the revolutionary window that could wipe out nuisance noise - good car alarms

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-02
the revolutionary window that could wipe out nuisance noise  -  good car alarms
Whether it's noisy neighbors, faulty car alarms or roaring jets, a good night's sleep is often destroyed.
But with the invention of soundproof windows, relief is on the road.
It is better than double or even triple glazing, using postagestamp-
A patch of ceramic size to sense incoming sound
Then block it.
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Tests have shown that this design is particularly effective in flooding aircraft, heavy traffic, road drills and dull, dull sounds from lawn mowers.
The idea of a German mechanical engineer is that it could go public in four years and mass production reduces the average price
The size of the pane is less than 70.
Tests show that it works best in shielding sound from 90 to 100 decibels
The equivalent of a passing train or a lawn mower nearby.
Double and triple glazing is less effective in stopping this dull sound.
But in laboratory testing, this particular glass reduces the noise by half and theoretically prevents the noise completely.
When hitting a window, noise usually enters the building by causing the window to rattle.
The new glass produces a second set of vibrations, canceling the first set of vibrations.
The ceramic patch can sense sound waves and transmit information to a microcomputer through a series of wires.
It calculates vibration and sends back a signal that causes the patch to vibrate at exactly the right frequency, making the window click in the opposite direction.
If the calculation is correct, the two sets of vibrations should be offset against each other.
Dr Thilo Bein, a researcher, said: "The windows are like speakers and films.
If you control the vibration of the window, you can control the transmitted noise so that it does not work like a film or speaker. " The noise-
The sensor patch that is currently in use is opaque, so it has been embedded in the window frame.
However, researchers from the fraunhove Institute of Structural Durability and system reliability
West Germany is confident in developing the economy
With the same effective patch.
This technology can be applied to windows and windscreens in a timely manner.
Even at high speeds, occupants are allowed to speak without raising their voices.
Critics warn, however, that faults can be difficult to fix and expensive.
They also questioned how quickly the technology reacted to rapidly changing noise levels, such as noise near the airport.
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