taxi union concerned for drivers - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-19
taxi union concerned for drivers  -  what is the best car alarm
Australian taxi driver Association president Michael Jools raised concerns about the safety of taxi drivers in Tasmania state after being accused of armed detention of Launceston drivers last week. An 18-year-
Old summer mountain man and 20-year-
The old man, raavenswood, was indicted on suspicion of a crime.
Tasmania State Police charged 20-year-
The old man threatened the driver with a knife in broad daylight, and the two left with $150 in cash.
The couple will face trial in court next month.
The taxi driver was not injured.
In Mr Jools's view, it is only a matter of time before something more serious and avoidable happens.
"Before we get a situation
He said that taxi drivers will be paid before the trip and such incidents will continue to occur.
"We still have a lot of concerns.
"Mr Jors called Launceston a" very safe "place to drive a taxi, compared to hundreds of attacks and thousands of ticket evasion incidents in Sydney every month.
Currently, all taxis in Australia have a camera security system that takes photos every 10 seconds.
If the driver presses-
Car alarm, camera acceleration, take a photo every three seconds.
However, audio is not recorded in the taxi until the alarm is pressed, which means that anything said between the driver and the passenger before the quarrel will not be saved.
A 2015 investigation into the death of a teenager in Hobart who fell from a taxi found that 19-year-
The old may be to avoid paying the fare.
The coroner also suggested the introduction of prepaid taxi fees.
The proposal was not implemented.
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