taxi drivers wary of gps tracking plan - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-13
taxi drivers wary of gps tracking plan  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
Taxi drivers in Philadelphia are protesting a move to equip their taxis with a global positioning system.
By tracking the equipment, the dispatcher can accurately locate the exact location of the taxi.
But drivers said it would violate their privacy.
Steve inskeck spoke to Ronald Blunt, president of the Penn Cab Workers Union.
NPR's labor/workplace reporter Frank longfett spent about a year driving a taxi in and out of Philadelphia in his 1980 s during college summer and after graduation.
This is a great job for an aspiring journalist.
Each fare is a potential interview.
Everyone has a story.
Driving a taxi, you will see the kaleidoscope of city life.
The cab is like the confession room on the wheel.
No direct eyes
Contact, except through the back-view mirror.
Sometimes you meet the most vulnerable people.
One summer night, the dispatcher sent me to a big house on the main line.
The lawn was just cut.
A woman, carrying her suitcase, came out in tears.
She's leaving her husband.
On her way to the hotel, she explained in detail the breakdown of her marriage.
I work for two taxi companies in the suburbs.
A lawyer with polio has a lawyer who realizes that it is difficult for some people to move around.
This is both a community service andProfitable business.
Many of our customers have been disabled or closedins.
We often drive to the supermarket, the doctor's appointment shop and the beauty salon.
One of my regulars is an old woman who lives alone in a red brick row house.
I pick her up every few days and drive her a few blocks to a liquor store.
In a few minutes, she will appear with a bottle in a paper bag.
None of us said a word.
Some phones are not what they originally looked like.
My brother John. -
The guy who drove the taxi before me. -
Remember to go to another old lady's house to do a "Errand ".
"It turned out that she caught a raccoon in the hawarhart trap in the attic.
"I had to take the trap to the taxi while avoiding the claws and teeth of a rather crazy person (
As far as I know, fanatical)
"Raccoon," recalled John.
The woman convinced him to drive her to Fairmont Park.
Before releasing the animals, they went deep into the woods.
John thinks he got a good tip.
If someone says it well, they don't always respect you. -
Something that annoys taxis all over the world.
Some people drive taxis at school or when they do a second job, but many customers think they have no desire but to drive.
Sometimes someone asked me what I did before driving.
I told them I just graduated from college.
They asked me where I was.
I'm talking about Princeton.
I remember when some people turned their eyes, I looked at them through the rearview mirror.
They don't believe me.
As the youngest driver, I didn't get much respect at the taxi company either.
The dispatcher usually gives me the worst car in the team.
I drive a taxi without air conditioning or open the door.
One even has a hole in the floor so I can watch the highway rush through my feet.
The worst taxi I 've ever driven is nicknamed "crops"duster.
"There is obviously no catalytic converter, it is like a pigsty in a peanut, spewing a ball of exhaust gas behind it.
When I pull to the hotel, the smoke will disperse the people in line.
It's dangerous to drive a taxi.
Most of our fare is usually a call from the dispatcher from the customer we know.
But some fares take us to some tough places in the city.
One night, in northern Philadelphia, a group of teenagers drove after me in the street.
A few blocks later they stopped in front of my taxi and cut me off.
One reached out from the window and grabbed my throat. (
It was a hot night and I stupidly put the window down. )
He insisted that I insulted him because he drove past me a few minutes ago, even though he used different words.
One of his companions jumped on the hood of my car.
Then the other opened the door of the passenger.
I pressed the throttle and drove away as fast as I could.
This is the last time I saw them.
When I got back to the dispatcher's office that night, the other drivers nodded.
They all face the same danger at one time or another.
Now, whenever I get off the taxi at night, the last sentence I say to the driver is "stay safe.
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