'The silent theft' - Security expert shows just how easy it is to break into popular van - good car alarms

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-02
\'The silent theft\' - Security expert shows just how easy it is to break into popular van  -  good car alarms
A security expert revealed how easy it is to break into a popular van with a screwdriver.
Dave Robinson, who installed the car alarm, claimed that he was overwhelmed by calls from merchants who saw their vehicle stolen and the tools stolen.
Mr. Robinson claimed that last week alone he had received calls from as many as 10 Ford transit trucks in Dublin.
Now, he has released the video, warning others of the dangers.
"They call it silent theft," he told The Independent . ". ie.
"They came over with a screwdriver and clicked on the lock twice to open it.
"They were right behind before you knew it, and they had time to pick the tools they wanted because no alarm sounded.
"Dublin businessman Padraig Tyrell said his 151 Ford transport van was broken into outside the B & Q store in the leffey Valley on Monday, May 1.
"It seems to be an epidemic," he said . ".
"I stayed at B & Q in Liffey Valley for 20 minutes and came back to find that the lock on the door was pried open.
"This is Ford's new traffic habit.
It's terrible how fast it can be.
Mr. Tyrell thinks the thief used Ford's scooter.
A device that can be used to break the lock.
"After I was robbed, I saw these things online for 35 euros.
He continued: "I had a cordless electric drill, cordless grinder and cash in the van, all of which were taken away.
I naively thought it was hard to break in because I had a 151 van.
It seems that the driver's door lock is easily broken with this tool.
Mr Robinson said the van owners could buy an extra lock for the doors, a separate box to store their tools, or they could install an alarm.
"I really believe the alarm is the key.
These people are looking for silent vans so they can break in and get things without causing any fuss. "I know it sounds bad, but these people, if they see an alarm clock on your van, I'll go to the next one around the corner.
Robinson says this is not the only way criminals can break into a van.
He shared some pictures showing the consequences of other breaksin attempts.
A spokesman for Ford said: "Ford attaches great importance to vehicle safety and we have invested a lot of money in vehicles to prevent theft.
Our team of Safety Engineers and crime prevention experts regularly monitor and investigate new ways for thieves to target our vehicles to maintain our high level of deterrence.
"We are constantly learning more about the latest technology of thieves using vehicles, and in the face of constant criminal activities, can we make additional improvements on our vehicles to beat them.
"At our uk r & D center in Essex, vehicle safety engineers and former
Police crime experts develop future innovations that cut off the technology that criminals are developing.
They worked secretly with the police to receive information about theft and vehicle loss through insurance data to continuously improve our response. "Online Editors
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