tech q&a: xmas gifts not to buy, safety on the go - car alarm and remote start

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-29
tech q&a: xmas gifts  not to buy, safety on the go  -  car alarm and remote start
A gift you shouldn't buy.
I want to buy an Apple Watch for my wife at Christmas.
Good idea or bad idea? A. Bad idea.
It's an expensive gamble that people like or hate Apple Watches for at least $349.
The same is true for other smartwatches and fitness bands.
Unless she specifically asks for one and is clear about the model and the style of the band, do something else.
Learn about the other two gadgets that are not the best and the two specific products you need to avoid.
Be sure to check out the Q & A here for the hottest gifts of the year.
Save a lot of money on Christmas shopping.
I don't have much money to buy gifts this year.
What is a good way to make every dollar meaningful? A.
Make sure that coupons and promo codes are used for each online and offline purchase.
These can save you directly with special offers and free shipping.
Easy to find promo code.
There is a dedicated website for collecting and mailing money-saving deals.
Click here to discover three of these sites and save them from today.
Before you travel. . . Q.
When I travel, I usually have a friend coming over to pick up letters and check things.
She's not on my next trip.
How should I handle mail and security? A.
You can keep your mail on the Postal Service website.
To be on the safe side, you can light up the lights on the timer, or buy a gadget that simulates turning the TV on for hours at night.
It looks like someone is still at home.
Get more tips to keep your family safe while you're away, and some things that shouldn't be done.
Security on GoQ.
My daughter likes running.
What apps or gadgets can I get her to use to help keep her safe? A.
The best thing is a running partner or a big dog.
The next best thing is an app called Companion (Android, Apple; free).
It allows you to monitor her location and it alerts if she falls or changes her usual path.
Also, in case of an emergency, it will send out loud alarm noise, which she can use to send out a distress signal.
Learn more about apps and cool hardware that anyone can use to improve security.
This is a great gift for the engineers at the beginning of budding.
I am looking for gifts for my son who likes to build things.
He likes Lego, but I want to expand his horizons.
What advice do you have? A.
View gadgets and Gadgets Kit (Amazon, $200).
It consists of 15 electronic building blocks that can be combined to build 12 different projects.
Your son can easily combine these parts to make things like an automatic bubble blowing machine or a remote control car.
Click here to learn about the hottest gift suggestions for children this year, as well as gifts that mom and dad will also like.
Bonus: a tool for success in business.
At 2016, my goal is to build a business and it's hard for me to organize.
What's the idea? A.
Take a book called "Organize Tomorrow Today" by the doctor.
Jason Seck, Tom Batu and Matt Rudy (Amazon, $22).
It outlines eight steps to better organize and maximize your time.
In addition, they provide some advice to train yourself to be more confident, energetic and focused.
When you're done, there's four more businesses here.
The book you should read. Good luck!
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