the most annoying new-car features - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-13
the most annoying new-car features  -  new car alarm system
The details, they say, are the devil, and of course this is the case with new cars and trucks.
Most cars have an admirable level of performance, excellent fuel economy, the highest safety, and more features than ever before, but still none of them are perfect.
Drivers and car critics seem to be on top of some of the world's latest high cars
Nowadays, technology is characterized by the fact that particularly complex information and entertainment systems require steep learning curves, and once mastered, it is still difficult to operate and distracting.
Dissatisfied with common items such as Bluetooth hands
The free telephone interface and voice recognition system resulted in some models scoring lower in the consumer report and the owner survey conducted by J. D. Power.
Always weigh with new friends you least like-
The vehicle features in the comments section, but here are a list of the most irritating annoyances that car shoppers should pay attention to when testing. • Auto Stop-Start. This well-
The function of goodwill, quickly become the standard on the new car, automatically disconnects the engine when the vehicle is in the parking light or idle speed, during which the mpg of the car is zero.
When the driver removes the foot from the brake pedal, the engine starts almost immediately again.
While it is said to have saved some mpg in urban driving, it is a complete invasion of some vehicles, especially large vehicles and sports cars.
The roar of the Porsche 911 engine at start-up can be exciting, although when it does it repeatedly when it stops, it quickly becomes annoyingand-
Traffic or traveling on a route full of traffic signals.
Fortunately, most cars allow drivers to turn this off.
Warning of lane departure.
Here, the camera monitors the lane markings on the road and gives sound and visual alerts (
Some cars vibrate seats or steering wheels)
Cars are passing through them unless the turn lights are connected.
Unfortunately, a lot of drivers are negligent and indicate that they are going to change very little (if any)
Other vehicles in the vicinity, which led to a large number of alarms.
Bad weather, bad health
Marked Roads, coupled with sharp curves and an extension of narrow lanes, further fuel the driver's behavior of interpreting them as false warnings.
Most drivers will pull them out soon, or find a switch to deactivate the function, with lane departure intervention.
Some models push the concept of lane departure warning one step forward, if a wandering car is drifting on the lane, it automatically uses the brake and/or steering intervention to help it "nudge" the mark.
If the reason why you are stepping on the lane mark on the left is to keep a comfortable distance from the large semi-trailer, this may be a test of nerves
Enter the trailer in your driveway from the right.
Again, this feature can usually be turned off, but it becomes a waste of money.
Touch screen information entertainment system.
It seemed like a good idea to combine several vehicle controls and functions at the time --
Sensitive screens that help consolidate the system and reduce dashboard clutter, but some are easier to operate than others.
Such systems often rely on complex menus --
Driving command, when the vehicle is driving, it is difficult and dangerous to operate.
Navigation system.
In fact, most GPS systems can be cumbersome to program in a dashboard environment, but many cars disable this and there are a few other touch screens-
When the vehicle is traveling, the function-based function helps to keep the driver's attention to the road.
This is admirable, but it is also unnecessary if there is a front line
Seat passengers who can complete these tasks without driving the car off the road.
In fact, using a smartphone for GPS navigation is often easier to program, cheaper, and easier to update than an OEM system. • Touch-
Sensitive Control. Some cars (
Although very happy, but there are fewer people recently)
Replacing traditional knobs and buttons with odd "touch points" that fit into the dashboard or as part of the display adds to the problem of complex menus --Driver command.
Like touch screens, they are less intuitive to operate and slow to respond.
The worst is the audio system volume control, which is not operated by dialing, but by sliding on the dashboard, which is hit or missed at best.
Close to the alarm.
When they park in parallel in a small space, the radar can come in handy.
A guide distance alarm that is continuously issued out loud (
And mute the sound system of the car in the process)
When the transmission of a car turns in the opposite direction, it is usually more annoying than their value.
Fortunately, they can usually be closed. A rear back-
The use of the Up camera is the same and not so disturbing.
• Nobless radio tuning.
While some models of the audio system still use the old analog control, the worst thing is that the radio is tuned at a time through a radio station or the upper/lower button of the frequency scale, this makes the work that should be a quick and easy task slow and irritating.
Visibility issues.
Modern car design often sets obstacles to the driver's external vision.
For example, if pedestrians are hidden together, it is difficult to find people they cross the street or ride a bike next --
The front window is thick.
Swoopy's roof lines and high trunk covers often make the rear windows so narrow that they can damage the view of the rear window and actually need to have a rear window camera to make it easier and safer
Voice command.
There is another seemingly good idea here, designed to reduce the distraction of drivers, which is often too irritating to operate.
Many of these systems force drivers to speak and execute orders like engineers (
"Audio system . . . . . . Bluetooth . . . . . . Playing artists . . . . . . Track, etc. )
In the best case, they tend to misunderstand many orders, especially drivers from accents or other verbal acts.
• MammothKey key chain. Keyless push-
Button input/start the system can be very convenient, but the key fobs needed to operate them have grown to the size of yesterday's flipphones.
They are especially important in luxury goods.
Brand models, we are told that they are identity symbols in themselves.
The bigger one isn't necessarily better here-is the car key in your pocket or are you just happy to meet me? • Car Alarms.
Does anyone even stop paying attention to car alarms, especially on busy streets where passing trucks are more likely to detonate car alarms than thieves?
If the car is tampered with, the latest car safety system can alert the driver through his or her smartphone, although receiving false warnings remotely is no more annoying than hearing car alerts from bedroom windows.
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