technology lets parents track kids' every move - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-12
technology lets parents track kids\' every move  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
For every mother who tells her child that she has eyes on the back of her head, modern technology can now do better: it allows mom and dad to look at the child's every move, even from across the town.
Whenever their child is driving too fast or visiting someone they shouldn't go to, new gadgets can let parents know.
Mark Pawlick says he has been worried about his teenage children in the past. -
Especially his stepdaughter, Jessica.
Even when she was 10 years old, Jessica Fairbanks grew up in a suburb north of Boston and she was in trouble.
She has tried drinking and smoking and has developed the habit of lying to her parents often.
When she got her driver's license, Jessica's parents were scared to death.
"We are next to it," Mark Pawlick said . ".
"If there is no way to track where she is and where she is going, it is impossible for me to get her on the bus.
Mark porick bought something called the black box and hid it in Jessica's car.
Using global positioning system technology, positioning is basically an electronic device every second.
Automatic e-
Every time Jessica drives too fast, or goes to a place she shouldn't be going to, email or call Pawlick.
"This is the only responsible thing we can do.
"We know what we're dealing with, so we do what we have to do," Pawlick said . ".
The Pawlick boundary ---
In fact, draw virtual fences around the house where Jessica should not go out to play or around the cafe where she should work.
As soon as she crossed the line, Mom and Dad knew it, and Jessica heard it.
Jessica said at first she thought her parents would send someone to watch her.
She just found the tracker from a friend who overheard her parents talking.
"I was very angry in the first few months," Jessica said . ".
But more and more teenagers will have to get used to the idea of "Big Mothers" looking at their children's shoulders.
With GPS technology getting cheaper, smaller and better, most phones can become tracking devices with just a few extra dollars a month.
A black box, like the one made by all track in Jessica's car, costs hundreds of dollars plus a monthly fee.
But it also gives parents a way to retaliate in real time.
For example, Mark Allbaugh of Alltrack said that when a teen driver is speeding, parents can remotely light up the lights of the car or honk until the teen slows down.
Many experts believe that this tracking device will soon become mainstream like a mobile phone.
Jim Katz, director of the mobile communications research center at Rutgers University, said: "I think over time parents will feel that they are not good parents if they don't have this . ".
He said it was fast. -
Like most new phones. -
Will enable parents to look after their children 24 hours a day, seven days a week-
Even bugging their conversation.
But all the new technology could give parents a false sense of security, says Katz.
After all, the technology is not absolutely correct and it doesn't take children a long time to figure out how to play with the system.
For example, if they don't want to be tracked, they can simply turn off the phone-
Or "forget" friends at home.
Moreover, a teenager is still in trouble in someone else's car.
The psychiatrist is also considering the issue, and they have cited many reasons why they think tracking equipment is a bad idea.
Steve Shlozman, a child psychologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital, said that as a father, he understood the temptation of his parents.
But, he says, keeping a close eye on children often defeats what they want.
"When the children feel crowded, they tend to do what they don't do," Shlozman said . ".
"They take greater risks because they are eager to prove their independence and personality.
They need to solve some problems.
Shlozman says tracking children also undermines the trust that is vital to their development.
Children need to relax enough to learn to make the right choices, not just because they know mom and dad are watching, he said.
"This is the moment of growth ---
Shlozman said: "You lose this if you monitor them; they will not grow up;
They get stuck in development.
"But for Mark Parrick, the tracking device is exactly what his daughter Jessica needs and what he deserves.
"She has violated our trust and we have not.
"Trust is earned, not paid," said Pawlick . ".
In his view, the tracking system can actually enhance the independence of the children, because Mom and Dad can monitor them from a distance, rather than nagging them on the phone often.
Pawlick believes that, in the end, his stepdaughter will be aware of everything he does, which shows how much her parents care about protecting her.
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