tenancy rights that all students should know! - what is the best car alarm

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tenancy rights that all students should know!  -  what is the best car alarm
By law, in order to keep you and your roommate safe, your landlord needs to do some different checks and meet some requirements.
You should first check that there is at least one fire alarm on each floor.
If you live in a student dormitory and each bedroom is classified as a different property, you need to make sure there is a working fire alarm in each room.
In addition, if there is a fire, there is a need for satisfactory means of escape.
Most modern student apartments have electric ovens and other appliances, but you have gas-powered appliances that must be inspected annually by plumbers who are eligible to do so.
Before agreeing to anything, ask your landlord to look at the gas safety certificate and store it in the property if possible.
The same is true of electrical appliances.
It is well known that the student home attracts the invasion of mice, bugs, mice and flies, but there are a few that your landlord is responsible for clearing (
Most of the time).
If you find that you have any kind of infection, you need to contact your landlord immediately so they can make plans to take care of them.
Mice are particularly dangerous, so you should also contact the local health authorities.
If your landlord does not deal with this issue in a timely and effective manner, you are fully entitled to leave the property.
Your landlord has no right to visit when they want.
If they need to enter the hotel, from repair to viewing, or even check, they will need to inform you at least 24 hours, or how long is specified in your rental agreement.
If you find any problems with your property that may cause any accidents or injuries, you need to inform your landlord immediately so they can fix it.
If they do not do so and you suffer an accident as a result, you have the right to take legal action against them.
It is not wrong to keep a good relationship.
Way street, so if you don't stick to your contract, your landlord has the right to expel you from the property.
The reasons for the removal may include arrears of rent, a breach of the terms of the lease agreement, allowing the house to be disrepaired for an annual period of time, or participation in illegal activities.
Your landlord cannot simply take your item from the property and change the lock, they must give you written notice, at which point you should seek legal advice from.
Their notice needs to provide you with a specific date on which you need to move out, the reason for your expulsion, and information on where you can seek advice.
On the other hand, if you want to vacate the property, you can only in special circumstances, or if the landlord violates the lease agreement, otherwise, you may still be liable to pay the full rent before the lease ends.
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