to keep putting scammers in jail.
It's interesting, you know.
Interestingly, Matt Whitaker should have told the person in that room to pay attention to the fraud plan.
Interestingly, he should choose fraud as the first champion of his home town victory trip as he was appointed the highest law enforcement officer in the country.
It's interesting because Matt Whitaker's latest job shortly before joining the US Department of Justice has something to do with it.
As you can see in all the hats, this is the male toilet.
To be honest, I don't even know if I can describe this on TV without any trouble.
If there is any comfort, I will tell you that reading this press release on male toilets is just as embarrassing to me as it is to you.
Let's go ahead, shall we?
Quote: The general mail genitals are between nonsense, nonsense and nonsense.
However, the invention was designed for those of us who are longer than this.
Quote, I estimate a 12-
For most talented people, the inch distance is enough, though I wouldn't be surprised if there were cases where a larger distance was needed.
Nevertheless, this is a good starting point.
If needed, you can create the super long XL version at any time.
According to a comprehensive university study led by the World Patent Marketing Company, this product is likely to be successful in the market.
I'm sorry I can't read every word of it.
You know the point.
But that company, the World Patent Marketing is not just in these self-esteem toilets.
World Patent Marketing has also marketed time travel through this video, which clearly shows the future world you will soon visit through the World Patent Marketing's fourth marketing time travel technology, or, sorry for a theoretical time travel commodity linked to the price of bitcoin. Hmm.
There are also products related to big feet sold on the market. DNA evidence found in 2013 proves the existence of big feet.
The World Patent Marketing company says it is developing a board game, a mobile app, backpack, toys and children's clothing collection and plans to host a game called "you're stuck"
In addition, a strange dissatisfied customer claimed that the world patent market provided a patent and marketing plan for his outstanding invention, the invention is a chicken and waffle sandwich maker. it's just a chicken and waffle sandwich.
He wants to patent the sandwich.
Forgive me, I'm going to take you back and do a press release for the male toilet again, because at the bottom of this amazing document, I think it's this one that makes me a little scarred.
Quote, World Patent Marketing News.
Quote: appointment of Matthew G.
Whitacre, former United States of IowaS.
Lawyers on the company's Advisory Committee and Republican candidates in the U. S. Senate.
This is the bottom of the toilet press release, big guy toilet.
Matt Whitaker talked about the appointment here.
World Patent Marketing has become a trusted partner for many inventors who believe in the American dream.
I have always admired the World Patent Marketing Company and its innovative products and a dynamic leadership team.
It is an honor to join the World Patent Marketing Commission.
Patent Marketing in the world is a serious fraud.
It's hard to talk about a lot of very interesting products on TV, but it's a serious crime plan. How big?
The Federal Trade Commission closed the company and fined nearly $26 million.
Just six months ago, the fine was ordered to be executed and, as stipulated by the Federal Trade Commission, there were indeed two factors in fraud.
First, World Patent Marketing has not completed the work they promised their customers to do.
The company takes money from their pat sis, right, from these ambitious inventors, telling them that they will patent their work for them to make, sell and sell.
But instead of doing that, they gave them a pile of garbage and put their money in their pockets, just like the one who said he was 60year-
He paid the company for the patent and promotion of innovative fishing equipment.
He told the Guardian, quoting him, that the $14,085 I paid to the company did not receive anything other than a poor quality drawing and a sign that my grandson might have.
World Patent Marketing seems to sell itself specifically to veterans as one of their target groups.
So this is the first part of fraud.
They will take people's money and do nothing.
The second part of fraud is that when people complain, the company threatens them with retaliation and legal action, and if they move on, the company makes their complaints public.
We have learned from the victims of fraud that the FBI is not only the Federal Trade Commission, but the FBI is also investigating this criminal case, especially the threat part of it.
The threat part of it seems to have been personally implemented by Matt Whitaker.
We have received a preliminary report on him from the FTC proceedings concerning his threats, citations, serious civil and criminal consequences for disgruntled customers who dare to complain. In an e-
He pointed out in an email that he is an American citizen. S. attorney.
But it turns out it's not-off.
Reports from the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post later found that Matt Whitaker also angrily threatened the owner of a consumer website, on which, his company is not happy with the scam including the man who claimed that World Patent Marketing offered him a patent for chicken and waffle sandwiches.
So, Matt Whitaker seems to be a hit on this fraud scheme.
He is the one who will call and threaten to impose severe sanctions on anyone who wants to make public any complaints they have been cheated by this fraud scheme.
This is afraud, who is currently under criminal investigation by the FBI.
Of course, the FBI is part of the Department of Justice, which means it is now supervised by MattWhitaker.
So the Justice Department or Matt Whitaker did not publicly comment on whether he would be freed from something directly involving him.
This week, the new Democratic chairman of the four different congressional committees is expected to manage members of Congress of these committees when the Democrats take over the house in January, the four presidents announced, they will launch an investigation into Whitacre's involvement in the crime fraud program.
Starting this week, they sent seven letters to Whitaker, the former founder and CEO of World Patent Marketing, and the Federal Trade Commission, respectively, asking for information and documents.
In their letter to Whitaker, they wrote, quote, because the Senate did not have the opportunity to properly review your background, and there are still serious questions about whether you are suitable for this position.
They noted that they requested documents from Whitaker in their personal capacity, not in his official capacity at the Department of Justice.
They're investigating him in person.
It turns out that this is only the first chapter of the problem that Matt Whitaker has had since publishing this big book --of-the-
His resume is far beyond his conditions.
There have been a lot of lawsuits, including a question raised by Maryland, whether Whitaker can legally hold the job.
The first is the Maryland lawsuit, and then the next lawsuit that we think is going to be filed. The second lawsuit against Whitaker came from a businessman in Texas who, citing the analysis described by the federal government as "politics", has long been
The pet food company was told that it was a secret plot to mix chicken feathers with bones, a more advanced chicken feather turkey meal product.
The important fact of the fraud pet food case is not too important here, unless, of course, you are an avid student of federal code and oppose the sale of unadulterated ingredients.
However, due to a flaw in the way the case was heard, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was personally listed as a party to the fraud pet food prosecution.
Of course, since Jeff Sessions was fired as Minister of Justice, Matt Whitaker was also appointed to this position, which means that no matter what you think of the pet food case, the defendant in that case, the pet food profiteer, who can now try to overturn government charges against MattWhitaker by challenging the legitimacy of his appointment.
I mean, wouldn't you try if you were a defense lawyer and did everything possible to defend your client?
Just as the attorney general has been named in the prosecution of your client, in the court documents concerning the prosecution of your client.
In one system, the attorney-general has been replaced-there does not appear to be a system for the appointment of questionable legitimacy.
Will you not challenge this when you defend your client?
A law professor told pollitico
Defense lawyers across the country will file thousands of major motions, Com quoted.
Quoting this sentence, a final judge will declare that Matt Whitaker is not the acting attorney general and that decision will put the whole administration in a mess.
The Supreme Court must resolve the issue as soon as possible.
I brought a new one this evening.
This time, a man in Nevada tried to retain the right to own a gun, although he was convicted of certain crimes.
His case is currently being heard in the Supreme Court and, as expected, that person's lawyer, that person's defense lawyer, has asked the court to rule that Matt Whitaker is not the real Minister of Justice.
Just like trying to defend his client, represent his client in this case, hey, charge the file fee in this case, they list the attorney general JeffSessions.
This makes sense.
This is legal.
This MattWhitaker has never been reviewed by the Senate, just installed by the president, are you sure this is legal?
Are you sure he's acting attorney general?
So there's something fraudulent like, oh, it looks bad, it's a FBI investigation and Democrats are like we're going to-we're going to go to your hammer and pliers. Are you ready?
In addition, there are lawsuits about whether the attorney general and what he has done as the attorney general will be abolished and deleted and all the confusion that will be brought about.
We have seen three of these lawsuits.
We may see thousands of lawsuits.
Now, senior Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee, senior Democrats on the Intelligence Committee, have raised serious objections, especially Matt Whitaker overseeing Miller's investigation.
People have been paying attention to the fact that
Whitaker made all these public comments, pre-judged the results of the Russian investigation, criticized it, and made it clear that President Trump had him there to somehow dismantle or hinder Mueller's investigation.
But Senator Mark Warner is now actually saying that the problem is that white people are in contact with the person who is conducting muellerresearch, who was called to testify at the Muellergrand jury.
Sam Clovis is a national union.
President of the Trump campaign.
He brought George papasopoulos and Carter Page to the campaign, and papasopoulos agreed with his Russian contacts lying to the FBI, who is the authorized object of asecret intelligence for his contacts with Russia and contacts with Russian spies.
Clovis was interviewed by the special counsel, the special counsel grand jury, and the congressional committee in the Russian investigation.
He and Matt Whitaker are dear friends.
Whitaker ran a political campaign in Iowa.
Clovis said he and Matt Whitaker discussed all sorts of work he did for the Trump campaign.
He said that during the Trump campaign, Matt Whitaker was his vocal board, and because of his role in the Trump campaign, he was an important part of Mueller's investigation, how does Matt Whitaker oversee muellerresearch?
Well, now the top Democrats in the Senate Intelligence Department are warning.
So it's not theoretical, right?
Matt Whitaker is now the country's top law enforcement official.
This is live, right?
I mean, last night, the prosecutor for Robert Miller announced that they were going to take action-in the case of Paul Manafort, President of the Trump campaign, they wouldn't be done by today's deadline.
Tell the judge the deadline for the degree of cooperation.
Last night, Miller's prosecutor asked the judge about a mysterious ten.
Extend the day and tell the judge that within 10 days from now everything will be clear to the court why they cannot move on now.
But the judge will understand in ten days.
The prosecutor said that the extension would allow them to provide a report to the court, which would provide greater assistance to the court in managing the matter if it could wait ten days.
What will happen in the next ten days?
Just a day after a lawyer for Trump's campaign president, Rick Gates, told judgein Gates that Gates was no longer cooperating with the investigation, he is now working with a number of ongoing investigations.
Prosecutors and Gates lawyers say they expect him to continue working together at least early next year.
After that, the prosecutor who dealt with the Maria boutina case today did the same.
She was accused of infiltrating the United States. S.
A conservative organization representing the Russian intelligence service.
Lawyers on both sides now ask the judge to work two more weeks to deal with her case.
They want to do so because the two sides are negotiating a potential solution to the issue.
So this happened in two, too-week horizon.
What's going on now, right?
The view suddenly became very short.
This seems to be happening now.
Today, the president announced that he had completed the response to the written questions requested by the Office of the special adviser.
The president was asked about reports that his lawyers were working on these issues with the team at formerle.
The president told reporters today that I quote here: my lawyer is not doing it.
I'm doing this.
I wrote the answer.
My lawyer doesn't write the answer. I write the answer.
I was asked a series of questions.
Veryeasily, it's easy for me to answer them.
I often answer these questions, and I often answer them.
I didn't take a long time to do it.
This is my answer.
I don't need a lawyer.
They are not very difficult questions to answer.
It's easy to brag about these problems.
This is not a test, right?
Shouldn't you show where the tail goes on the elephant?
These are not such problems.
But we really don't know what's going on at the Justice Department right now, is Matt Whitaker effectively pig
Teed Robert Mueller and special counsel were investigating this week and a half because he is now investigating the case.
But in American law and politics, what presidents are reluctant to escape is a straight-forward attempt to subvert the process of justice in order to protect themselves.
I mean, it's not that they don't try.
Ask me questions about their historical trivia.
I have mastered this well at this point.
But in this country, it's hard to get away with punishment in the end, because we do have a strong tradition of independent law enforcement without party affiliation.
It is true that this tradition has always been under pressure, but it will not break.
When the president does this, we often find that they are often in trouble for it.
They will at least be caught.
So this untenable situation for Matthew Whitaker will end in several ways at the Department of Justice.
I mean, one of them is a long and slow road to pain, that is, they will leave him there as much as they can, when it comes to the Russian investigation, he will deal with anything that he can handle that undermines the routine.
But, you know, soon after that, Democrats will be in control of Congress in a few weeks.
They will then unlock and unlock all of this, and they will hold people accountable for anything that happens during this period.
So this is the long and painful way that can happen.
Right, the less long road is that the White House can recognize that the long and slow path to pain is actually a worse ending, and maybe they should try to speed it up on their own.
Maybe they should respond to the pressure that he is a bad choice, he will go wrong for various reasons, they should let him leave there.
The president has a tape and interview with Chris Wallace from Fox News, scheduled to be aired the day after tomorrow this weekend.
For example, this is an ad that is scheduled to be broadcast on the radio, giving you some kind of understanding of the pressure that even Republicans may be under on the Whitacre issue. (
Start Video Editing)
This is Matthew Whitaker.
He is a political ally of President Trump and is now in charge of investigations by the Justice Department and the Justice Department.
What does he think of Mueller's investigation?
I don't think it is necessary and appropriate to appoint Bob Miller.
What I saw was a president who began to think that I could fire you if I wanted.
Legally, there must be a way to do this.
We need a minister of justice who does not engage in politics.
Call your senator and tell them that Whitaker has to withdraw from muellerresearch. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: the group that made the ad is a rule of law Republican.
They only advertise in Washington. C.
This weekend, it means they have a very special audience.
There is evidence that Republicans in Washington are under some pressure.
"Politico" reported today that SenateRepublicans really, very much hope that the White House will nominate an agency as soon as possible to replace Matt Whitaker, a person who is more acceptable to the characters, or at least not a liar under investigation by the FBI.
Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said this week that Matt Whitaker may be an interim acting attorney general.
What you're seeing now is Republicans, especially in the Senate, who say it may not be a sustainable thing.
This person probably shouldn't have been there for so long.
So you saw an increase in stress.
I mean, they can leave him there as long as you want, and let the Democrats clean up as soon as they have control of Congress, which would be very painful.
Republicans may launch him sooner than that.
But the other way is, to be honest, it may end up in pure embarrassment, because of all the lofty concerns about law enforcement independence and the critical investigation of another country that controls our politics and taking over a US president and all the other super serious things, for all these very serious concerns, and for the extent of this constitutional crisis, the president has this guy as acting attorney general, and the person he put in is masculine.
I mean, journalists in the US and across the country only know him for a few days and look at everything that has come up.
The White House said that when they put him there, they did not know that he was a key part of the criminal fraud plan.
Do you know what's going on with this scam?
Do you know the toilet part?
I mean time travel? Any of it?
Chicken waffle sandwich?
I mean, this crisis may soon become a constitutional crisis.
It can last for a long time, but it can also die quickly because of extreme embarrassment, especially if there is more to learn along the lane we have touched, this guy's incredible, incredible trip to Iowa. (
Business break)
Tonight, Democrats in the Georgia governor's campaign made her number one.
Video speech after election night
On election night, abramey Abramsannounced announced that she would not rest and that she would certainly not concede an unfair vote in her campaign with former Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp.
Since then, Stacey Abrams has not made enough concessions in the Georgia governor's campaign, but what Stacey Abrams is doing tonight is not a concession speech, at least not what she understands. (
Start Video Editing)STACEY ABRAMS (D)
Candidate for the governor of Georgia: I recognize that former Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be certified as the winner in the governor's election on 2018,, looking at an elected official with a reputation for gently showing the people of the state their hopes for elections, he was shocked by the suppression of the People's Democratic voting rights.
There is no doubt that the former Secretary of State acted deliberately.
I know that eight years of institutional reform, deprivation of rights, deprivation of investment and incompetence have had the expected impact on the electoral process in Georgia.
This is not a concession, because it means acknowledging that an action is correct, true, or appropriate.
As a woman with conscience and faith, I cannot acknowledge this, but my assessment is that further viable remedies are not permitted by the law at this time. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: further viable remedies are not currently permitted by law.
Since a few months ago, abare has held the match for the governor of Georgia.
No illusions about who is allowed to vote, who is allowed to register, who is allowed to vote, and who is allowed to count.
Stacey Abrams took part in the election as a former Democratic leader in the State Council, and has long been an activist for eorgia's voting rights.
Brian Kemp, Georgia's secretary of state, the state's top electoral officer, has actively cleared voting roles over the years and removed voting roles from thousands of voters.
He suspended thousands of voter registrations for minor discrepancies in the record.
When Democrats exposed loopholes in Georgia's electoral system, Kemp accused Democrats of trying to invade the system.
After all this, Abrams and Kemp are almost two points apart, which makes the edge of the run-off more blurred.
After all this happened, Abrams knew tonight that Brian Kemp would be governor of Georgia.
But even though she said she would pray for his success, she also pointed out his misconduct in democracy and announced the creation of a new organization, a PAC called "fair fight Georgia, she said she will sue the state system tonight in federal court for the denial of civil rights.
So, yes, now Brian Kemp is about to become governor of Georgia.
He will find that Stacey Abrams and she continue to vote on the other side of the door.
We will be back soon. (
Start Video Editing)
Experts and ultra-partisan people will hear from me as a rejection of normal order.
You see, I should say something nice and accept my fate.
They will complain that I should not use this moment to review what has been done wrong and should not ask for a remedy.
You see, as a leader, I should endure in anger and be silent in accusation.
But stoicism is a luxury, and silence is a weapon for those who will be quiet.
Because the erosion of our democracy is wrong, I will not give in. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)
MADDOW: we have news tonight about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.
JamalKhashoggi is a reporter for The Washington Post. S.
Residents of Virginia
He was killed last month at the Saudi consulate in Turkey.
The case is really uncomfortable for the Trump administration because the Trump administration has established a very close relationship with Saudi Arabia's ruler, Saudi Arabia's young crown prince.
Well, the Washington Post reported tonight that the CIA has now come to the conclusion that, citing the words of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, it ordered the assassination of journalist Jamar kashoji. A U. S.
Officials familiar with the CIA conclusions told the Post, citing the accepted position that it was impossible to happen without the awareness or participation of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.
The CIA reportedly concluded that the murder was not an error in some interviews, or some extradition, or some accident, and with the CIA saying it was an assassination that was not carried out by rogueelements in the Saudi government, as the Saudis tried to say, butrather ordered from the top of the Saudi government that, according to the CIA's "Washington Post," ordered by state leaders, an assessment is now made, not from the "Washington Post ", this makes the news that the Trump administration has just been negotiating with other countries on this issue very, very sharp and a bit scary, and we will tell you this story next. Stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: three and a half weeks after the new administration was formed, Mike Flynn was forced to step down as President Trump's first national security adviser.
He hasn't been here for a month.
After he was forced to leave due to a scandal, you may recall that Mike Flynn was retroactively registered with the federal government for being a foreign agent.
It turns out that when he ran for Trump, the foreign government, the Turkish government, paid him about £ 1 m.
A few months later, when he finally went back to registering as a foreign agent during the campaign, it made some other things meaningful.
For example, we know that on election day, MikeFlynn published a very strange article about top op.
Ed of the mountain newspaper
It opposes a Turkish cleric who lives in the United States. He`s alegal U. S. resident.
He has a green card. Flynn`s op-
Ed once again published an article on election day comparing the Turks to Osama bin Laden and said the United States should definitely hand him over to Turkey.
Now, the authoritarian government in Turkey is accusing the American guy. S.
Almost solved all their problems.
He's their all-around athlete.
They accused him of an attempted coup in 2016.
They blame him for everything.
So it's a bit strange that the Trump campaign guys are arguing, yes, give him over.
Give him to the Turks, right?
But this is MikeFlynn.
This is a bit strange.
And then it's even more strange.
According to The Wall Street Journal, in late 2016, Mike Flynn held talks with Turkish government officials to discuss the kidnapping of the Turkish man and kidnapping him, he was sent by private plane to a prison island in Turkey.
It is reported that Mike Flynn and his son will be paid up to $15 million for the plan.
This is a small project he was working on during the Trump campaign before becoming a national security adviser.
Mr. Flynn's lawyer said the charges were false.
Then NBC news further reported that within weeks of Trump's inauguration, after Flynn served as a national security adviser, a request was made to the FBI, hey, let's take a look at sending the exiled cleric back to Turkey.
He has a green card to live in America.
He is a legal permanent resident of the country.
He has lived in Pennsylvania for 20 years.
The Poconos helicopter. The U. S.
It is not usual to hand over political exiles, who are legal residents of the country and do not know that they have committed any crimes in the country.
We don't usually give the endangered exiles to the authoritarian regimes that demand their return, because they blame them for the rising sun.
But this week, NBC News reported that the Trump administration was chasing this guy again to try and send this guy to Turkey.
Trump administration officials last month asked federal law enforcement agencies to study legal avenues for the expulsion of exiled Turkish cleric faisula Gurun in an attempt to persuade the Turkish government to ease pressure on the Saudi government.
The White House is looking for ways to appease Turkey's anger at the United States. S.
Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to two senior journalists in the United States. S.
Officials and two others heard the request.
NBC continues: professional officials at these agencies have rejected the White House's request.
As a senior US officialS.
The official description says that there is eye drops first.
But once they realize that this is a serious requirement, professional players will be furious.
Those who join us now know how to operate within the government or within any government on such issues.
He knows how normal it is in this situation.
David lawman is a long time
Time civil servants and prosecutors of the Ministry of Justice.
In February, he resigned as chief of the Department of Justice's counter-intelligence and export control section. Mr.
Lawman, thank you so much for being with us tonight.
It's always good to have you here.
David Lawman, former head of anti-intelligence and control at the Justice Department: Rachel, it's a pleasure to be with you.
MADDOW: So, one of the things I'm putting forward here is that Mike Flynn retroactively registers as a foreign agent after leaving the Trump administration.
But another problem here is that of the United States. S.
Green card holder, legal American. S. resident.
The Turkish government has been asking the United States to hand him over to Turkey. S.
So they can go after him and do a lot of different things.
How problems like this are usually handledS. lawenforcement?
Lawman: Well, the formal extradition request from the foreign government will be incorporated into the validity and legality of the established procedural request within the Office of International Affairs of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Justice, determine if it actually reflects legal charges under Turkish law and will then assess whether the same crimes alleged by Turkey are also based on the United States. S.
The law, because in order for the United States to extradite people here to Turkey, there must be a double crime.
This is not the end of the process, though.
If an individual can make a claim for alleged political crimes, claiming that a request from Turkey is indeed politically motivated, then a justification for the exclusion of extradition can be put forward.
MADDOW: as far as this particular clergy is concerned, it is widely reported that the Turkish government has submitted multiple reports, various forms of pressure from the Turkish government, and they really want to catch him.
They want him extradition.
I think whether this has accelerated the form of a formal extradition request or whether it has taken the form of political pressure and lobbying depends on the reason.
But is this a specific person? S.
In the past, the government has considered these demands from Turkey and the pressure from Turkey. S.
Has it been decided in the past no, shouldn't he be handed over?
Lawman: Well, I think the report you described shows that the Justice Department officials have carefully reviewed salready and there is not enough reason for extradition by professional officers who make a living in the assessment.
If the new report is true, then what seems to be the news that the White House is trying to strengthen military officials elsewhere in the department and other agencies to create a reason to expel Obama
Go to Turkey or somewhere else.
MADDOW: this is definitely what the report says.
If this report is accurate.
As someone who has been there and dealt with such things, I just have to ask your assessment, how big is this-how big is it?
I mean, how unusual is this?
To what extent would you expect people from agencies, including the Justice Department, to suppress this pressure from the White House in order to overturn these decisions and reverse the view of professional officials dealing with these matters as professors?
Lawman: I think it would be unusual if the facts reported were true.
As I said, there has been a very careful review of the validity of the Turkish government's request, which may not even be Apple's second place, but Apple's third or fourth place.
So they seem to be trying to create an excuse to expel Mr under some kind of fact.
In order to appease Erdogan's regime, Gulen left the United States, to appease the current hostility to the Saudi government, and to appease a regime, our own intelligence services claim, the regime has committed one of the worst human rights atrocities in human memory.
MADDOW: former head of the Department of Justice intelligence and export control section, David Lawman, sir, it is a great honor to have you here.
Thank you very much for your time tonight.
Thank you, Rachel.
MADDOW: Sir's framework
I don't think it's right to skip the lauverman just put it on.
I mean, NBC is reporting that if you combine this with The Washington Post report, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has ordered the murder of this American citizen. S.
The Prince ordered the United States. S.
The reporter was murdered and Turkey issued a warning about it and said, you know, we have evidence that this has happened.
On our land.
It happened in our country.
We think it's Saudi Arabia. Now, the U. S.
Turkey, what can we give you to stop making so much noise about what Saudi Arabia is doing here?
How can we show you, to calm you down and to upset you about what you are doing here in Saudi Arabia?
Jamal Khashoggi is an American citizen. S.
Resident, working for The Washington Post. ” He was a U. S. journalist.
We should be the ones who are trying to placate here.
We can't, can we?
If the Saudis did, if the CIA knew that the Saudis did, would we let others not complain that the Saudis did?
In doing so, we may hand over someone we are pretty sure they will torture and kill him once he gets there?
What is this dystopian movie?
I will be back soon. (
Business break)
MADDOW: I mentioned at the top of the show that what we are seeing now is that the president installed this loyal Matt Whitaker at the top of the Justice Department, and there may be reason to put it in the historical context.
There may be good reasons to believe from the United StatesS.
Historically, the president of the United States, the White House usually does not leave for a long time to undermine justice.
The president tried it.
The president did try it from time to time.
They tried to stop the investigation that might hurt them.
They try to change the law enforcement process in order to punish the enemy or protect themselves.
They tried, and we have examples like this in the United States. S. history.
But they were caught or got caught.
We have seen this again and again in history.
I have already done this podcast and we are a bit in the middle now.
This is a seven-episode podcast.
Episode 4 is now thorough.
A large part of this is the effort made by theNixon in his early 70 s.
The new White House seized the ongoing law enforcement investigation that threatened the White House and tried to distort the judicial process.
The story tells how they tried to do it, who they recruited to help them, why they didn't get away with it, why they failed, and why they couldn't succeed now is very relevant.
There is a surprising character among them, including some people who have done some bad things and they are still nearby.
So, the fourth episode of bag man is starting now.
If you don't listen, you can get it on MSNBC. com/bagman.
But in addition to the podcast, I did a few other things outside of this show.
In 1941, before the United States entered the world of WarII, before Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt quietly authorized a secret mission.
There is no public statement.
This is not announced by the United States. S. policy.
But FDR is here.
1941 of the United StatesS.
Military pilots should be recruited in secret and help them enter China informally.
China and Japan were at war.
Japan was a terrible military power at the time. China was not. And in mid-1941, the U. S.
We were not at war with Japan at that time, but at the end of that year, of course, we were about to go to war.
In 1941, FDR authorized this quiet unofficial book in books published in the United States. S.
Support China's air support campaign against Japan.
The soldiers of the American volunteers, those pilots, in their own war, will be of vital importance to China. But in the war between the United States and Japan and the Axis states, they are usually also important.
Those who were quietly recruited, quietly authorized, and no one knew of the American volunteers, they soon became famous.
They were given some sort of secret authorization, but they were soon known to the international community.
They are called Flying Tigers in the world.
On the battlefield of the world conflict, the Flying Tigers finally became very important in the military.
They also became a member very quickly.
Their leader, a Texas stunt pilot named Claire chennard, is popular on the cover of Life magazine and the cover of Time magazine.
The Flying Tigers are national heroes.
Chennault is a national hero.
In 1947, Claire Chennault of the Flying Tigers met and married a young woman in China.
She is very smart, very ambitious, and very good at English.
Her married name is Anna Chennault.
She finally became a big event with her own strength.
Her husband, the famous pilot, Clay Leonard died in late 1950.
His widow, Anna, became a big deal in the American war against America. communism.
She is an eloquent and hard speaker of Chinese nationalists and their struggle against Chinese communism.
She became a businesswoman.
She became a reporter.
Not only does she have many important international political contacts, she is said to have also had intelligence contacts.
There's one thing she gets very good
As we all know, she is in D. C.
Especially in the Republican political and national security circles, she has led three legendary great parties and many.
Her apartment is the penthouse of the water gate incident.
Yes, the water gate incident.
She is in the penthouse of the water gate incident.
Anna chennard has died.
She died last year.
But one of her stories you should know is that she ended up playing a very shameful role in the United States. S.
History has not been fully understood until now.
It turns out that Anna Chennault is a key figure and plan to extend the Vietnam War and will continue the war in order to elect the Republican president.
On 1968, President Lyndon Johnson remembered that he had withdrawn and that he had not run again.
But in 68, Johnson not only announced that he would not run for re-election
He announced that he would not run for re-election.
He will end the Vietnam War.
He will start peace talks in order to finally end the war.
The Republican presidential candidate for 68 years was Richard Nixon.
Nixon was shocked that the Democratic Party might end the war, and before his vice president opposed Nixon in 68 elections, LBJ might end the war.
Nixon was very active in the election campaign, hanging the Vietnam war around the neck of the Democrats.
Now, will the Democratic Party end the war before the next election?
So, after some secret meetings, he reached a plan with Anna Chennault to ensure that the war continued, including a very suspicious meeting on toweron Fifth Avenue in New York City.
They made a plan and worked together to undermine the United States by colluding with foreign countries to win the election, thus making it good for the Republican Party.
It's an amazing story and we just got some stories that we 've never heard of before.
There is a file-actually a file named X file.
A president talked on tape about the evidence he had and his successor committed treason.
He used the word treason.
This is a very incredible story and we will do a special show this weekend on Sunday night.
This is a special report from TRMS.
This is the so-called "betrayal ".
Broadcast at 9: 00 this Sunday. m.
East of MSNBC.
I think you should have a look.
I think it's good.
That's what it is for us tonight.
Now, it's time to sit down with Joey Reid for the "last word.
Good evening, Joey.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not have the final form and may be updated.
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