Suspicion Part 2: A fire in the closet, burned hands and a failed polygraph test - what is the best car alarm

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Suspicion Part 2: A fire in the closet, burned hands and a failed polygraph test  -  what is the best car alarm
The night Michael Morrison fled the flames and smoggy rose Dale Manor, wearing dark trousers, white shirts, navy or Green v-
Sweater vest and shoes.
Maybe the shirt is dark.
Maybe he's wearing a coat too.
See who was asked.
Why would anyone care, because even before ash cools in a devastating fire,
Morrisen is the prime suspect.
The Regina Fire Department was alerted. m. on Feb.
Most residents are sleeping at 1974.
The fire took the lives of three people, leaving the fourth one that changed forever, and the seven who were severely burned. year-
The old girl, who has undergone many years of surgery, has grown into a scarred and determined woman.
Morrison is not wearing pajamas-
For those investigators who think they are on the trail of serial arsonists, this is a red flag, or in their words, a "fire worm" whose latest fire has become fatal ".
The tenants remember seeing Morrison "dressed up"
Even in the same costumeat other fires.
But this is not the Fed's total suspicion.
He arrived home shortly before February.
A fire broke out in a storage room, his hand was burned and the lie detector test failed
In the words of an investigator, "just too many small pieces . ".
But the 1974 cases have plagued Morrison's sister, Margaret scrilins, for different reasons.
In witness testimony collected by the police, a former tenant said she felt Morrison was "eccentric ".
The woman's sister. in-
Luo told the police that he gave her a creepy feeling and acted like a "fairy ".
Investigators apparently wanted to learn more about Morrison's sexual interest by searching for "sex magazines and porn" in his suite ".
"Nothing was found, and one official found this to be consistent with Morrison's proposal to destroy the material to hide it from the police.
A childhood neighbor who claims Morrison likes to do "abusive things" has never expressed interest in girls.
Such descriptions and repeated references to a social club that her brother frequently visits have intensified the family's own doubts --
The reason why he became a key suspect
As she captured in a letter to Regina police station decades later, scrilinz insisted that her mother had told her a detective that she had come to their home after the fire,
"They like to start a fire.
Morrison's brother Randall said the conversation was fixed in his memory because it was the only time he heard his conservative mother drop f-bomb. Until then, 22-year-
Old Morrison is still firmly in the closet for his family.
Morrison is the third largest of grace and Malcolm's seven children, and has been a "nervous spoiler" in the process of growing up"
His siblings say he is a stutter, shy, fidgety, highly nervous, socially awkward.
"He's a very different kid and doesn't really fit into it," Randall said.
"Morrison's mother told police that he was unwell from an early age and spent some time in the Monro Ward, a psychiatric hospital at Regina General Hospital, when he was in his teens, his nerves have been being treated.
In early 1970, Bob Fairbairn met with Morrison at a group therapy meeting in Regina.
Fairbain participated in the follow-up
Until his "aversion therapy"
If he is interested in a man's picture, the electrodes on his arm will vibrate-
"Drive it out of me.
Fairbairn felt the pressure of "not that" and then longed for a cure. "It doesn't work.
Fairbain remembers Morrison as "always nervous ".
He attended a conference on the treatment of anxiety and depression.
Until Fairbain had a very frank conversation with his friends about his sexual orientation, there was little thought of what might be behind it.
Even if he made it public to his close friends, Morrison was silent on this part of his family life, especially on his Catholic father.
At least he did it before the police found out.
Randall admitted that his reaction was shock and shame, "People were frightened at the time "--
An ERA away from pride parades and human rights protection. Winnipeg-
Born Fairbairn recalls the fear of many gay people on the more than 1970-year-old grassland.
"You don't want people to find out . . . . . . It's in the closet and you'll miss the thread unless you're in the lifestyle.
Same-sex is still a crime in Canada until 1969.
A few days before the Rosdale fire was reported, the leader-
Post published a report from the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from the "handicap" category;
On the contrary, this will be a "sexual tendency disorder ".
Freud linked Romania to homosexuality in his 1930 s and led Psychiatric Research in 1951 and 1970 --
Since being exposed-
Further promoted the view of fire
Settings go hand in hand with "sexual metamorphosis.
Regina lawyer Jeff dieger also believes that Morrison's homosexuality problem is particularly prominent in 1974 of police investigations.
"It is surprising that it is so freely mentioned and often mentioned that it is irrelevant for whatever reason.
"A few decades later, Deagle reviewed 1974 police files for Morrison's agent.
"It seems that whenever he is described, he is mentioned to be gay," except that the words are usually not very polite.
"You dare not try to use the language today," he added . ".
Regardless of homosexuality, Deagle still believes that 1974 cases are indirect at best.
"To be honest, what impressed me was the complete lack of evidence.
Investigators believe the deadly Rosdale fire is the culmination of a pattern --
Morrison went out to see the man late at night and set fire when he came back early in the morning. In mid-
On January 1974, two cars caught fire about four hours apart at night.
Twice, a tenant saw a drunken Morrison coming down the back stairs upstairs where he lived.
She and three other residents had a bird's eye view of the fire with him on the top floor.
She told the police that Morrison looked "as if he were confused ". On Feb.
1974, a week before the deadly Rosedale fire, a fire broke out in the wardrobe of a vacant basement suite that Morrison once lived in. (
Police searched his current suite but did not find the key. )
After a fireman left to get the gear, a tenant saw Morrison, who went out to drink that night, tried to kick the door, fell down and stood up and walked away.
Morrison told police he smelled smoke.
He called the police at 3: 23 in the morning. m.
Police also want to know about other fires, especially in the house where Morrison attended the party.
Morrison is a diligent soldier in Pioneer Village nursing home, who often goes out after night shift and goes home early in the morning.
According to his habits, he was on the evening of February.
Before going to the Odyssey Club, 1974 in a hotel bar in the province of SA.
Rental House at 2242 Smith Street
Opened in 1972 as Regina's first gay community private social club.
Morrison left the club with friends shortly after closing at 3 in the morning. m.
Go to a family party
A taxi driver picked up a drunk Morrison at the house and sent him to Rosedale around 4: 20 A. M. m.
13 minutes later, an alarm called the firefighters into the Rosdale fire.
Morrison told police that he went home late, fell asleep, and smoked when he woke up.
In the hallway, he saw smoke billowing from the stairs behind him, so he went back inside, dressed and tried to leave again.
But he said the heat in the front and back stairwells forced him back inside.
He broke a window and waited on the ledge for rescue.
One nurse said Morrison was not severely burned or sucked in smoke, which police found to be inconsistent with his statement about the incident.
"I think the assumption is that the burns are more consistent, and they think that someone has ignited the fire and the fire is burning on his hands . . . . . . Because of the use of a fuel booster, deagle explained.
"This is the theory.
If investigators notice a "well-dressed" Morrison, he is not the only fugitive in street clothes, skrivins noted.
At least 11 other residents told police that they would rush to put on their clothes or coats before fleeing the fire during the winter night.
The fire captain described a teenage boy.
"Completely in dark trousers, red jacket, no hat, black curly hair "-
He tried to climb back to his basement suite.
Police did not believe Morrison's claim that he was tested with a lie detector six days after the fire.
He failed, but why is it vague.
Decades later, the once-mounted lie detector operator, who was questioned by the police, admitted that there was little in his notebook about the exchange.
On 1974, an investigator pointed out that Morrison's answer to four questions was wrong or incomplete, including whether he had caused a fire.
"It doesn't mean you're lying just because the lie detector fails," Deagle said . ".
The lie detector test is not acceptable in Canadian courts to infer deception by monitoring the anxiety and stress response of heart rate, blood pressure and sweaty hands.
Deagle believes Morrison is naturally nervous and has a lot to worry about when he takes the exam.
Deagle said: "He concealed the fact that he was gay . . . . . . It's an unpleasant way of life, so there's a lot more going on with him than this survey . ".
After the lie detector, the police questioned Morrison for six hours.
According to police reports, he avoided talking about the Odyssey Club topic, but never changed his story about the Rosedale fire and never said anything guilty.
Nevertheless, investigators still believe that all of these "fragments" constitute a strong case.
This is not the case, according to a senior prosecutor.
Arnold Piragoff told police that the evidence was not enough to prove arson at all.
Even if it can be proved, there is no evidence that Morrison lit a deadly fire or any other fire. Ten quart-
Size sealer filled with burnt debris from the basement storage room-
Origin of the deadly fire-
Sent to the RCMP crime lab.
The lab report obtained by the leader said no trace of any combustion aids was found
Publish via access information request.
The burning rubber has a large amount of residue, probably from the stored tires.
Piragoff suggests that if the police can catch Morrison in the act or prove that he is responsible for at least one fire, they can sue him for other fires where someone sees him.
Police have been watching Morrison for months in hopes of catching him on fire.
His brother Tang recalled: "I will pick him up . . . . . . Drive him home at 11 in the evening and the police will follow me all the way home.
The Monitor saw Morrison go to work at his parents' house.
They watched him meet men at the bar and at the Odyssey club.
But they never saw him set fire.
Morrison left Regina in February 1975 for Calgary to start a new life.
For the police, he looked like a man who ran away.
His brothers and sisters said the police repeatedly interrogated him, his family, his friends and his employer, exhausting him.
After he left, the investigation into the fire at Rosedale Manor gradually subsided and became cold.
Thirty years later, the officers saw Morrison again.
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