stupid mac tricks - gps car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-29
stupid mac tricks  -  gps car alarm system
Apple has just been on the market for more than a week and people are already using it to do something stupid.
Like some models of the previous PowerBook and iBook, the new MacBook series for the Apple laptop also has an interior.
The intended purpose of the motion sensor is to detect sudden motion, such as a computer discarded, so that the reader head of the hard disk can be parked to prevent damage to the hard disk itself. (
Since 2003, IBM/has included such a system on its ThinkPad laptop that advertises "airbags" for your data ". )
Starting with PowerBook, the programmer starts using the data from the motion sensor to save data from (literal)computer crash.
It is a computer game controlled by tilting PowerBook.
A program called Create a window on the desktop, which remains horizontal relative to the ground regardless of how the computer is tilted.
When the MacBook Pro and MacBook came out, there was a renewed interest in programs that could be controlled by title, swing, and tapping the Mac. The coolest (
"Cool" is a relative term in the tech column)
It is a program that generates Star Wars lightsaber sound effects based on laptop mobile.
The gentle movement will make a low hum, and the more sudden action will produce the electric sound of the collision of two light military knives.
Of course, fans of the show have uploaded their own videos and swayed on the computer like Jedi Masters.
I'm waiting for a video in which someone is wearing a Mez Windu dress and accidentally throwing his new MacBook Pro across the room.
A more practical motion sensor hack, called, allows you to switch between several virtual desktops.
This turns the motion sensor into a usable input device such as a keyboard or mouse that doesn't require you to pick up the computer to use it.
For the sake of safety, MacBook users can install a program similar to the car safety system.
It uses the MacBook remote control, making noise from chirchir, just like a car alarm.
Once the system is set up, the mobile computer will trigger the alarm, siren, Flash, etc.
The latest version also took a thief and e-
Send it to the owner of the laptop.
Nintendo first revealed the price of the new Wii console.
The company said the Wii would be sold in Japanese stores for no more than 25,000 yen, about $250, or $223.
However, like some, Nintendo's current console, Gamecube, originally sold for 25,000 yen in Japan, but $199 in the United States.
It was the price that market analysts predicted when Nintendo first launched the Wii.
Sony's PlayStation 3 won't play borrowed, used or rented games, or Sony will try to stop selling used gameshand PS3 games.
Both rumors have apparently been debunked, but Sony really doesn't need bad news after e3's new $600 game console has received a flat reception.
One laptop computer association for each child revealed that the association's goal is for school children in developing countries.
The box changed from green to orange, hands
Crank no longer offers power, but the laptop now has the "ear" which can be extended to better wireless reception.
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