the coolest concept cars from ces - car electronics system

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-29
the coolest concept cars from ces  -  car electronics system
While CES is the initials acronym of the Consumer Electronics Show, during this annual Las Vegas event, it is often joked that CES is becoming an automotive electronics show.
Many of the world's largest automakers have become this high-
Public meetings-as a glimpse into the future of technology ---
Most of the time in the North Hall, the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding facilities dominate.
The city of sin does not seem to matter, it follows the Detroit North America International Auto Show.
With this in mind, here are some examples of amazing car technology.
This is a gateway concept for Chrysler in the modern world, providing a future concept for home cars, focusing mainly on the car interiors that millennials have reimagined on the journey.
Stylish and spacious cabin with modular design, you can add or remove seats according to changing needs, for example, add a seat to the expected home, or remove a seat to accommodate some luggage and skis.
On the rail system, the seat can also be relocated in the car if needed.
And this concept car provides autonomy (self-driving)
You can fly.
It's like driving the steering wheel of this electric car.
As Chrysler said, the "third space" between this kind of work and the family also includes facial and voice recognition, touch
Sensor screen, gesture support, etc.
It's not clear when this will become a reality, but Chrysler says it's more of a concept car that can benefit a variety of models, not limited to specific models.
The conversation with meFord announced a partnership with Amazon to enhance the most natural interface: your voice.
Integrate Amazon's Alexa personal assistant into SYNC 3
When Ford Motor is enabled, you can search for nearby destinations and access the content (
Such as audiobooks, live sports and millions of music tracks), pay bills (
Skills through Capital One)
, Even adding items to the Amazon shopping list-all of them are done with simple inquiries.
Or give Alexa access to your smart home devices on the road, such as lighting, safety systems, thermostats, and garage doors that control your home.
This Alexa feature can also work in turn: access your car information at home, such as starting and stopping your engine with your voice, locking the door or unlocking the door, and monitor vehicle readings such as fuel level and battery range.
Ford will launch Alexa's home-to-
Later this month, the car was integrated while the carto-
Family functions are likely to be realized by summer.
The next thing
On behalf of the interface, BMW's holographic touch demo proved to be an impressive virtual touch screen experience inside the future concept car BMW I.
On display in the BMW pavilion outside the conference center, free of charge
The floating button in the air near the center console, when pressed, will vibrate slightly below the fingertips;
This tactile feedback confirms your choice.
Driver access allowed-
HoloActive Touch combines BMW's head with car features or BMW's Connected ServiceUp Display (
Clever use of reflection)
This innovative and intuitive interface has been created with AirTouch gesture control and other technologies.
BMW I in Future is not a car that is scheduled to be put into production soon, but rather kicks off what is brewing for this top German automaker in terms of interior design and Future interface concepts.
Mobile mattersAlong with other automakers, Hyundai launched self-driving cars at 2017 CES
But the South Korean auto giant has also shown another -- potentially life --changing --
Mobile solution in the form of wearable Iron Man-
Robot suit. H-
Modern medical exoskeletons Mexico can provide mobility to paralyzed patients, while other models will be able to help the elderly or enhance someone's existing physical abilities with military or industrial capabilities (
Such as carrying overweight objects).
With the help of H.
Mexicans can walk, climb the stairs, sit down, and then go back to where they are, using carbon fiber crutches to maintain balance and trigger the next step.
And modern hands-
Demo about H-
When selecting a reporter at CES, the company did not specify whether and when we would see the technology in the market. (Not fast enough. )
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