the best way to keep a journal - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-19
the best way to keep a journal  -  what is the best car alarm
As a writer, you may have written a diary, which is great.
For those who are not as good as those who I want to explore to keep an exciting benefit that you may not realize.
Many famous people write diaries.
Just two examples are Samuel Pethers and Dorothy Watson.
Their diaries have been published as they have written.
As for you and me, our may not be a best seller as they are now, but it is likely to prove invaluable in more than one way.
How did you do it?
First of all, the Wall Street Journal does not want to "get up, have breakfast, go to work ". . .
Is that the case?
In fact, if you recorded what actually happened and how you felt in that particular morning, it might.
For example, "get up late.
The alarm did not sound.
It takes 25 minutes to go out.
Today of all days
Nervous enough for the board meeting.
I don't need this. Grrr.
Milk in the fridge
Sprinkled some on the floor in a hurry.
Take the cloth, put the carton on the floor and wipe the milk clean.
The cat came in and knocked over the carton.
Spilled more milk.
I feel like a serious injury to Tiddles.
But it's not her fault. More mopping.
Grab a portfolio and jump on the bus.
The car can't start. Tore hair. . .
At the time of writing this, you may re-
Life's frustrations and stressful events, although they may appear in the ordinary of others.
But you have done two things. 1.
You have recorded your thoughts at the time and some of the emotions that accompany them. 2.
You help you get any remaining anger, frustration and anxiety from your system.
This is a bonus.
The log you wrote should be Thomas of the Tank Engine variety.
Very useful one.
To do this, make sure you:.
Record your feelings, emotions and reactions at the time. B.
Do what you can to describe the locations and events of the characters that take place during the day that are known for their emotional content. C.
Record the conversation.
Most likely, your first entry will be too close to start using them if you just start writing a diary.
However, after a while, when you review the earlier entries, you will almost certainly find out what is going on or what is emotional.
"Yes, I can use this ! "
When a diary begins to become a very useful one, you can start digging into the gems it hides.
So, if you haven't already, go out and buy a very good page --a-
Daily Diary and diary!
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