the 800lb. gorilla - a sales friend or foe? - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-06
the 800lb. gorilla - a sales friend or foe?  -  car alarms for sale
It seems to be 800lb.
The gorilla has fled his cage and is attending important sales meetings with many of my coaching clients.
Other customers mentioned some interesting elephants entering the conference room.
They all sit in the corner waiting for confirmation and hope you can invite them to join the conversation.
If you are like many customers, the last thing you should do is acknowledge their presence and you will certainly not allow them to attend your big sales call. I think Mr. Gorilla (or Mr.
Elephant if you like)
His intentions were seriously misunderstood.
We believe that he is a mysterious enemy and should be ignored at all costs, not a friend, who may help us solve the problem if we just listen to him.
Who is this gorilla and why is he attending your sales presentation?
Gorilla is your personal warning system.
If you keep an eye on it, you'll notice that he usually shows up when things start to go wrong.
When your question gets an illegal short answer, room temperature can suddenly drop.
Customers may start fidgeting in their seats, checking their watches and shuffling documents.
For you, everyone who is restless can be a signal to warn you to hurry up.
The speed you move through your presentation is proportional to your rising personal pressure gauge.
You looked up for a moment, and there was a gorilla in the corner, sitting at the table, or hovering somewhere near the ceiling, overlooking the entire scene.
In short, his presence is your proactive intuition, trying to shift your attention to something that may be important.
What does he want to tell you?
He is trying to tell you that something has not been said and has caused discomfort to you and your client.
"Self-evident" may be a question, concern, or fear about the decision to buy a product or service.
There may be some important factual information that has been inadvertently left out or that your client has not heard.
Do you provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision?
Buying your product or service may be considered at a moderate or high risk to the organization or individual responsible for purchasing decisions.
Is there enough personal and professional trust established in this relationship to move forward?
The possibility of selling you must have something to do with what your gorilla did when it appeared.
What should you do when he shows up?
As with any other type of early warning system, its effectiveness is related to our ability to hear early warning, followed by our willingness to take appropriate action after it has been recognized.
Let's take the car alarm as an example.
Car alarms are a good example of warning signals that we have learned to ignore, and thus become ineffective and meaningless.
Like a car alarm, you have the option to ignore the warning signal.
Consistent with this analogy-sometimes the choice does not have a negative impact.
Maybe no one actually stole the car and the shopping cart crashed in.
You may still be on sale, but you may get some damage in the process.
Despite some potential discomfort, your customers may be confident enough to move on.
However, you can choose to confirm the warning signal.
Confirmation will help you maintain control over the sales process and increase the likelihood that you wish to complete the sale.
First, click the pause button.
What does he want me to pay attention?
No matter how counter-intuitive the feeling is, you can even choose to voice the warning out loud and let your client acknowledge the need to throw something important on the table.
Second, ask some tricky questions-your customers may ask their own questions.
Third, help your customers solve their problems by expressing "hard truths" about their situation and choices.
Contrary to undermining your sales and credibility, the introduction of this level of authenticity and awareness will almost always help to build trust and credibility, which will not only generate sales, but also generate strong relationships with customers.
Instinct and intuition are only two skills related to emotional intelligence in excellent sales performance.
Together they enhance communication and help build strong relationships with customers, friends, partners or partnersworkers.
Actively listening to gorillas and elephants that appear in sales interactions will help you work smarter and create greater results for your efforts.
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