supreme court rules police need warrant for gps tracking - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-12
supreme court rules police need warrant for gps tracking  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
The Supreme Court has just ruled that police need a search warrant if they want to place a tracking device on the suspect's car.
The judgment of the court is consistent.
NPR's Nina Totenberg says the debate is a controversial issue in the digital age.
This is how she explained to the news host Paul Brown: The problem here is the situation of Antoine Jones in Washington, D. C. C.
Nightclub owner.
The police installed a GPS tracking device in his car for 30 days.
This helped the authorities find a lot of money and drugs.
The Supreme Court decided today that placing a GPS device on a vehicle constitutes a search, so they need a search warrant.
According to The Associated Press, Judge Antonin Scalia wrote the court's main opinion: Wired's Threat Level blog said that the court's last consideration of a major Fourth Amendment case like this was". . .
The judges ruled that the authorities must obtain a search warrant to use the heat-
Imaging equipment for detection of indoor cannabis
According to Wired, a growing number of companies say there is a potential for imaging devices to "narrow the area of secrecy ".
The Court of Appeal overturned Jones's life imprisonment.
The decision was upheld by the Supreme Court.
Update 2: 24. m. ET.
"Victory for privacy": ACLU calls today's Supreme Court ruling a "victory for privacy ".
"While this case proves that the government has placed GPS equipment on the defendant's car, the impact is much broader.
Most courts recognize that advanced technologies, such as mobile phone tracking, enable the government to collect, store and analyze a great deal of information about our private lives, as never before. Steven R, legal director of ACLU.
Shapiro said in a statement.
"Today's decision indicates that the court is ready to resolve the issue.
Congress also needs to solve the problem.
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