super loud security alarm - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-20
super loud security alarm  -  what is the best car alarm
Once you have everything set up, the project is fairly simple.
First, we will start by connecting the PIR sensor.
Now, due to the design of the circuit board, the only way to install the sensor is to insert it into the far end-
The left corner of the Bank of England bread board (
Close to the head.
The Emic TTS module is a bit large and can be inserted directly into the breadboard and the pins above are not at right angles, so you just put it on the breadboard and it sticks out and looks ugly.
So we will install it on the back of the motherboard and use the femaleto-
The female connection cable connects it to the breadboard. Use an anti-
Keep the static package of the Emic TTS module so that the circuit on the module does not short circuit/carrier board (or both)
When carrying under the load plate.
Bring the cable over and insert an 8-
Fix the header row on the breadboard and then fix the connecting line on the header pin.
Finally, fix the TTS module on the carrier plate with two rubber bands.
We will worry about these connections next.
Now we need a spokesman.
It's good if you're just testing with an 8 ohm speaker, but it's definitely not big enough to be used as an alarm!
You need a larger output device, like a battery.
Power amplifier.
I have one for the previous project;
This is from Radio Shack and I think it will take $ months.
You can even make one if you have parts;
There are a lot of audio amplifiers on the structures.
The amplifier in the figure indicates that the power output is 200 mw.
When I turn it on 1/3, when it is connected, you can hear it from outside the house!
When you connect the speakers to the audio part of the DIY alarm, polarity does not matter.
Now all that's left is you upload the code, put it upright on the lamp or on the shelf, or wherever it has a "view" of the whole room, turn it on and walk away.
You can even put it behind the frame on the table/bookshelf and have the PIR sensor come out, but hide "guts "(And battery-Powered On/plugged inin mini amp)
So inconspicuous.
Hardly noticeable now!
The amp I got from Radio Shack has a socket that can accept 9 v wall warts, and the BS2 carrier board also has a bucket jack connector and a regulator, so, you can connect the whole system and run it on the socket power supply.
Below is the source code of the alarm.
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