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the california gopâx80x99s last gasp  -  top car alarm systems
Every Tuesday morning, Ellen Montanari blows her horn in the crowd.
Funded microphones and a group of rented speakers led a protest outside the representative.
Darrell Isa's office
When she started the rally on January, she imagined it would be a short rally
Trying to convince Isa to vote against the terms for repeal of Obamacare.
But what surprised her was that in Orange County, once a stronghold of the John Birch Association and the modern conservative movement, the protests became the center of Democratic activists in California, they are determined to overthrow control of the House in 2018.
In the normal election cycle, when federal candidates raise money easily, California voters are far from seeing them.
In recent memory, for the first time, Golden State is at the heart of the Democratic Party's fight for 24 seats, which will give them a majority in the house.
The party's main target in 2018 was 23 Republican lawmakers representing Hillary Clinton's constituency won last year.
Seven of the seats, including issa s in the 49 th district of Congress, are located in California.
The unusual political geography is the first.
Time activists like Montanari have a sense of purpose.
The chances of a democratic inspection of the Trump administration are actually in their backyard.
The protesters who gathered here on the sidewalk every week hated Isa, a flame of polarization --
The thrower who won the game again
Elected by 1,600 votes
But they were shocked by President Donald Trump's temptation to lure foreign leaders;
His Knight talks about the war with North Korea.
And the tortuous relationship between some of his government members and Russia.
Democrats face many obstacles in their efforts to retake the House, and they have not won any special elections this year.
But some kind of energy in these areas is unusual than in previous years.
This strong contempt for Trump, coupled with the fact that Isa does not represent the increasingly diverse composition of his region, has attracted up to 400 people to the rally on Tuesday.
Rally participants in the Issa thanades district and Democratic groups in Orange County and San Diego County are already organizing and walking in the hope of changing the composition of voters in the medium term (
This is usually older, whiter, and more conservative than the presidency).
When Montanari announced on a Tuesday that she was planning to end the rally outside the issa office at trump's trumpets 100
Mark, the crowd called her down: "No!
"Please don't stop," people grabbed me and said . ".
Montanari told me on a recent Tuesday that you kept us awake.
An email from a protester convinced her to move on.
Many of us sat in front of the TV and shouted, but on Tuesday we came here and we were filled with hope and joy, which made us spend the week retelling the mail messages, she said.
I will never forget that.
When I say, I will do it.
It's easy to forget today that California used to be a Republican state, sending Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan to the White House.
Their legacy remains in Orange County, parts of the Inland Empire, and even parts of the Los Angeles suburbs that still send Republicans to Congress.
But that control is rapidly disappearing.
Republicans in the California congressional delegation, including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, hold the last remnant of Republican power in the state.
The party's share of voters in California has fallen sharply since the middle
1990, when the Republican Party supports
Immigration measures, known as proposal 187, refuse to provide basic public services to migrants.
Prop 187 was eventually blocked by the court, but it changed the image of the Republican Party, making it more difficult for them not only to appeal to minorities, but also to appeal to the rich, white voters in places like the Bay Area.
The rapid growth of the population of Latinos and Asians in California, and the Middle-
Class migration exit status, accelerated decline-
The Republican Party registered here.
Republican voters now account for 34% of the state's registered voters, compared with only a decade ago.
Rob Stuzman, California
Former government adviser and Republican strategist.
Arnold Schwarzenegger noted that several target Republicans like Ed Royce were far ahead of Trump in their constituency in 2016.
Although he admitted
He said strong economic growth, 4% unemployment and a vote to abolish the petrol tax could push a lot of votes for older people, with more financially conservative Republicans next year.
Stutzman told me that we still don't know if Tegra really dragged these members down.
Last year, voters saw clearly the difference between the Trump brand and the Republican brand, and there is evidence that this is still the case.
Seven vulnerable members of the California delegation have been criticized by Democratic groups for supporting the House's legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.
In addition to Isa and Royce, the group also includes Dana Robach of Costa Mesa, mi Walters of Irwin, Jeff Denham of Turlock, Han
Their area is different.
Knight, a veteran and former policeman from a well.
The famous political family of Antelope Valley is the last Republican to represent the suburban Los Angeles community.
Isa and Rohrabacher are regions that stretch along the coast and are increasingly free and diverse.
Walters, who claims to be a pragmatic conservative, faces at least half
A dozen of the white challengers
Leading community in central south Orange County.
Royce represents a different constituency, but he defeated Trump by a double advantage.
Figures for 2016, as he has been so concerned about the various needs of his region.
In the Central Valley, Denham and the island of Vara have always been highly competitive areas, and they have become accustomed to hard reconstructionElection war.
Their race is likely to decide whether Congress can find a legislative solution to address the child immigration extension action plan, DACA, which protects nearly 800,000 young immigrants from coming to the United States as children.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced that the Trump administration will-
Month grace period.
David Wassman, a non-
Cook politics, a party specializing in House elections, reports that one of the biggest challenges facing the California Democratic Party in the medium term is Latino voters.
Depending on how and whether Congress is dealing with immigration, this may vary in 2018.
He told me that Trump may have just found a way for Democrats to train voters who won't show up in the midterm elections.
Several of the seven people in California are eager to show that they are independent of the president, especially on immigration.
According to the Pew Research Center, Hispanic accounted for 39% of California's population in 2016 and 28% of the state's eligible voters.
25 of the country's DACA recipients live in California.
For months, Denham and Valadao have been urging Trump to extend DACA, and they may now be at the forefront of any deal Congress has made to protect these young immigrants.
Denham recently highlighted the DACA recipient's contribution to American society on his Facebook page.
In a letter to Trump dated August, Dendenham and Valadao wrote that children who were brought to the United States when they were young had no choice in this matter (
Signed by four other members).
When they cross our border with their families, they are reluctant to violate US regulations because the other option is usually to live without a primary caregiver.
They all vowed to lead the legislative solution through Congress.
On the day of the meeting, Denham told me that he was optimistic about the prospects.
The bills have been paid.
Both parties support the Senate version and the House version, Denham said.
We must be able to move things forward.
Denham admitted that the Republican strategy to pass the bill is still under way.
We either have to put the dreamer's bill on the one we have.
Adopt a piece of legislation or combine it with other issues of immigration reform.
I support the adoption of it as an independent bill.
I am concerned that I do not want to see the bill passed by the House in the Senate, or the bill passed by the Senate in the house.
Given that Congress will not be able to advance major legislation this year, many California people doubt whether lawmakers can pass the DACA solution within six years.
Monthly time frame.
Lt is skeptical. Gov.
Gavin Newson, a Democrat running for governor.
He argued that the Trump administration announced on DACA-
He says it lacks humanity. -
Not only should Latinos be motivated, but also Asians and other different communities, as well as their friends, family and neighbors.
This is an attack on all of us;
This is an attack on diversity;
Newsom told me it was an attack on American values.
If the dreamer can't pass the test, how can any of us pass the test?
The richest member of Congress, Isa, is a lightning bolt among Democrats and his constituency may receive additional attention.
He used his megaphone as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Commission to become one of President Obama's main opponents, s. diplomatic building in Benghazi, Libya and the IRS launched a tough investigation into the 2012 attacks on conservative groups.
His polarized rhetoric and frequent television appearances have even tested the patience of his own party members.
In 2015, he was replaced as chairman by the representative of Utah.
Jason chaffitz, who has left Congress.
Carvin Moore, spokesman for Issa, said Isa should be judged on his effectiveness in passing congressional legislation and his push for a transparent, honest and responsible government.
He noted the cooperation between issa and the representative.
The top Democrat of the oversight group, Elijah camings, Maryland, has reformed the Freedom of Information Act for the first time in more than 50 years.
Republicans who have spoken privately with Isa in recent months say he is not happy with the prospect of having to spend millions of dollars to win the election againelection.
A source said he intended to serve within the Trump administration, but was told bluntly that no other Republican could win his seat on the 49 th.
Democrats believe that Issa is trying to moderate his image by highlighting his work on homelessness in San Diego.
ISA strongly opposes this.
Isa is not shy of being seen by Trump.
This summer, he took a prominent position in the cable news, standing above the president's left shoulder and participating in the signing of the TV bill (
Shot that will definitely appear in the attack ad).
But on February, he asked a special prosecutor to review Russia's intervention in the election.
Unlike other weak congressional Republicans, Isa has not publicly accused Trump of slow response to white supremacist violence in Charlottsville, Virginia.
In fact, Isa was controlled on Twitter by his Democratic rival lawyer Mike Levin, who accused him of issuing a statement later on Monday, August condemning the violence, the press release on his website was then traced back to Saturday when the violence took place.
A spokesman for Issa said the statement was wrong.
Levin released a strong first fundraising campaign, which happened to be speaking at Mission Viejo that night at a gathering of the Canyon Democrats.
Speaking of Isa, Levin said he made Trump president.
He enables us to sow prejudice and hatred.
In the car alarm system, Isa has been representing the 49 th District of California since 2000, and has easily won re-election.
Until last year's election.
The demographic structure of his area has changed, including the rich enclave of southern Orange County and northern San Diego County.
According to the Census Bureau's 2015 U. S. community survey, the region was Hispanic or Latino more than the first quarter.
According to the 2015 census, many of the veterans are young veterans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, accounting for nearly 9% of the civilian population in the region.
Doug Applegate, who challenged Issa in 2016 and ran again, said reaching out to 45,000 veterans families in the region would be a central part of his campaign.
He said that he lost in 2016 because he did not have enough time to reach individual voters and outlined his support for the single payer's health care system, he's from Iraq and Afghanistan, and his background as a retired navy colonel.
I think if Democrats don't hand over national security and the Pentagon to Republicans anymore, they will do better, Applegate when I meet him at a Tuesday rally outside the issa office
Officers don't need to buy everything in Republican gear, especially young veterans.
I asked Applegate, what will be the difference between 2018 and last year.
"Energy," he said ". âx80x9cThe emotion.
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