the future of construction is in rosser - gps car alarm system

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the future of construction is in rosser  -  gps car alarm system
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 23/6/2010 (3265 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. A small Rosser-
Construction companies are using the country-of-the-
Art Technology reduced the time required for project construction by 50%. Rosser-
The company based on outdoor solutions recently installed Topcon machine control systems on excavators and bulldozers it owns.
The system uses satellites from the United States and Russia for 3-
D. determine where the global location of the excavation is, rather than the traditional method of marking the excavation points for thinking about roads and sewer lines.
Topcon excludes human errors during excavation and allows for greater security on the spot.
Machine operator Trevor Lange says the system has a proximity alert that can be set up for on-site hazards.
For example, if the operator digs near the gas line, Topcon will alert the operator.
"This system is better," Lange said . "
"It's operator friendly, has a better view screen, and has a faster response time on the automatic device.
The Topcon system is not comparable to traditional devices that don't use GPS technology, Lange said.
"It's faster and more effective," he said . " He added that he expects more and more companies to start using the technology in the near future.
Steve Hudson, sales manager, Fort Garry Prairie Division
Brandt Technology Solutions, which sells Topcon systems to outdoor Solutions, says it can increase construction speed by 30% to 50% thanks to its accuracy.
Hudson said the system uses technology several years earlier than the GPS system used by individual vehicles.
"These are dual-frequency systems with sub-GPS.
"Centimeter accuracy," Hudson explained.
"The kind you buy for your car is a single frequency that is only accurate in the range of three to 10 m.
Hudson said that in the past two years, Brandt has sold nearly a dozen Topcon systems in Manitoba and 60 systems in Western Canada.
However, he acknowledged that the company was not yet willing to convert their entire fleet into a system.
The main reason for reluctance, Hudson said, is the cost of the Topcon system.
It costs between $50,000 and $80,000.
Still, Darren Minaker, owner of the outdoor solution, said the system was well worth investing in and he couldn't imagine how it would work without it.
"It's very accurate and efficient," said Minaker . " His company has been in business for six years.
"As a company, we will be able to do twice as much work with the system in a season.
Minaker's compamy is in the first season of using the Topcon system and he says he is already at 38-
His company is doing a lot segmentation in Sandford. prescott.
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