tasmania police's theft win - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-18
tasmania police\'s theft win  -  what is the best car alarm
Car theft across the state has dropped by 18.
According to the new number, this number is 1.
Prior to the data release, after the car theft hit an alarming level in 2014, Tasmania state police launched a targeted campaign to curb crime.
Statistics from the National Board for car theft reduction show that last year's fiscal year compared to the previous year, theft in Tasmania state decreased by 246.
In the 1116 fiscal year, Tasmania recorded 2015/16 cases of theft, down from 1362 of the 2014/15 cases.
This decline is in stark contrast to the Council's 2015 report, which highlights a 204 increase in car theft in Launceston alone and an increase in Devonport.
Detective Launceston agent Inspector Bob Baker says police have taken a "cooperative approach" to property crimes ".
"Our mission is simple: identify who is committing a crime," he said . ".
"These figures show that our crime response plan is working well, which was reviewed and updated last year to address crime trends," he said . ".
Acting Detective Baker says police are using social media more to identify and locate scammers.
Known criminals are also subject to strict curfew conditions and bail checks to control the issue, he said.
Residents were asked to lock their cars, hide valuables and protect their safety.
Police also recommend car alarms and steering locks.
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