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the rachel maddow show, transcript 12/02/10  -  simple car alarm
Host: Good evening, Keith. Thank you.
Thank you for staying with us for an hour at home. The ever-
Despite Senator John McCain's attempts to move those targets again, they are still fairly calm on Capitol Hill in the process of possibly abolishing "don't ask, don't say.
We had a great show and a live interview with an active gay officer.
He is in active service and he is willing to come to our show to talk about his career and this important day in military history.
Besides, very mean tactics in Congress
Mean tactics that are hard to talk about on TV.
Some kind of Jew appeared in an unexpected place.
We don't think it's true, but it seems true.
It's all in front of the next eight days and nights --
The next hour.
But, first of all, today is the day when we have talked about what has finally happened for a few months. (
Start Video Editing)REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA)
Speaker of the house: in this vote, yeas is 234.
The negative vote exceeded 188.
The bill was passed. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: the motion to have a problem is Bush-era tax cuts.
Today, House Democrats voted to extend Bush's tax cuts, and Republicans voted against them.
All but three Republicans in the House voted against tax cuts.
Don't adjust the TV.
These numbers are correct.
Today, the Republicans who voted for Bush's tax cuts to expire, 168 Republicans.
The Democratic Party voted to extend Bush's tax cuts.
Republicans voted to raise taxes for everyone. (
Start Video Editing)REP.
Xavier Besera (D)
California: Republicans take these tax cuts for the middle class hostage and ask for an additional $700 billion in tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. REP. BILL PASCRELL (D)
New Jersey: everyone is cut taxes in this legislation.
Even billionaires will be cut $250,000.
You never communicate because you never tell the whole truth.
Pelosi: it's too unfair.
Too unfair.
I can't imagine colleagues from the Republican side who don't want to give tax cuts to the middle class.
Why don't they vote for it? (End Video Clip)
MADDOW: after the last election, Republicans went into Washington and said, we're here to cut taxes, they're just voting for everyone's tax increases --
Of course, it drives them crazy. (
Start Video Editing)REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH)
SEPAKER design: I'm trying to catch my breath, so I'm not calling this action that happened today chicken shit, okay?
But this is nonsense! All right? (END VIDEO CLIP)
In fact, it's you who voted to raise taxes for everyone.
If Congress does not pass the extension of the Bush tax cut, the House will be able to pass it today, despite Republicans. Then, at midnight on New Year's Eve, all Bush's tax cuts disappeared.
Republicans in the House today say that if they can't get the bonuses they want for the wealthiest people in the country, earning more than a million dollars a year, then they don't give anyone a tax cut!
Republicans want everyone's taxes to increase on New Year's Eve unless they get what they want, a specific tax cut for more than a million dollars in revenue.
In addition to having himself vote on the national tax increase on today's record, the person who will be the new Republican Speaker of the House has just done something he said he would never do. (
Start Video Editing)
Boehner: if my only option is to vote for some tax cuts.
I vote for them.
Of course, I would do that if my only option was to vote for $250,000 and below. (END VIDEO CLIP)
He did not, of course.
He did not do that.
Even though he said he would.
That is the choice he got today.
Of course, I would do that if my only option was to vote for $250,000 and below.
This is his choice today. And that is—
That's not what he did.
He did not do what he said. (
Start Video Editing)
Boehner: I want to take a breather, so I don't think the action that happened today is chicken shit, okay?
But this is nonsense! All right? (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: Today, Ezra Klein of The Washington Post helped document the difference between "chicken shit" and what John Boehner obviously wants now.
He said, "there are 238,781 families in the John Boehner district.
Among them, 2,824 people earn more than $200,000. That‘s 1. 1 percent.
Many of them earn between $200,000 and $250,000, so every dollar they earn is eligible for the tax cut that the Democratic Party is pushing for, and Republicans vote against it today.
So, most likely, the difference between the tax cut and the tax cut is that the tax cut is very good for the richest 1% families in the John Boehner area.
"If he can't get extra for this 1% then everyone will raise the tax!
So is John Boehner. (
Start Video Editing)
Boehner: chicken shit, okay? (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: what will happen next is that this tax cut issue is transferred to the Senate, where the Republican Party stands the same way as the house.
They don't want anyone to cut taxes unless they can get the bonuses they want for the richest people in the country.
We have been discussing this issue for several months.
The country has been debating for several months.
Now it's finally on the table.
Republicans in the Senate are planning to block tax cuts for all across the country.
This is the case on the table.
Republicans have threatened to block tax cuts for everyone across the country if they don't get special bonuses for millionaires and billionaires.
For them, this is a special tax cut for people who earn more than one million.
What happens next?
On this program last night, Michigan's Democratic Senator Debbie stubno told us that the quote "the vast majority of Democrats in the Senate want to do what House Democrats are doing today.
They want the Republicans to bluff.
They want Republicans to decide if they will really vote against tax cuts for everyone, because they will not get bonuses for millionaires and billionaires either.
Senate Democrats seem prepared to call the Republican bluff tonight.
NBC's Ken Strickland reports that Senate Democratic leaders are now planning to vote on the tax cut bill passed by the House earlier today, possibly as early as tomorrow.
For a week, progressive groups have been putting pressure on Democrats to take tough measures on the issue.
Groups like the Progressive Change Movement Committee, you see their ads here, as well as MoveOn. org.
They specifically called on the White House, especially President Obama, not to give in to Republicans on this issue. (
Start Video Editing)
President Obama-Man: Hi Barack.
Woman: Sir. President—
Woman: President Obama.
Man: What's the matter, B?
Hello, this is Monique. This is Allie.
I ask you to stand by and not extend tax cuts for the richest Americans.
Woman: I voted for you on 2008.
Unidentified men: we vote for you because for the first time in our life, a politician is actually working on a plan to strengthen the values we believe in as Americans.
Unidentified Woman: I would like to say thank you for all the efforts you have made.
But our people want you back and need you back.
Unidentified women: what happened to the bold, progressive man we met in 2008?
Unidentified male: a person who represents all, who will not let himself be pushed away.
Woman: Sir.
Mr. President, please don't compromise with Republicans on extending Bush's tax cuts.
Unidentified Woman: I have the highest tax level.
We don't need money. The country needs it.
Unidentified Woman: You said in your campaign speech, enough, it's time to fight. Please fight.
I'm willing to fight with you(END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: It's not a liberal pressure on the president to do what the president doesn't want to do.
In the past, the president has been one of the most powerful and expressive advocates of this policy because it is his own policy.
This was his campaign in 2008, for example. (
Start Video Editing)
Barack Obama at the time
Presidential candidate: John McCain and I have very different ideas about taxes.
If you can't make it in a year, you won't see your taxes add a penny under my plan.
I will focus on you instead of extending Bush's tax cuts for the richest people. (END VIDEO CLIP)
So he said, "I will pay attention to you . "Will he do it?
Will he encourage Democrats in the Senate to do so?
With the debate in the Senate, the Democratic Party has all the influence.
If Republicans don't vote to extend Bush's tax cuts because they insist on special offers that only apply to the nation's top earners, Bush's tax cuts will expire.
They will expire due to Republican obstruction.
Republicans will then have to explain to voters and their entire base why they insist and why they use procedural techniques in the Senate to force tax increases across the country.
Or Republicans can always support the president's plan --
The plan also happened to cut $700 billion in government debt.
If the White House and Senate Democrats can somehow resist their natural impulses and somehow fold the hand they hold here, it will be very powerful.
It's the New York Times columnist, Gail Collins.
She is the author of the book, "when everything has changed: The Amazing Journey of American women from 1960 to now.
Gail, thank you very much for coming.
Gail Collins, New York Times: It's a pleasure to be here.
I like the extra things you do.
Millionaire bonus
This is cool.
MADDOW: Well, you know, when talking about tax cuts, I think there is an inherent word in any description that hinders any ability to make a political point of view.
However, due to the different positions of the two sides,
Democrats say that all earnings below a million are cut every quarter, and Republicans say, no, we don't think that's good enough. We won‘t—
We don't want these tax cuts to be implemented at all, unless we cut taxes on more than $250,000 in revenue.
Collins: bonus.
MADDOW: It's a reward. They want a—because every—
Not 98% of people across the country cut taxes, and everyone cut taxes on first-quarter income.
Anyway, nonsense, nonsense.
Do you think it is important for the House to pass this matter today? COLLINS: Yes.
You have to stand up for something once in a while.
So what if this is not what the Democratic Party stands?
You know, there's nothing about playing TV commercials out loud?
I mean, if that doesn't work, there's nothing left and nothing else will make a difference.
MADDOW: though, there's no loud TV commercials that will make people on the street.
This is true. (LAUGHTER)
MADDOW: the new civil rights movement against loud advertising.
The Huffington Post has new reports tonight that Senate Democrats will meet tonight to cast false votes on the matter.
To test the vote.
What do you think would be false test results?
I don't know.
But, you know, if you look at the Democrats in the Senate acting, you know, I doubt they can really come together --
Of course they can't call all the people together.
I bet they might come together 51.
But if Barack Obama comes forward and says, I believego, team.
This may bring about great changes.
MADDOW: one of the questions here is what happens if people do cross the line.
If they draw a line on the beach, it means they decide, you know, we won't compromise.
If you want Bush's tax cuts to expire, they will expire.
And then, can't they pass a retrospective correction somewhere in the next Congress?
They can.
Their argument is that it will make everyone feel nervous and hurt the economy.
This is the case with all the arguments.
But if you can make this clear, if you can really draw the line clearly, that way we won't have a real argument next week about what Ben Nelson is going to do in Nebraska, but actually, that's the position of the Democratic Party, and that's the case in the Senate.
I 'd love to see if the American people really know this is what we're voting for, the millionaire bonus, and I want to see Scott Brown in Massachusetts, you know, when he stood before the people again, he defended it.
I want him to explain why he voted to give the millionaire a bonus.
But I think Republicans are bullying Scott Brown.
They keep hearing arguments from Democrats or liberals, and from people who don't stand on the Republican side on specific policy issues.
So they made Scott Brown the one who went out against unanimous consent to unemployment benefits.
Collins: while clamoring for the food safety bill, killing the unemployment compensation bill, while complaining that he was pulled back to Washington to vote on the food safety bill for poisoned food, who cares?
I mean, it's weird.
Very, very strange.
MADDOW: So, I almost feel that every time Republicans are referred to a potential cross-vote on a moderate issue, Republicans are doing everything they can to pull them back.
Is there such a process on the Democratic side?
It is clear that we have seen that as Democratic tents grow larger and larger, there is a great deal of disagreement when they elect the vast majority of these people.
No unity.
There is no side-by-side position on the Democratic side.
Is it possible that this is happening now, and the Republicans really scared them in the last election?
Collins: Frankly, it's easier to do this on the negative side than on the positive side.
What do you mean?
Collins: It's always easier to argue if you're a minority and you're just stopping things --
I mean, everybody knows.
You know, you almost never lose points against something. MADDOW: Right.
Collins: You can always argue that it can be done better or later, or that you need more discussion, or that the procedure is wrong, or something else.
So it's a lot harder to get people together.
Also, in the last election, Democrats went crazy around making them in-
In Democratic legislation.
Collins: In the Clean Air Act.
I mean, Lord! So, it‘s hard.
It's hard for Republicans to get it right now.
MADDOW: simply put, let me ask you about the impact of the Democratic Foundation on this process.
See the movement from the Progressive Change Movement Committee and from MoveOn.
At this point, the left is trying to push President Obama to stick to his campaign promise. Does that help?
Is this helpful for Democratic unity?
Collins: I don't think it's any harm.
The problem is that for Republicans, if they don't do anything, they're scared now --
If they don't always vote against things like tax cuts.
Tea Party people will race against them and hold primary elections for them.
I don't think Democrats are worried right now that they will start on the left.
MADDOW: Well, note that the Tea Party, all but three Republican members voted today to raise taxes on the whole country.
You tell them!
I'm sure they're all watching. (LAUGHTER)
New York Times columnist Gail Collins
You are always so happy.
Thank you for coming.
Collins: It's always great to be here.
MADDOW: So, the quote for today is, "there is no gray area here.
"There is no gray area here.
That's why Admiral Mike Mullen described the repeal of "Don't ask, don't say" at a hearing on Capitol Hill today.
From a very dramatic day of testimony, we heard all the important voices.
We will speak to an active officer who has formed an underground gay group and is currently serving military personnel to ensure their own civil rights.
We don't often have an exclusive show by Rachel Mado, but that's one of them.
Please be sure to stay with us. (
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MADDOW: Only House Republicans can turn the vote for child nutrition into a vote for pedophile.
They can turn a vote on almost anything into a vote on one form or another of sexual assault.
Details are as follows.
Also, on "Debunktion Junction" tonight, I solved a mystery that has plagued me for years!
I finally found an audio file related to politics and I have been searching for it for four years --
As good as I wish.
What is coming up is "Debunktion Junction ". (
Business break)(Start Video)GEN.
Carter Ham of the Joint Study Group
The chairman: After nine months of research, I believe that if the law changes, the American Army can do so even during the war. JEH C.
Co-learning group member Johnson
The President: our basic assessment is that our army can make such a change.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Now that we have completed this review, I strongly urge the Senate to pass this legislation and send it to the President for signature by the end of the year.
Hamm: I came to this conclusion, not just as a colleague.
The Defense Department commented on the chairman, but perhaps more importantly, as commander of the U. S.
The European army.
In this review, I realize every day that I may have to actually lead the change, including in our report.
As an on-the-job commander, I believe that I and the leaders I serve can do this if this law changes. SEN.
Lindsey Graham®South Carolina: Admiral Mullen, what caused a change in your mind?
If you can share a little bit of information with the committee about supporting policy changes.
General Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Well, I mean, basically, Senator Graham, it's a problem, it's a mix of institutions that I 've grown up in my life, it values integrity in many ways, in everything we do, and then we have thousands of men and women willing to die for their country, and we ask them to lie every day. And that—
I mean, I just thought it was wrong fundamentally.
I got it-
I am concerned, Senator Graham, that it will corrupt over time --
This is not one of these things --
The light switch will not turn on, it will be a disaster, but it will corrosion over time. And it is—
Especially in times of war, we are so focused on our combat missions that-
In a way, it undermines our ability to do what we need to do, because people in this regard, because it requires leadership attention, and so on.
Basically, that's why I'm here.
My beliefs and conclusions about where we are. SEN. EVAN BAYH (D)
Indiana: it's likely that American gay people are serving in the Forge Valley.
There are gay Americans in Gettysburg.
They're gay Americans on the beach.
They are gay Americans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan today.
That's probably the case, you said?
I think this is a very reasonable assumption.
BAYH: there may be gay Americans buried at Arlington Cemetery and at the base Beach, where I took my little son with me a few years ago --
You may see one of the most inspiring things, the rows of crosses and the American flag flying in the breeze, those who gave their lives to our country.
May have buried the gay people in the United States, right?
I think this is a reasonable assumption.
BAYH: how do we say to them or their families that we respect their sacrifices and give their lives, but if we know who they are, not only will they not be buried there, they will also be driven out of the armed forces? HAM: Senator—
My response to this, Mr. Chairman, is that, according to our vows, all of us in uniform will take the oath that we support and defend the Constitution of the United States.
That means we have to abide by the law.
So we have to do that.
Gates: this is the second time I 've dealt with this as a leader in public life.
The previous case took place in the CIA in 1992, when, as director, I ordered that the open gay applicant be treated like all other applicants.
Both individuals and individuals meet our competitive standards. SEN. JIM WEBB (D)
Virginia: there are some people in the CIA who perform functions that are very similar to military functions, aren't they?
Yes, sir. some.
Weber: according to your decision in these units, have you heard of any unforeseen circumstances that have occurred in these units? GATES: Not one. SEN. JOE LIEBERMAN (I)
We are at the forefront of the turning point in American history.
We have these in every generation.
This country was not defined by its borders from the beginning, but by our values.
The Declaration of Independence says, you know, God gives us equal rights to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.
Each generation has better fulfilled these rights because they were not realized at the beginning.
In 1776, for women, for people of color, and so on.
A great change that is taking place in our time is that the American people are increasingly willing and understanding you
It's just wrong, no.
Americans discriminate against others based on sexual orientation. SEN. BEN NELSON (D)
The question for me seems to be not whether gay people are allowed to serve in the military, but whether they are allowed to serve openly.
But allowing them to serve, but not openly, undermines the basic values of the military.
Honesty, integrity and trust
When this is destroyed anywhere, it is destroyed anywhere.
It seems like our army will also say that I don't want to lie, but you won't let me tell the truth.
What do we do with this circle?
I think, Senator Nelson, I mean, you 've touched the core.
From my point of view, you have touched on the core issues.
I can't match this circle.
Of course, historically, it has not been possible.
I think so-
Your comment, you know, exists anywhere if it exists.
Throughout my career, including under this law, this is the case with gay services.
I think it fundamentally weakens our identity because we are such an important institution based on integrity.
So, I can't take it. SEN.
Scott Brown®Massachusetts: from this time on, my years in the Army, and from this position I have had the opportunity to visit Walter Reid, you know, when I saw a soldier who lost his legs and lost one arm, I still couldn't forget, lost another arm to do sit-ups, you know, trying to get him in the middle
His torso is strong enough, so he can still have a viable, you know, fulfilling life and seeing many other wounded men and women, you know, who not only gave their lives, their limbs, but their lives.
Unfortunately, I attended many funerals for those soldiers in my hometown.
One of the things I never asked, are they gay or straight?
To be honest, I never thought about it.
I just want to know if they are proud and honored for our country and have given their bodies or lives.
Mullen: The war is not killing change. it requires change.
It will not make change more difficult. it will promote change.
I don't believe in the stress that is currently being shown in the lives of our troops and their families --
Long deployment, suicide and health care
This single policy change has made it insurmountable or more serious.
I also don't believe that just acknowledging the real situation of some of their colleagues, which most of our troops already know, threatens our ability to fight and win wars in this country, on the contrary.
Today's young leaders are more resilient than any of the past three decades.
Under the grinding of the war, United in the hardships and hardships, the men and women of the American armed forces are the best and most capable in history.
I don't know if there is a better chance or a better generation to influence this change.
It is true that I am not in charge of the army as chair, but I have commanded three ships, one carrier battle group and two fleets.
I am also a recent service supervisor myself.
For more than 40 years, I have made decisions that affect and even endanger the lives of young men and women.
You do not have to agree with me on this issue, however, do not think that I have not carefully considered the impact of the advice I have given on those who have to accept the decisions that these suggestions have informed.
If I do not believe that my soul is doing the right thing for our army, for our country, and for our collective honor, I will not recommend the repeal of this law. (END VIDEOTAPE)
MADDOW: today is the first day of a two-day hearing that discusses the policy and practice of abolishing the dismissal of Americans from our army for gay crimes.
Tonight, in an "interview", a gay American officer who is currently in service spoke in his first ever radio interview.
Personally: this is one that I really feel strongly about, the job is relatively small relative to the sum of the jobs that others have, but it is also the responsibility to really do things well.
Please stay tuned. (
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Admiral Mullen is chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-of-staff.
He is the highest ranking officer in the American army. (
Start Video Editing)
General Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffOF-
Staff: I have been working for gay people throughout my career.
I went to war with a destroyer near the coast of Vietnam.
I know they're there.
They know I know this, and almost everyone in the crew knows it.
We have never missed the task and never failed.
Preparations were not affected.
Above all, what makes us a crew member is team work and focus on our combat mission.
Let me make it clear that our standards of conduct will not change.
The dignity, fairness and equality of our people will not change.
The way we treat people who cannot comply with these standards will not change.
The army is elite politics and success is based on what you do, not who you are.
No special class, no favorite group.
We may wear different uniforms, but we are one.
For some, the debate is all about gray areas.
There is no gray area here.
We respect each other, or we find another place to work.
In the long run, the repeal of this law has made our army stronger and we are more prepared.
This will make us more representative of the countries we serve.
It will restore the constitution and restore the energy it now has to spend in pursuing those who violate the policy.
It will better align those organizational values we claim with those we practice.
This is integrity.
Our people have sacrificed a lot for their country, including their lives.
Nor should they sacrifice their integrity.
This is really not-
There is no constitutional right to serve in the armed forces, but the Army serves all the people of this country, no matter who they are or what they believe.
Every one of these people, if they are in good health and capable, should have the opportunity to defend it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: now joining us is an active officer who is currently serving in the US Army.
I will not tell you the department he serves.
I will not tell you his name or we will protect his identity as necessary.
He used a pseudonym J. D. Smith.
He has become a spokesperson for an underground network of active military personnel known as "prominent figures", including lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. J. D.
Thank you, Smith, for your willingness to do this interview tonight.
Thank you for your time. J. D.
Speaker Smith: Thank you very much for inviting me.
MADDOW: why is it worth taking the risk to say this and do the work you do with OutServe?
Smith: I think why this is important to me, because at some point, when you serve in the Army and under this policy, you see some atrocities happening around the world, including myself, blackmailed under this policy.
At some point, you have to see something bigger outside than you, and you have to take these risks to do something like this, to help others and to help create the changes that are needed.
MADDOW: one of the things discussed today, especially Sen.
Lindsay Graham, who stressed at today's hearing that the military's current application of "Don't ask, don't say" is a bit gentle, basically claiming that the day of the witch hunt is over.
You just said you thought you were blackmailed under this policy.
Is the way Lindsay Graham talks about this policy today in line with your own experience and the experience of other OutServe members?
Smith: Absolutely not.
Through our network, we are able to monitor what is happening across the entire army, across the entire army.
What we see in the Army is that the commanders did not do a more moderate and friendly army.
What they are doing sometimes comes up with something more creative, like taking someone away from the unit or punishing them like this.
Again, this is not a problem in terms of the relationship between the younger generation and ground forces.
The problem is with an old leadership.
MADDOW: according to the Ministry of Defense's report on the abolition of "Don't ask, don't say", what is the focus today, and today the emphasis on those who oppose the abolition, in particular, members of combat forces, front-line combat forces, combat weapons groups and Marines are more resistant to the prospect of abolition than the rest of the military.
This is not an era factor.
These will be mainly young armies.
MADDOW: I think there are two things that really matter in the report.
The first thing is that 92% of people know that someone in their unit is gay and they are more satisfied with the people who serve publicly in their unit and agree with it.
The second important thing that was raised at the hearing was that actually the people who served in the battle preferred the openly serving gay people who were not in the battle at the time, this is a very interesting note.
MADDOW: What is the goal of forming an underground secret network of LGBT active duty personnel?
What is the mission of OutServe?
Smith: We were first established in July because we thought the policy would go away.
It looks like it will really disappear next year.
So we want to create a peer-to-peer network to support the gay and lesbian units in active servicerepeal.
Now there are a lot of such organizations in the Defense Department, but this is our initial goalrepeal.
But now we see that we can get a lot of real information about this policy, as well as the actual situation of personnel on the ground.
MADDOW: the Ministry of Defense's report on the abolition of this policy details the measures they have taken to solicit the opinions of gay service personnel, although there are inherent logistical difficulties in trying to determine who can be dismissed for identification.
As an active officer, as a gay, do you think the report is generally correct?
Smith: I think they are basically right.
I think the Pentagon working group has done a great job of taking the time to talk to active duty military personnel about what they think about the policy and how it happened, as well as the gay forces.
They actually talked to soldiers on the ground through RAM surveys and other methods.
So I think the Pentagon team did a great job.
MADDOW: active American militaryS.
Officer using pseudonym J. D.
Smith, the founder of the organization, OutServe, an underground network of LGBT active service members, thank you, sir, for your time and service, and for your trust in joining us tonight.
I really appreciate it.
SMITH: Thank you very much for inviting me. MADDOW: OK.
In the future, some important Noah's Ark News and the most disgusting way to veto legislation in Congress are almost too disgusting to talk about on TV.
Please stay with us. (
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MADDOW: some real, breaking news from the scene.
After the House voted today to extend the annual revenue tax cut to $250,000, but did not approve an income tax cut that exceeded that amount, democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has just announced the news about what's next. Check it out. (
Start Video Editing)SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV)
Senate Majority Leader: So we will vote on our priorities on Saturday.
Our priorities are very, very simple and direct.
First, we want to let the American people know that we believe that tax cuts should be extended for those who earn less than $250,000 a year.
To ensure that the American people understand that we do not support tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, we will vote for a second time on this. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: the latest news is that Harry Reid has just announced that it is expected to vote on Bush's tax cut extension on Saturday and the weekend. Sen, last night.
In the show, Debbie stubano of Michigan said that the vast majority of the Democratic caucus felt very strongly that tax cuts were for the middle class, but for those earning more than $250,000, it is now the appropriate course of action.
Progressives have been clamoring for Democrats in Congress to use their influence and are now calling for Republicans to bluff on tax policy.
We have had a successful vote in the House on this measure, and we have seen what is happening today.
Obviously, on Saturday, we're going to see the Senate --
Democrats attack.
We will be back soon. (
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What is my function?
I like this part of the show.
Is it true or not?
On the roof of Tehran airport, at the airport in the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is a Star of David on the roof of the airport, especially the headquarters of Iranian national airline Iranian airlines Tehran airport.
There is a Jewish star on the roof of the building, David's star.
Jewish star on the roof of Tehran airport.
Is this true or not?
Obviously true.
On the Google Earth satellite image of Iranian aviation headquarters at Mehrabad International Airport, you can clearly see that there is a David star on the roof. Now, Al-
Arabia published an article this week claiming it is true.
To be frank, we don't believe it at first sight.
But to be sure, go to Google Earth satellite images, where eight days and eight nights are clear.
It was not noticed until recently.
How did it get there?
Well, the rumor in the Middle East media is that this is due to the construction of airports by Israeli engineers during the pre-Islamic revolution of the Iranian king. Is that true?
We have been trying to verify.
Frankly, we have made no progress and we are very skeptical.
But even if we don't know why it is there, we do think it is there.
Of course, it is reported that the Iranian government is now angry about this, which is its own reward.
Happy festival of light
In fact, there is a David star on the roof of Tehran's Iranian air headquarters.
At least, even if we don't know why it's there, we're pretty sure there's one there.
Is the next one true or false?
This is the voice of California Republican Congressman Darrell Isa. (
Start audio clips)REP. DARRELL ISSA (R-CA)
: Protected by the VIP snake. Stand back. (END AUDIO CLIP)
This is the voice of member Isa.
Is this true or not? True.
Darrell Isa is careful.
As an image of self-cultivation
Being a businessman actually acquired a company of his early days by winning the lawsuit.
Later, he founded another company in 80 years, called Directed Electronics, Inc.
Like in Darrell Edward Isa. Get it?
God is the car anti-theft of poisonous snakes.
As you can see here, they are also responsible for the worst car alarm TV ad ever.
Yes, Darrell Isa himself made the sound of a car alarm. (
Start Video Editing)
I did hear you somewhere.
Isa: protected by the VIP snake, stand back.
The rumor is still common, but yes.
Unidentified Woman: So will you make a voice for us now? ISSA: No.
Woman: Please. Please. ISSA: Sure.
Protected by the VIP snakeStand back. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: I 've really waited a lot of years to get the alarm sound of the Vipers snake car. (
Start audio clips)
Isa: protected by the VIP snake, stand back. (END AUDIO CLIP)
I have been looking for this for years.
The worst bell ever, right? (
Business break)
MADDOW: you may have heard of this week's report that Governor of Kentucky, Democrat Steve behill, has decided to give huge state tax breaks to a creation theme park in his state, the theme park is designed to portray life-
The Bible story of the Earth was created in six days, with a huge Noah's Ark. Gov.
Beshear has made this decision.
Now, as a public figure, as a state official, he has to ask questions about it. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified man: will there be dinosaurs on the ark? (END VIDEO CLIP)MADDOW: OK.
Imagine you're the governor of the United States. S. state.
You have decided that behind a huge Bible, the state will move forward at a secular rate.
The theme park is designed to convince people that evolution is not real. The Earth has a history of 7,000 years. dinosaurs and humans are together.
Exist on Earth at the same time.
We just haven't found it yet. Rex's saddle is not there yet.
You decided to get the government in your state to support it.
Governor, how do you deal with the inevitable question, about two-on-two humans arguing about dinosaurs, about a huge state --supported boat? What do you do? (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified man: will there be dinosaurs on the ark? GOV. STEVE BESHEAR (D-KY)
This may be a problem for them.
M: Well, you know where the answer is in the Genesis, you may be able to answer it yourself.
Unidentified male: according to the Bible, we will have the right animals on the Ark
Unidentified male: can you get the microphone when you talk?
Man: of course.
I am sure there will be Representative animals on our ark, including dinosaurs. (END VIDEO CLIP)
You see, the governor said to the guy at the Bible theme park, "Yes, of course, we will describe humanity --
The dinosaurs quarreled on a two-by-two ship because that's how it happened.
Governor, the next question is termite. the termites.
Thousands of termite species have lived on the Ark for a year, where do they live? (
Business break)
MADDOW: If you want to kill a proposed policy in Washington, one of the trickiest ways is to take poison pills.
As a metaphor, poison pills are relatively simple.
You simply force something into a politically toxic bill that will kill the whole thing or at least kill what you're trying to do.
But if you're the minority in the House this year
Yes, it still means Republicans.
Then you have a new understanding of poison. pill tactic.
Poison, you have gone a long way.
Republican lawmakers this year have offered poison pills or poison perve (ph)
Depending on what you think, pills or the most cynical poison in the world.
They keep coming up with ways to add the word "pedophile" or "Viagra" or "rapists" to bills that have nothing to do with these things at all.
They add these things to the bill so it looks like Democrats will vote for pedophile, Viagra or rapists, and in fact they will vote for a better school lunch. Classy, right? Exhibit A -health reform.
Republicans introduced 147 amendments last spring to undermine the final bill, which Democrats will have to veto one after another to get a final vote for health care reform.
Of these 147 amendments, one is a real poison pill, an amendment prohibiting the use of erectile dysfunction drugs for molested children, and one that is not related to health care or health care reform, but everything has to do with politics.
Democrats voted to veto the amendment so they could make health care changes.
So, it's time for the campaign.
Hello, Sharon corner campaign. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified woman: Reid actually voted to pay Viagra for convicted child molesting and sex offenders with taxpayer money.
What else do you need to know? (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: It's been a year since pervy poison pill.
In May, House Republicans in a so-called cash-for-caulkers bill.
You may still remember that the purpose of that one is to give a weather forecast to the family so that the people inside will be more comfortable and energy-efficient.
In addition, workers who use the sewing machine also get some cash, which means stimulating the economy.
Do you remember jobs?
But then the Republicans developed a poison specifically for this embarrassment --named bill.
They added to the legislation a "no cash for caulkers" clause for molesting children.
So if you cashfor-
You're voting for harassment.
In fact, you're not, but if you squinted, you might convince someone at a very low rate.
Maybe that's what you said. Maybe.
This year Republicans have also added a pervy poison pill to a bill called the American competition Act, which is legislation to fund scientific and technological research, in other words, the bill is for very good work, work, work.
When Republicans dealt with the issue, the vote on the US competition bill became a vote dedicated to paying federal workers, federal workers are subject to formal disciplinary action for viewing, downloading or exchanging pornography, including child pornography that is broadcast on federal computers or when performing government duties.
Democratic Congressman Barton Gordon conducted his own fair opinion poll on the issue in the house. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: Everyone holds your hand up for porn?
Come on, raise your hand. Nobody?
No one likes porn?
Oh, I was shocked.
Well, I think we need this little clause, which doesn't make any sense to the whole bill.
This is an embarrassment.
You should be embarrassed if you vote for this. (END VIDEO CLIP)
You see, a minute ago you thought you were voting for technical work, and the next minute you said yes or no to fire the adult site in your government show, in particular, pay federal workers for those who do so and are caught and arrested.
Republicans tried to stop healthy hunger this weekFree Kids Act.
This is a bill designed to help feed more children in school, make these meals cheaper for families and make meals more nutritious.
It has the support of First Lady Michelle Obama.
The bill is about children.
What happened to a poison pill amendment later? Sex offenders.
Democrat, you're voting for school lunch.
But now Republicans are trying to make the school lunch vote a vote for pedophile.
Senator Jon Klein from Minnesota, the top Republican on the House Education and Labor Committee, has proposed an amendment to try to vote for the bill and vote for funding sexual offenders in the employment background investigation.
He quoted in a statement protesting against the School Lunch Act, "I put forward a modest, totally No.
Improve the controversial amendments to the bill by protecting community children.
Yeah, you know what?
The school is about school lunch, man.
We want to thank you for your strange and creepysequitur.
Honorable Member Klein
The only glimmer of hope in this completely disgusting cloud is that it doesn't work this time.
House Democrats decide
The Klein amendment will be voted on separately.
Passed the School Lunch Act today but he was unable to attach his reptilefest to it.
No bill for Klein's crawling.
Fest is now on his way to President Obama.
Come here for salad, kids from America.
Remember, you almost have a super
Thanks to House Republicans, it was replaced by disgusting poison.
That's what it is for us tonight.
Now, it's time to "last word" with Lawrence O'Donnell.
Good evening, Lawrence.
This is a report card in a hurry.
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