thanks for visiting cnnmoney. the danger of keyless cars: what you need to know - keyless entry system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-27
thanks for visiting cnnmoney.     the danger of keyless cars: what you need to know  -  keyless entry system
The victim's car was parked in the garage.
Why is this?
This is an easier mistake to make with a modern keyless ignition system that allows drivers to press the button to start and close their vehicle. The car key --
It's just a key chain. -
Can be placed in a wallet or pocket.
But it's also easy to forget to turn the car off so easily to make it so easy.
This is especially true for quiet hybrid cars.
The engine may not run when the car first stops, but when the car's battery runs out, the engine will continue to run. Even many non-
Hybrid cars have very quiet engines today, and the sound of this engine can hardly be detected when the car is parked.
What car is this function? So-
The so-called keyless entry system is the standard feature of many new cars, and even at least one option for the cheapest budget models.
This is the convenience of millions of cars today, and it is appreciated by car owners who no longer need to explore their car keys.
With this feature, the driver can lock and unlock the car just by touching the door handle-
Key chains are not used at all.
Once inside the car, the driver can press the button or in some cases Press the knob to start their vehicle.
What can automakers do to prevent these accidents?
Jack Fisher, head of automotive testing at Consumer Reports, said car manufacturers should make sure that when drivers come out of a driving car, sound alarms can be heard outside the car.
The magazine called on all automakers to add such features to prevent the problem.
Some car manufacturers already have sound notifications.
Others like General Motors (GM)
, Designed their car and automatically shut down after a period of time once the driver left the vehicle.
There are other vehicles designed by car manufacturers that will automatically shut down as long as the driver leaves the vehicle with a key chain.
What are government regulators doing?
According to the New York Times and others, the regulations have been put forward but have never been promulgated.
The challenge for automakers is to balance the safety and convenience of their customers.
Sometimes, for example, drivers may want their car engines to work when they are not in the car.
For example, they may want the pets in the car to turn on the air conditioner or they light up what they are doing with their headlights.
What can I do for safety?
The most important thing for a driver is to make sure that the car is turned off every time you park.
Robert Sinclair, spokesman for AAA Northeast Regional Office, said people are easily distracted by children or phone calls and keep the ignition on.
Specifically, he advised the driver to understand what the meter set of the car looks like when the ignition switch is on and off.
The car may still be on if the meter is still on.
Especially for hybrid cars, the dash light will show that the car is on and ready to drive.
Finally, in order to prevent this and other tragic accidents, each family should have carbon monoxide detectors that work.
The detectors should not be placed in the garage, where they may not be heard, but in the living area of the home, Lt said.
Assen Mancuso, New York City Fire Department.
"When we saw carbon monoxide die, people didn't have carbon monoxide detectors," he said.
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