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the rachel maddow show, transcript 01/03/11  -  car alarm system
Guest host Chris Hayes: Good evening, Keith. Thanks so much.
Rachel took a night off, so, in the absence of her, I will be driving the ship here.
Tonight, this is a show with a lot of freight.
Congressman Darrell Isa has issued an alert, something he is very, very good.
The clock ticks in the direction it used to bein-a-
A generation in AmericaS.
Senator Jeff Merck of Oregon will explain this here.
For someone from New Jersey, New Jersey and New Jersey, Governor Christie spent a long time outside of New Jersey
On 2011, they dropped Snoopy from heaven.
Happy New Year welcome to TRMS 2011
Tonight, we will start with this year's political showdown. (
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Moderator David Gregory: how will you vote on the debt ceiling?
Will you vote?
Some Republicans are talking about solving the problem from the debt ceiling.
Unidentified men: Eventually a vote will be held on raising the debt ceiling.
Will you vote to raise the debt ceiling? (End Video Clip)HAYES: OK.
It is undeniable that this is not the sexiest phrase in American politics.
But if you're looking for a major political struggle in early 2011, don't look again.
As you may have heard at some point in the past few months, the United States should have gone bankrupt.
We spend more money than we do.
That means we have to borrow money to fund the government.
But as mentioned in this clip, there are legal restrictions on the amount of money we can borrow at any given moment.
With the debt ceiling, we're about to reach-
That means Congress will soon have to decide whether to raise the debt ceiling or not;
Will the government be allowed to borrow more money.
On this big political showdown that is coming, Republicans are now actively trying to show their position. (
Start Video Editing)REP. -
Mike Kelly was elected®Penn: raising the debt ceiling is absolutely irresponsible to me.
It has taken us so long to have no money. SEN.
Jim Deming®South Carolina: We need a showdown at this point and we won't raise the debt ceiling any more. REP.
Michelle Buckman®Minnesota: I'm not in favor of raising the debt ceiling.
In fact, I have a petition that I urge people to sign in Michel Bach.
Their lawmakers are urged not to raise the debt ceiling. (End Video Clip)
Hayes: Don't raise the debt ceiling.
That's what Republicans say.
Don't let the government borrow any more money.
We told you on Rachel Mado's show that this is a completely transparent bald head. faced bluff.
Republicans are bluffing now.
At the moment, they seem to be getting away with it.
All these threats by Republicans about their reluctance to make concessions on the debt ceiling have set the White House on fire. (
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Austan gulby, chairman of the White House economic advisory committee: It's not a game.
You know, the debt ceiling is not playable. That‘s the—
If we reach the debt ceiling, it is basically a default, which is unprecedented in the history of the United States.
The impact on the economy will be disastrous.
I don't understand why someone is talking about the debt ceiling.
If we get to the point where you 've ruined all of America's faith and credit, it will-
This will be the first time in history that a breach of contract is purely caused by madness. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: that's President Obama's chief economist, Austan gourby, who talks about the disastrous consequences if Republicans really vote against raising the debt ceiling.
By the way, my wife works in the White House attorney's office. OK.
So that's why it's important to recognize that Republicans are bluffing in this regard.
Because if you raise their threat as the White House does now, then you give it more credibility, and you authorize Republicans to try to get whatever they want in exchange for them.
What do you think is going on?
Republicans don't want to do it.
If they don't, the result will be the end of the world for the economy, so we need to do everything we can to get the Republicans in.
What do you want?
You see, the White House is in a situation where they are forced to give in.
If the game sounds familiar to you, it's because it's exactly how tax cuts were made last month.
Republicans say we won't vote for any tax cuts that don't include tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.
If we don't pass a bill, it will be an economic battle, the White House said.
Chang Ge, the richest man in the United States, cut taxes.
Republicans play perfectly because the White House has never thought of bluffing.
House Republican leader John Boehner reached out before the tax cuts began. (
Start Video Editing)REP.
John Boehner®Ohio: if my only option is to vote for some of these tax cuts, I will vote for them.
Of course, I would do that if my only option was to vote for $250,000 and below. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: John Boehner said he would not actually take the middle class tax cut hostage.
He admitted that Republicans were bluffing and the White House collapsed inexplicably.
This time, the same deal.
Asking John Boehner about the debt ceiling, he basically said, don't listen to what all these Republicans are saying.
We know we have to improve it.
Quote this sentence, "We have to deal with it as adults whether we like it or not.
The federal government has an obligation, and we have an obligation.
In other words, we are bluffing.
Don't bother to listen to our threats because we are bluffing.
There is a good reason for Republicans to bluff.
The debt ceiling dispute has brought about a perfect relief as both of the Republican wings have been opposed since the Wall Street bailout.
On the one hand, you have tea party wings, on the other hand, you have party Wall Street wings.
While Tea Party people hate the idea of raising the debt ceiling, wall street people have most of the debt, so if the U. S.
The government decided to give up all its faith and credit.
Tea Party wing hates it.
Business interests need it.
In the middle are the elected Republicans who are forced to choose between the people they want to vote for and the people who fund their campaign. Solution?
Bluff your way out.
The best result for Republicans right now is to convince everyone that they won't raise the debt ceiling and then use that threat as a bargaining chip against the White House.
Let the White House succumb to other things so you can save face with the bank interests of your party and tea party people.
Only if the White House and Democrats allow it, if they never bother to call the Republicans bluffing, the strategy works.
This is mine-
What happens in my ideal world: Nancy Pelosi meets with John Boehner and says, do you know?
We have already taken the middle school class.
I just want you to know that every Democratic member of the House will vote against raising the debt ceiling, so you go and find the necessary 218 votes for it to pass in your caucus.
In fact, it seems that the White House is preparing to succumb to this in the same way as the tax cut agreement.
But there is a way out.
Let the Republicans walk on this board.
It's the economy that joins us now-
George W's former economic speech writer
Bush, editor of The Forumcom. David, hi. How are you?
David fren, former President Bush Speaker: I'm fine. Thank you.
Hayes: Nice to meet you in the studio. Frum: Thank you.
Nice to be here. HAYES: OK. So, am I right?
I mean, the Republicans are bluffing. Am I correct?
Everyone is bluffing.
That's why-
That's why the performance of Austan Goolsbee is so shameful.
I have to say that this is the lowest of all the lows of this kabuki debate, because if you want to say, don't play chicken under the threat of default, then you don't play chicken under the threat of default.
What he should say.
His answer to the question is that the United States will fulfill its obligations. HAYES: Right.
FRUM: We look forward to working with the new majority of the house to put us on a long-term path
The long-term path of financial stability.
The United States will meet its obligations.
That's not what he said.
He also created fear on purpose. HAYES: OK.
But as far as sowing fear is concerned, I don't want to fall into "who started fear ".
But the Republicans started.
I mean, the truth is Mike Lee. (CROSSTALK)
Wait, wait. May I say, how—
When this issue comes up in 2006-HAYES: Yes, I absolutely agree.
A president has voted against raising the debt ceiling.
So this is not a game invented by Republicans.
But he voted against it. Right.
So, let's dictate the attitude of both sides when they are in a minority.
The difference is that Republicans do make up the majority, right?
Barack Obama knows that voting is essentially meaningless.
The question is: will the House leadership really try to remove the debt ceiling?
We have some montage here and I want to play it just to show that it was not invented by Austan gourby.
Let's listen to this. (
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Gregory: will you vote to raise the debt ceiling?
No, I won't. SEN. -
Lee was elected®Utah: I'm going to vote against raising the debt ceiling.
We cannot continue to mortgage the future of our unborn children and grandchildren.
It's not fair.
Not American.
This is a form of tax that is not represented. REP. -
Jeff Denham was elected. ®California: I just didn't see Congress raise the debt ceiling.
But this is certainly the challenge we must face.
I mean, there are a lot of things to play with during this lame duck meeting.
So, do you think you might vote against it?
Denham: of course.
ABC News: Will you block any attempt to raise the debt limit? SEN. -
Paul was elected Rand. ®Kentucky: I think what strategy we're going to use must be discussed, and I do plan to work with others to see what the best strategy is.
You need some principled people in Washington who will stand up and say, that's enough. (End Video Clip)HAYES: But—
So, you mean
You're telling me.
Fundamentally speaking, this gesture?
Remember, there are two houses in Congress, and only one is Republican-majority. HAYES: Right.
FRUM: As you pointed out at the beginning of the show, in that house, the leader has said, in fact, we will raise the debt ceiling if we have.
That's what John Boehner said in November.
So this will happen in the house.
Now he may have to come up with some faces
Save form and make some heat for Republicans who say-
Handle things early and calm down.
In fact, we began to see what it was.
He will promise them that the rumors will go on and vote on the constitutional balanced budget amendment and they will get him to arrange the vote and things will get messed up and it gives everyone a face --saving climb-down. HAYES: Right.
From: The people who take the toughest line are minorities in the Senate, just like Barack Obama in 2006. HAYES: Right.
Now they all refuse to say they will block the proceedings.
Jim Dement said he would vote no like Barack Obama did.
Like Barack Obama, Rand Paul is likely to vote against it.
But will they block it?
Even Rand Paul refused to admit that the answer to the question was yes.
Hayes: So, the point is we're going-
There are two points here.
One is that we are in a similar situation, but, right, there must be affirmative action, right?
Like a tax cut, right?
Tax reduction agreement-
The tax cuts are due, right?
In order to update for sure, something must be passed.
The same is true in the house, right?
You can't do anything.
John Boehner has to look for those votes.
Play my scene.
Indulge me here.
If Nancy Pelosi says John Boehner, can he get those votes in his own caucus?
He can get those votes.
Hayes: he can get the votes.
From: Republicans are more disciplined and organized than Democrats.
But he has to find a way to give people some way out.
He probably won't take every vote.
Michelle bach can not vote for him, but he will --
He will have enough votes.
But at the same time-
Hayes: Wait a minute.
If you're Nancy Pelosi and you want him to get the most votes, am I right?
I mean, wouldn't he do the most political harm to the Republicans? More and more Republicans have to vote for this in the house?
Fren: I think the whole premise of this is that Republicans act like crazy.
Republicans are irresponsible.
Now we have a strategy for Nancy Pelosi to be a crazy woman. HAYES: Yes.
What I'm saying is-
I'm talking about purely negotiating positions.
Because the reason they did so is obviously because they wanted to get concessions from these bargained.
FRUM: That's something Democrats need to remember.
In an event that is impossible, unimaginable, and will not have some kind of interruption --HAYES: Yes.
FRUM: The flow of interest in the United StatesS.
Debt, things that didn't happen during the civil war, things that didn't happen at any time since the constitution was founded, the people who will be blamed will be people that Americans know
That is the president of the United States.
So, this is impossible.
Now, happily, it won't.
I don't know why he allowed his people to come up with such a prospect.
The right answer is debt.
Interest on debt will be paid within the term.
Hayes: just-
Last question.
To some extent, who will take responsibility for this when we go to the showdown --
I mean, I agree with you.
I think we basically agree that this is going to be-
The debt ceiling will pass, right?
The question is: what kind of meat can Republicans extract, and the meat they can extract will be a pound or a hundred pounds, depending on how many credible threats they think are there
But what I'm saying is
In terms of blame, there are many people watching the government shut down last time on this happy day. go-
Clinton and Gingrich said it basically hurt-
This hurts Republicans, right?
This is the Waterloo of the Republicans-
In this confrontation
Frome: Let me reverse it in 30 seconds.
Because there's a Tea Party here. -
That's why we let you play, David.
That's why you let me go.
The question for Republicans is: do you want a pound of real meat or a pound of symbolic meat?
You are going to vote on the balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, which is pointless, and as a way of telling the tea party that you are meeting the solutions they have, in fact, what you should strive for is a way to achieve a balanced budget at a lower spending level.
Republicans should remind people every day that Erskine Bowles, former Democratic president's chief of staff, said the task of balancing the budget with 19% of GDP rather than 23%.
To get us on this path and fight for the vision of Erskine bowles, this is-
This is a very acceptable conservative point of view, not to be distracted by the willo‘-
Wisps likes to balance the budget amendment.
Hayes: David fren, message to the person who gave the tea party, don't be played --
I appreciate you coming.
Thank you, Chris.
Hayes: Thank you very much.
Former President Bush economic speech writer and Forum editor David Fren. com. OK.
If you have a car alarm, you may be more familiar with Congressman Darrell Isa than you think.
Congressman Isa will be chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Mr.
Isa has just called the Obama team "one of his most corrupt governments "--
He has the power to subpoena and is not entirely clear about his definition of corruption.
Continue to focus on the details of both threats and absurdity --next. (
Business break)
Hayes: in just two days, the Senate has a chance to free itself from the abyss of a long-standing partisan impasse.
This is not a test.
The federal government will have a big moment.
One will almost never come.
We have a countdown clock and a certified US senator. coming up. (
Business break)
Hayes: So far, California Congressman Darrell Isa is best known for two things: $1.
7 million of the property that drove Gray Davis out of the California governor's office was only tearfully abandoned Arnold Schwarzenegger's ambition for the job when he decided to run.
He is famous for it.
He is famous for this:
Start Video Editing)
Voice: protected by the VIP snake, step back. REP.
Darrell Isa®California: protected by the VIP snake, step back.
Voice: protected by the VIP snake. (End Video Clip)
Hayes: he made his voice on his company's VIP snake car alarm system. That‘s what Mr.
Especially in this program, Isa is the most famous. But today, Mr.
Isa wants to be famous for other things because he will be the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
Congressman Isa wants to make sure everyone knows about this and has a whirlwind tour on Sunday's news show this weekend. (
Start Video Editing)
Ed henry, CNN: You always wanted this mallet.
You can get it right away.
What are you going to do with it?
Isa: I will try to change the consumption pattern in Washington.
When you distribute the $1 trillion TARP before the president takes office, most of it is not spent, almost the $1 trillion stimulus plan the president is asking for, plus the huge expansion of health care and government, it has a corruption effect.
When I see waste, fraud, and abuse in the bureaucracy and in the government, it's like steroids that add to the muscles that are wasted.
Do you think the Obama administration is corrupt?
Isa: again and again, we saw the Obama administration playing fast and loose on the money Congress gave them.
Unidentified male: under supervision, how much do you think you can save taxpayers in the next two years?
Isa: I think about $200 billion is the amount we can identify and eliminate waste or at least start the process.
Fox News Chris Wallace: White House officials have said they will hire more lawyers to handle all oversight investigations, especially those from your Commission.
Will they need them?
They need more accountants.
The sooner the government finds that the enemy is bureaucratic and wasteful, not the other, the better we will be. (End Video Clip)
Hayes: The eye-catching phenomenon you just saw didn't stop on Sunday's TV.
Headlines Monday morning.
"The new Republican supervisory chairman called the government corrupt.
"Darrell Isa promises to find $200 billion in government waste.
"Darrell Isa, a Republican, plans to have real oversight of Congress.
What is the plan?
What does he mean by corruption?
According to the man's own series of tweets, he intends to investigate the foreclosure rights of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. regulation—
Whatever that means
The failure of the financial crisis investigation commission, WikiLeaks, FDA, Afghanistan.
So, Congressman Darrell Isa wants to investigate almost everything.
He seems to mean corruption.
He seems to be referring to two kinds of actual corruption, such as contracting in Afghanistan, and a better description that I, member Isa, don't like.
But it seems more important than what he's going to investigate.
Isa wants to make sure that almost everyone knows that Darrell Isa will be the one to do it.
A little farther away from the car.
Now, we're joined by Congressman Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democratic representative from Washington. C.
Who served on the supervisory committee for 10 sessions.
Thank you very much for joining us, honorable woman. REP.
Eleanor Holmes NortonD)Washington, D. C. C. : Of course.
Hayes: Elijah camings, the Democratic congressman who is about to rank on the supervisory committee, criticized the partisan color of Congressman Isa.
How much do you think this is-
How much do you think this is bluffing, note --
To what extent do you think we will actually see the Commission in a super
Party fashion?
Norton: Frankly, I was surprised to hear that Darrell Isa used the word "corruption" when applying to the president of the United States.
I mean, no matter what you think of Barack Obama, he's considered Mr. Obama.
Clean family man.
Then, of course, he came back in a number of ways and now the government is corrupt --
No, this is true.
All these expenditures are inherently corrupt. This is—
Darrell Isa is someone who is considered tough, smart and articulate in the committee.
This is usually the case. the-
The top language comes from members of the committee with the least expressive ability. (LAUGHTER)
Norton: On the other hand, what he's trying to do is credible.
So why go out
In this way to take their own credibility?
When I said he was trying to be credible, you see, he said he wouldn't call the top of the agency.
He wants to call people who know the truth.
He said he was more interested in being an accountant.
On the one hand, he does feel that his credibility as chairman is important when he-
When you face him with a camera, he is a little irrational.
He's not Darrell Isa anymore.
At least not Darrell Isa, who is ranked first, seems to have chosen his words more carefully.
Hayes: It's interesting.
I mean, it just seems to be from the interaction with them --
The awesome Darrell Isa news operation, it seems that they are indeed worried about the chairman --
The current president has a little less of a reputation than a party hacker.
I think the reason is, right, is because we went through this last time, this is the era of this committee in the Clinton era, in the Republican Congress, if I'm not mistaken, during your time in the Committee --NORTON: Indeed.
Hayes: We spent thousands of dollars and dozens of hours dealing with subpoenas from the Republican committee, and we had a ridiculous, ridiculous political witch hunt that the Commission did in this witch hunt.
Are you afraid this will happen again?
Obviously, sir.
Isa is, because he wants to separate himself from that precedent, which is so bad.
How terrible this is-
After all these investigations were conducted against Cabinet members, a special adviser was appointed and no violation of the investigation was found.
This is why the government is wasting money. HAYES: Exactly.
Now, Isa says I don't want to do that.
I want to watch the real show.
If he watches the real show, let me tell him.
Democrats, you know, kind of like investigating. HAYES: Right.
Norton: even if we are in power, we will like it because we like the government.
We like to see what's going on.
We conducted some investigations into our own government.
So why not think of us as partners instead of repeating the worst things --
If the word corruption is considered indicative
The worst indicator since the last Republican control committee?
I think he wants to avoid this, maybe since he walked the language back, maybe he really wants to say it, etc. That wasn‘t me. You all got—
I said it in my head.
These are the cameras.
They will do something to you.
It does surprise me because I think the camera will be interested in everything he says no matter what Isa says, because at this point, republicans may be very interested in what kind of investigation the Obama administration is doing.
Hayes: Eleanor Holmes Norton, a congressman, murdered Darrell Isa with mercy tonight, Democratic RepresentativeC.
Thank you very much for your time tonight.
I appreciate it.
My pleasure.
Hayes: it's going to fall.
The end of the world is coming. we only have marshmallows to save us.
Don't be afraid, friends.
There is "debunking" at the intersection "--coming up. (
Business break)
Hayes: What is my function? OK.
The first question: True and false.
Is it true or false? is the sky falling? True or false? (BUZZER)HAYES: OK. False.
The sky did not fall. Only—
I said with great sadness, the birds fell from the sky. Red-
On New Year's Eve, in Bibi, Arkansas, the winged Blackbird was left on the ground by thousands, prompting some strange corners of the internet to say, "This is the end of the world, we're all going to die. "in a special font.
"Well, it's a bit strange to wake up and find up to 5,000 dead birds and people wearing hazmat gear collecting them. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: I have been to Iraq and have never seen anything like this.
You know, my kids are playing outside and you don't know if it's safe or because, you know, they're all walking around in chemical suits and picking them up with gas masks and stuff. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: even if we're not sure what's going on in red, the world doesn't seem to be over yet --
Black bird with wings
Vet in Arkansas-
Apparently a vet in Arkansas.
He said the Blackbirds appeared to have been killed by trauma in the air.
They may have been flown out of the sky by weather, lightning and hail.
Or the fireworks of the new year, in this case, we have several options in just one moment. Post script -
100,000 fish in Arkansas just died in several towns.
For weeks, we may not know what killed these people.
So I can report that the world is not over and the sky is not falling.
I don't think it's a valid guess. OK.
The next question is whether it is true or not.
Health care reforms passed last year and implemented in parts of this year are dead by the time they arrive. False.
Seriously, can we press the buzzer again? Thank you.
Medical reform is not achieved overnight.
This is not to say that Republicans in the House have not tried to kill it. They are.
The House will vote next Wednesday, January 12 to repeal what they call the health care law that kills jobs.
Seriously, the sky will fall before the Senate Democrats make the vote meaningful.
In fact, a new round of health care reform benefits started in January 1, including requiring your insurance company to spend at least 80% of the premium to take care of you. OK.
Is the last question true or false?
The reality show Jersey coast and the pinnacle of North America's largest marsupials have something in common with each other and with fiberglass-lit peeps. True.
Completely true.
All three of them appear in our country's Crazy New Year's Eve celebrations, because when you can watch a giant sparkling ball drop at midnight in Times Square along the coast, who needs to watch them fall into snokee? Who? You tell me. Go ahead.
No, seriously, tell me.
America loves its Possum and loves them.
They lost a possum in the town of Blas, North Carolina.
It's in that box, and there's a plush toy in Tara Posa, GA, because Snooki won't go to Tara Posa, GA on New Year's Eve.
Silly, she's on the shore, so you deal with the possum.
While other American towns will be content to give up a huge kimchi or a bag of potato chips or Bologna sticks instead of making it up, see a Peeping of fiberglass lighting all the way to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, because this is where peeps are born, because they are so dark for you, so indestructible in nature.
Thank you for playing and Snooki for your peep. (
Business break)
Hayes: There's a clock ticking in Washington and at the bottom of the screen.
This has nothing to do with the new year.
Strangely, when it finally ends, probably the most celebrated is John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
You see, Judge Roberts is a little annoyed by all the federal judges who are still vacant, and according to the website of the federal judiciary, there are nearly 100 vacancies in total.
In his annual report on the state of the federal judiciary, he accused Democrats and Republicans of causing the delay.
But when 19 nominees such as appeal court nominee Goodwin Liu haven't even voted yet, who or what should be blamed?
We know who the culprit is.
This is the Senate procedure behind the scenes. Case closed.
The problem has become so out of control that the president has raised objections to the most controversial group of nominees for recess in recent presidential history.
I mean, I have to adjourn to appoint Norman Eisen, ambassador to the Czech Republic. come on, man.
Given that Republicans haven't started singing kumbaya yet, if it weren't for a couple of nosy senators and an odd rule about a special day, it would be likely that the scumbags would continue to get away with it.
On the first day of the new Senate, the rules can be changed by a simple majority that the Democratic Party still has.
Since every senator Democrat who has returned has signed a letter calling for obstruction of reform, senators like Tom Udel of New Mexico and our guest tonight, Jeff Merck of Oregon, have suggested that there seems to be a real possibility of reform happening.
Sounds great, right?
At least we already know. stop blocking it.
Well, there was a long time.
After all, the clock here may not run out on Wednesday.
But that does not mean that the obstruction of reform is doomed to failure.
Explain with us why Sen
Jeff Merkley, Oregon, has been at the forefront of democratic reform's obstruction of proceedings.
Thank you, senator, for joining me.
I really appreciate it. SEN. JEFF MERKLEY (D-OR): Thank you. HAYES: OK.
So I saw the news today and they were talking about voting on it later in January and my first feeling was my heart because I thought, no.
Should my heart be sinking all the time? No, no.
Why are we doing this?
Why is this?
Don't worry.
Now, the Senate majority leader plans for us to come in three days this week and come back on the 23rd or 24 th.
So the key is that we extend the organization time and use the time from day one to our return to help with a national debate on functional barriers and bankruptcies in the United StatesS.
So we can go back to the Senate and have more incentive to change the rules.
Hayes: Explain to me how you can do this.
If the rule says this is the first day the Senate passed the rule, then how can you not pass it on the first day?
The story is more complicated.
According to the Constitution, most of the Senate can be established.
They can do so at any time.
But according to the precedent, this is in two-year cycle.
Now, sometimes the first legislative day has been extended for a week or two so that the debate can continue.
So if you take a break, or there are other ways to protect your privileges to resolve the rules --
But no extension?
Will continue.
Well, you're basically within the principles of the Senate organizational period. HAYES: I see.
So now, it's actually interesting.
I realized what I understood.
So what you're saying is that on the first day of the new Congress, what is driving this process is a precedent, a precedent for the Senate --MERKLEY: Yes.
Hayes: this is not a task that must be done on the first day of the Constitution.
Absolutely. Absolutely.
Hayes: The Constitution only stipulates that every familyMERKLEY: Yes.
Constitutional scholars will tell you that they can patch the rules with 51 at any time.
But, according to precedent, according to tradition, this has a lot of weight in the Senate, according to some common sense logic, in two-
During the year, you set your rules at the beginning. HAYES: OK.
So I thought-
I think I was hedging against my hopes.
So tell me-I think this -
In fact, this letter really surprised me.
I thought I talked to you. I talked to Sen.
There are quite a few Udall on this issue. I was surprised.
How did this letter come into being, and what does that indicate?
Or that kind-
How strongly should we accept that letter?
MERKLEY: Well, that letter says there are quite a few members in the Senate, most of them, and that's very upset about the abuse of the obstruction of the proceedings, and frankly, we also think we need to do something else, like Republicans complaining about not being able to propose amendments.
When they can't make an amendment, neither can the Democrats.
Frozen on both sides.
As a result, people are dissatisfied with the quality of the debate between the two sides.
But the letter says there are enough people who care.
They are willing to express this concern in writing and support the majority leader.
Hayes: So is there a momentum of growth in that? I‘ve seen -
I feel like I 've seen something, and the New York Times has an editorial about supporting some of the obstacles to reform. There is an op-
Ed of presen
Walter Mundell is in the newspaper this weekend. MERKLEY: Yes.
Hayes: support it too.
Do you think this is something people know better? MERKLEY: Yes.
I think they will get clearer in the next few weeks because, frankly, at the end of the last meeting we were dealing with "Don't ask, don't tell ".
We are dealing with the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and the holidays are coming.
It is very difficult to get people to pay attention to important things like this.
The first thing people need to know is
They may say that you have passed some important legislation.
Is the Senate really broke? Well, yes. We had -
You're talking about Mundell.
Well, in 75 years, when he tried to change the level of obstruction from 67 senators to 60 senators, they had 44 obstruction in the first two years --year periods.
We 've been through more than three times in the last two years, so three dysfunction drives the last major reform effort if you want.
An appropriation bill was not completed. No budget.
There is a huge backlog of nominations by the judiciary and the administration, which basically means that the Senate has abused its proposal --and-
Attacking and undermining the consent function of the rest of the government is of course inconsistent with our constitutional responsibility.
Give you some taste.
Then, the bills of hundreds of houses will never, never be occupied, because they will never have time on the floor. HAYES: Sen.
Jeff Merck of Oregon takes the lead in reforming the obstruction proceedings, and I really appreciate your arrival tonight.
Great to be with you. Thanks a lot.
Nice to be here. Happy New Year.
Hayes: In the last sentence, Lawrence O'Donnell will speak to Joe Walsh, the incoming Republican congressman, who says he will reject his government --
Health care fund.
Will Mickey, Minnie and Goofy defeat a rising Republican star on this show?
Next is Snow White. (
Business break)
Hayes: Woody Allen once said that 90% of the time in life is in front of us.
Let me add this amendment, "Don't go to Disney World when your state is buried with 2 feet of snow.
Next is the "there" issue of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. (
Business break)
Hayes: A bright light in the sky --
The glowing sphere that once rose is falling to Earth, but don't panic.
What we are talking about is not the huge meteorite that flies from space to us, it causes catastrophic damage, and as we know, it ends life on Earth.
This is a metaphorical star in the Republican sky.
Although he hasn't completely collapsed yet, his tracks show some signs of rocking.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been one of the highlights of the Republican Party since November 2009, when experts praised his victory as the beginning of the current string of Republican victories. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: I want to introduce you to a great rising star now --
It's already a star.
Conservative movement in the United States.
He is a great governor.
He is not only talking, but also walking.
He is the new governor of New Jersey.
Unidentified woman: Now, 8: 19, tough Governor of New Jersey, with the rising of the Republican Party --
A star from YouTube and a rock star from the Republican Party.
An unidentified woman: widely regarded as the rookie governor of the Republican rising star.
Man: Who is the rock star on the right now?
Unidentified male: Now, I would say that Chris Christie is agovernor-
Host Sean hanniti: Join us now, the only sensation on YouTube, governor of New Jersey. Christie. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: So, in a party whose name is inconsistent with Sarah Palin, Christie deployed a cycle in 15 states to run for Republican candidates, according to reports, often raise $8 million in Democratic strongholds.
What are the side benefits of all travel?
This puts him in an awkward situation and has to constantly deny any interest in the constant rumors of his Shortage --
2012 tickets, the grand prize listed. (
Start Video Editing)GOV.
Chris Christie (R-NJ)
: Why do I want a job that is stronger than it is now? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: Chris Christie is a good man to choose the voters of his state, not the glory of the national ticket.
But how did those New Jersey voters feel about him?
Well, for most of his first year as governor, his approval rating has been hovering around 50%, according to the latest kunnipiac poll.
Christie's 46%.
That was before he had to deal with the serious problem of his current political headache, after
The Christmas storm happened when he was on vacation in Disney World.
In the typical Christie fashion, he refused to apologize because he gave his children his country to others as a political cover. (
Start Video Editing)
Christie: I promise my children that at the end of my first year as governor, I will take them to Disney World during the week between Christmas and New Year.
You know, it seems to me that my first and most important responsibility is to be a husband and father.
I'm not going to cancel my child's Christmas gift either. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: Christie's holiday has provided ammunition to his growing number of critics, who really, really like to point out all the important national things Chris Christie missed during his country trip.
All of this has been a useful tidying up on the website created by the Progressive Change Movement Committee and appropriately called it "where is Christie?
"It might explain why today, after telling the New Jersey that he's not sorry to leave them alone in the snow, Chris Christie is busy trying to rip --
Hang his stars in the Republican sky, serve his real voters, walk around on today's conservative talk show, and some will naturally reach Sean hanniti and Steve
But Chris Christie's problem is not to lack the enthusiasm of the national conservative grassroots.
It's from voters in New Jersey.
One thing told me that he had not learned the lesson completely.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
Hayes: If you live in a state in the United States, the possibility that your state has reported a budget shortfall in the last few years is-
Well, let's just say it's high.
There is only one state that does not anticipate a budget shortfall, and there is only one state --
North Dakota, population, 650,000.
Only this year, after the federal government made some very much-needed proposals, the states are considering a $100 billion gap.
In other words, the balance on the national balance sheet is not much.
So the situation in the States is really bad, and the bad situation of $100 billion is the direct result of a group of overpaid, unchanged pension recipients, public sector staff are drawing the lifeblood from the political system. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: is it a conspiracy between the government and the union that broke the United States?
What I want to say is the public sector union.
First of all, what we are seeing is a huge increase in wages and benefits for public sector unions, and now our state cannot afford it.
We have committed $3 trillion in retirement and health benefits to workers in the public sector. GOV. TIM PAWLENTY (R-MN)
: Now, in many cases, you have certain unions, particularly those of public employees, that exploit and abuse taxpayers.
As a result, employees in the public sector earn more than employees in the private sector. Their post-
Retirement benefits, wages and pensions are indeed one of the driving forces in the country's state, county and school district financial difficulties.
Christie: The struggle is about who will manage public education in New Jersey.
The parents and people they elected were trade union leaders who had no heads and no faces. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: most of the brainless, unexposed union leaders are teachers, firefighters, garbage collectors, and they all have faces.
If the public sector union is one of the reasons for the shortage, you will consider conservative states that are weak or Ununited
The existing public sector unions will maintain a good financial position.
But Texas's budget is one of the worst in the country and is expected to run short of $25 billion over the next two years.
In addition, the income of national workers did not exceed the inflation rate significantly.
According to the Center for Economic Policy Research, "when the age and education of workers match, the average income of state and local workers is actually 4% lower than that of private sector workers. ”OK.
So the private sector is not expanding on a large scale, and public sector employees earn no more money than their private sector friends, this means that a national budget shortfall of $100 billion is not only the result of sudden overspending by state employees.
This is a result of too little.
Far, far too little, the water of a whole field.
The butter of a whole piece of bread.
When Wall Street-
Due to factors such as deregulation, derivatives and Alan Greenspan, the $8 trillion real estate bubble burst and the real estate bubble became a $8 trillion housing crisis, that's why we ended up with the worst recession since the Great Depression and the unemployment rate of 10%.
It's not teachers, firefighters and the guys who pick up your trash.
It's not their astronomical numbers that don't exist.
Even the national pension contributions did not push the national budget to a very, very deep red.
Take New Jersey as an example, where Republican Governor Chris Christie became a hero of the right to fight with public sector unions. (
Start Video Editing)
Man: Governor.
Christie's got to focus on real economic issues.
He also fought with public sector unions.
He fought with the teachers' union. (END VIDEO CLIP)HAYES: But Gov.
Christie's not only fought against the teachers' union.
He also did what the governor of New Jersey has been doing since 1992.
He shortened the pension system.
From just 2004, the state skipped $14 billion.
Payment to the pension fund is requested.
In other words, the state has actually borrowed money from state workers and now has not only repaid their debts, but also asked them to cut wages for this privilege.
Now we are joined by Dorian Warren, assistant professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.
Professor Warren, thank you very much for joining me tonight.
Dorian Warren, assistant professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University: Chris, thank you for inviting me. HAYES: OK.
So I guess the first question is, is this about policy?
Is this to balance the budget?
Or is this politics?
No, it's pure and simple politics.
I think Jonathan Cohen (ph)said it right.
In American politics, workers in the public sector are the new welfare queen.
They are easy scapegoat and distract us from the real issues that affect state and local governments.
When we focus on the public sector staff, we don't focus on who the real villain is.
We don't look at Wall Street.
We don't look at banks.
We don't even look at the promises politicians have made to these workers for decades.
All of a sudden, teachers and firefighters are the cause of all our economic problems, which is totally wrong.
This is a myth disguised as fact.
There's really a problem.
Hayes: I think one of these things is interesting --
There seems to be a strategy to divide the actual-
I mean, I think "no-show" is a very interesting adjective for Christie, because they seem to try to separate the actual creatures that are basically teachers, the kind of police-
Our neighbor. Right.
Yes, our neighbors are from bureaucrats or union members.
Do you think there is a political interest there?
Why do they think this is a correct political goal?
WARREN: Well, I think once you dehumanize people, you separate them from real creatures, then it's easy to create a villain to attack.
I think it can be seen from both parties that this is not just a Republican attack on public sector unions. Gov.
Como in New York also launched an attack on the state's public sector.
I think it's a convenient attack, not the real villain, the banker, the Wall Street, the real person who's focused on our economic crisis, let's get to where we are today.
It's much easier to create new villains from public sector staff, teachers, firefighters and police, who are our neighbors, friends, relatives.
Hayes: Do you think there is another component of this?
You know, you mentioned that Cuomo announcedyear freeze -Gov.
Cuomo of state workers' wages
Do you think there is real resentment there?
Warren: of course.
Hayes: I mean, there have been differences between private and public sector unions over the past 20 years.
Warren: That's right.
Hayes: The benefits to the debt of workers in the private sector are also growing.
Warren: That's right.
Hayes: so the public sector is considered to be the laggard in a way, and it's a bottom-up competition, right?
Warren: That's right.
The real question we should ask is, why has the income of workers in the private sector remained the same for the past 30 years?
For workers in the public sector, they actually
As you point out, they're not making more.
In fact, their income is lower than that of the private sector.
They just made a commitment around the pension obligations that their politicians have been refusing to pay attention.
So, in fact, we need to focus on what has happened in the private sector over the past 30 years, as income inequality is growing in the top 1%.
Hayes: Dorian Warren is an assistant professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University and is my guest tonight.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you, Chris.
Thank you for inviting me.
Hayes: Okay.
That's what it is for us tonight.
We will see you tomorrow night.
Now, it's time to "last word" with Lawrence O'Donnell.
Good evening, Lawrence. How are you?
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