the most-stolen new and used cars in america - top car alarm systems

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the most-stolen new and used cars in america  -  top car alarm systems
While those who drive the most luxurious sports cars and the most luxurious car models have reason to be vigilant in protecting their precious rides-if not entirely obsessed, this is actually a much higher frequency of stolen home cars that we are familiar.
This is the latest "hot list" of new cars and vehicles in the past model year compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau "(NICB)
Got sick in dersprenes.
You don't see cars like Chevy Corvette or Mercedes.
Mercedes-Benz SL is on both lists, but both lists contain models that will fit into the Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Altima sedan as well as the Ford F-
150 pickup. In fact, top-
Selling old cars is much more than selling new cars;
Such a model is usually considered-
Called "chop shops", where they are quickly broken down into replacement components (
Water pump, generator, engine block, etc)
Subsequently sold and/or sold to unscrupulous cars on Internet sitesparts dealers.
The most stolen last year was a second-hand Honda Accord of different model years. according to NICB, 53,995 vehicles were registered and lost;
In contrast, the 2013 New cars stolen last year-Nissan Altima-accounted for only 810.
New cars tend to be more easily taken and resold in good condition, often with modified paperwork and higher prices --
High-end sports cars usually shipped to foreign countries for resale. Also, recent-
Thanks to the popularity of computers, model cars are more difficult for leisure car thieves to "hotline" and drive awaychip-
Coding key and built-in key
Engine fixture.
Fortunately, for all car owners, the FBI said car theft returned to a downward trend after a slight increase in 2012.
The FBI predicts its final 2013 statistics.
Paste later this year)will see a 3.
A decrease of 2% per cent, registered under 700,000 units;
This figure will fall by 50% since the crime peak in 1991.
"The reduction in theft is good news for all of us," said Joe Wehrle, President and CEO of NICB . ".
"But it's still equivalent to having a car stolen every 45 seconds and losing more than $4 billion a year.
That's why we commend automakers for their efforts to improve anti-theft technology and for their commitment to continue working with our insurance company members and law enforcement, in order to identify and seek strong prosecution of organized people, so many theft cases are committed by criminal gangs.
"According to NICB, this is a list of the 10 most stolen cars in all model years in 2013, with the total unit cited: this is the top 10 list of new cars (
Model year from 2013)
Also based on NICB data, stolen last year: NICB warned consumers to adopt a "layered" approach to help prevent car thieves.
First of all, pay attention to common sense precautions, such as not leaving the key in the ignition when the vehicle is unattended, closing the windows and skylights, and parking the car in the garage instead of in the driveway, park it far away from home. lit and well-traveled area.
These may sound like basic reasons for insulting people, but the truth is that many of the thefts happen because it is too easy for the owner to let the thief steal their car.
In addition, NICB recommends the use of anti-theft devices, which will usually guarantee a discount on your car insurance as well. A steering-
Wheel locks like popular "clubs" are simple, cheap, and can work as well as expensive alarm systems.
The thief wants to get a car as soon as possible, and anything that might slow him or her down is enough to serve as a deterrent to choose another model on the block.
NICB also recommends installing a simple ignition cut-off switch or fuel cut-off device in a hidden location, so that it is harder for a liar to start a car or truck and drive it away.
We also recommend that you provide the vehicle identification number of your car or truck (
Commonly referred to as "VIN", it is found on the driver side of the dashboard at the bottom of the windshield and on the model title)
Etching on the windshield and main components makes it harder for the chop shop to sell as a replacement.
In addition, consider installing a tracking device that uses GPS remote information processing technology to remotely monitor vehicles through smartphones or personal computers;
NICB said the equipment was particularly effective in helping police find a stolen car.
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