suv: alarms gaining popularity among vehicle owners in sangam city | allahabad news - times of india - top car alarm systems

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-04
suv:  alarms gaining popularity among vehicle owners in sangam city | allahabad news - times of india  -  top car alarm systems
Allahabad: when it comes to adjusting safety measures to protect individual vehicles, urban residents are already aware of the large amount of safety equipment they are using.
According to the data provided by traffic police and sales records, about 6-
8% of the owners chose the vehicle tracking system "(VTS), 35-
40% the lock control system has been applied (CLS)
Or other equipment such as an alarm system/gear lock system to protect their vehicle.
Some Mobike enthusiasts have also specially installed an alarm system.
The local dealer said that the safety equipment dealer claimed that "the owner has a very good knowledge of the safety of their vehicle and they are approaching and asking about the technology/system.
However, the number of these customers is limited and it is necessary to educate the owner of the vehicle to let them know the safety of their vehicle.
Police officials also claim that security device locking systems and alarm systems like VTS are popular among owners, and the department has also been working in good faith to encourage people to install safety equipment as early as possible.
There are quite a few bicycle owners here who come to install the alarm system.
A dealer of Minxing said: "In just six months, the owners undoubtedly came forward to ask about the safety device, but the strength of such owners is not too big at present.
However, he said: "Whenever customers come to check the safety gadgets, we ask them to install them because they spend enough money to buy the car, they can spend more money to get safety from the car. lifters.
"Although people generally prefer an alarm or a central lock system, there are a limited number of owners who install VTS.
At present, the city of sangm has a variety of the latest vehicle safety equipment.
It is worth noting that the police of the city police station also carried out conscious driving among the owners, especially those who parked on open roads.
Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)
Including hardware units installed in the device and control stations run by service providers, servers on the Internet display the location of the vehicle as needed, alerts and central locking systems work in different ways.
Here, dealers also offer presentations to car and bike owners and introduce them to their strengths.
"We have been calling and encouraging owners to install security systems," said a police officer who declined to be named . ".
Due to the dubious distinction that Sanggan city has obtained the car safety center
Automatic lift and more than 1095 cases
In the past 18 months, the incident has been recorded in police records.
Even NCRB records claim to account for 44 of "car theft" across the country.
Accounting for 4% of the total number of theft cases, an increase of 2.
Compared with 2011, it was 5% per cent in 2010.
One official added that police officials claimed that in order to save a few dollars, a serious shortage of parking spaces and roadside vehicles could cost people even more if people could go and install the latest automatic
The theft tool, which can easily pull down the automatically raised chart. SP (City)
S. K. Yadav said: "a police team has been formed to detect the case of autonomous driving. lifting.
We also got help from cctv installed in some strategic locations in the city to get automatic
Cases have been resolved.
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