The problem with Strava - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-17
The problem with Strava  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
There are Strava advocates and Strava haters.
As a daily commuter bike lover, I use it to track every ride I take.
A friend of mine is an enthusiastic amateur super.
Although he has a flash bike and all the equipment, he is firmly opposed to Strava.
When he posted on Facebook about the big rides, I often congratulated him.
Whenever I jokingly asked him if he was still in Strava, he replied that he would "never use Strava ".
Strava is an activity.
The tracking and analytics platform allows users to upload data generated by Strava smartphone apps or GPS tracking devices.
Key differences compared to other similar platforms (
Such as the connection of Garmin)
Strava is also a social platform organized around interacting with other people's activities, with a very large user base.
Users can give each other "honor "(
"Like" version of Strava)
And leave a comment.
The platform has matured in many ways over the years.
Now with more convenient metadata and content --
Share relationships with other platforms.
The problem with Strava is that it reproduces with hard-
Core sports and leisure enthusiasts and normalize cultural values associated with competition.
Strava has expanded from cycling and running to including a range of sports --
Leisure activities organized based on the efforts of users, and with the background of previous activities and similar activities of other users.
The target enthusiast market will not see this at all.
This is a feature, not a bug.
Rides are divided into segments where users can compare their performance in each segment to almost all other users who have ridden the segment.
You can set goals for the target time of any flat or uphill segment.
Strava canceled the target.
In response to a series of incidents involving serious injuries and deaths, the downhill section is set up.
Users can select the results according to their age and weight;
It is reported that the Strava designer called it "dad filter ".
"Daddy filter" regained a sense of competition for the middle class
Older men and allow them to perform a male role that is coded as male and proficient.
In this case, "competition" is not necessarily an organized activity or a virtual "challenge", but a social relationship generated by the user from the feeling of "competition.
Similar to the way you can "be friendly" to anyone on Facebook, but you don't have to be real friends with them, Strava users can "compete" without real competition ".
Facebook's "friends" are a new, very real social relationship, but unlike previous friendships with social media.
Borrowed a set of established sports terms through Strava's "competition"
Based on Leisure practice (i. e. cycling)
Capture a new cultural activity.
A few years ago, the intelligent future of a senior semi-active travel was part of an email exchange about ride-to-work days
Australian pro cyclists suggested to me that it would be futile to create a "club" on Strava and would not encourage an increase in bike participation.
To that end, they insist that we should join a real bike club or encourage colleagues to join the pedal power action.
The Strava club is designed to group athletes to recreate a localized social environment, which is more specific than the category where advanced Strava users can compare their activities (age and weight).
Strava turns the bike into an intermediate platform.
Experience the satisfaction of "competition.
If Strava or other app turns the bike into a platform for all bike riders, not just a prototype in the middle --
If the bike becomes a platform that is useful for bike organizations and city planners, it is better to understand the huge unmet needs for regular bike riders. Riding a bicycle will not pay more attention to the environment of riding a bicycle like others.
Cyclists need information about the actual environment;
Regular Canberra bike riders can learn about broken glass on the road, overflowing streams flooding shared paths, or fallen trees overnight.
Adaptive scheduling second, like the adaptive scheduling of public transport schedules, cyclists need to know the estimated conditions and time according to the actual driving path.
Strava's city planning package, Strava Metro, tries to solve this niche problem, which includes aggregate and anonymous rides.
Strava Metro condensed all the issues with Strava.
For example, the sample of the subway package provided to me by Strava is from Melbourne, and the demographic information of the passengers counted in the sample is male 90.
This does not help solve the core problem of increasing bicycle participation in existing bicycle riding practices in the future. (
Some studies have shown that
Most of the time, older male riders will take the safest path, but this is mainly a speculative attempt to adapt to biased data sets. )
Third, the sense of accomplishment of redesign.
"Honor" and beat their own "personal record" for a market segment, if a family can reduce their ownership of the car to a car and track all their non-
Motor traffic, if they get a discount from the government, has made great progress in its short life cycle, but, before it becomes a valuable tool for all bike riders, it has a way to go-not just the ones who belong to the dad filter.
Dr. Glenn Fuller is an assistant professor in journalism and communications at the University of Canberra.
His research interests include words and media events, innovation and enthusiasm-and, of course, cycling.
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