the solution to gun violence is clear - gps car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-28
the solution to gun violence is clear  -  gps car alarm system
President Obama announced Wednesday that he will submit proposals to Congress to reduce gun violence in the United States, referring to some sensible guns
Control measures.
But he also paid tribute to Washington's traditional wisdom about the diverse causes of the disaster --
From mental health issues to school safety.
His spokesman, Jay Carney, said earlier that it was a "complex problem requiring complex solutions ".
Gun control is far from the only answer, Carney added.
In fact, the problem is not complicated and the solution is obvious.
Read the full Washington Post column here, and I think Farid is correct in addition to his comments on helping people who are mentally upset.
Health insurance companies limit payments to the worst.
We have thousands of very troublesome people who have not received attention.
Many people are eventually locked up in prisons that do not belong to them.
Thousands of people are homeless.
Most families do not have the money to pay for treatment for troubled family members.
Even if offensive weapons are banned, the country will still be flooded with them in the coming decades, and those who want to have them will get them.
Our main problem is mental health.
Too many of us are real James.
Yes, we all live in a sick society today and we have to adapt to it!
Well, they must be some past shame on the current violent response.
Some might say, why is this crime happening?
Why did the Gunners choose this location?
Historically, more than 99% of contemporary Americans are slaves from Eastern Europe/southern Europe. . .
By Britain.
Every nation has its own secret. seems agendas.
Some of them are just confused about the people they are going to retaliate against.
The only people who stand up for revenge
Legally speaking, Jews opposed the Nazis.
International law has been ratified for some time.
So, what is the relationship between mental illness and intentional crime?
Gun control does not stop crime, but it will make it more serious and people will find other secret methods, which may be difficult for law enforcement officers. Such as, bio-
Remember, it's not an easy thing to catch/stop the drug from setting.
It's also difficult to stop black people --Market Weapons.
So, what is the agreement to create peace among American citizens?
The answer is simple, though it affects those who pursue Britain. 1)
Everyone who lives in the United States and wants to enter the territory of the United States must be a Christian.
The Bible says, "Love your enemy. . . ",2)
Negative things must be repeated in the pastsetted.
Those who exercise it will be punished by the law
If you don't like the one mentioned above, don't spoil the Americans and let the new law deal with you.
If they ask for Christianity, I will begin to slaughter fools.
Faith in false gods is one of the factors that kill our society.
Both Christian Muslims and Jews are cult members with weak ideas, brainwashed and instilled in a way of life that goes against the natural order.
None of the cilivan should have an attack weapon and should join the army of young and old people if they want to shoot.
Anyone who has one or more should be punished for lethal injections.
Weapons are used on civilians. . . . .
Another incompetent and biased analysis based on the hand of Zakari
Select statistics for deliberate deception.
I can easily provide a sample of the statistics to prove that your statement on the Washington Post is wrong.
Switzerland: 0.
7 murders occur per 100,000 people; 45.
7 guns per 100 people. Norway: 0.
6 murders occur per 100,000 people; 31.
3 guns per 100 people.
The problem here is not guns, but culture.
The main problem in the US is the urban drug and gang wars, which are a big part of our murder rate.
Although gun ownership was the highest in the world at the age of 88, it was 2 at 100 K.
8 guns per 100 people;
Most of these guns are held by law-abiding citizens in rural areas, where murder rates are dwarfed by violence in big cities.
At present, most of the drug war murders come from violent cartels and gang struggles in Mexico and Central Aerica.
Mexico, for example, manages 16.
There are 9 murders per 100,000 people, although it is a trivial matter to have 15 guns per 100 people.
With this sentence, can you really prove that confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens reduces violent deaths?
The president is right. The problem is complicated: you don't know why.
Educate yourself!
Gun control is a measure, but protecting schools is another measure-if your defense system-the door barricades cannot prevent bullets, then there is no need to have them at all.
In addition to gun control, what you need is: an effective alarm system locking technology to protect those who are inside from emergencies. On-site security officers were trained in the use of weapons and were directed to tactics in the absence of a warning-
But protect your school like you protect military facilities.
Which is more important?
Which is more precious?
Is your child Fort Knox?
Not just school! !
What about other places? ? ?
Of course, there are shopping centers, cinemas and so on.
Short term: reduce the number of assualt rifles and increase the number of good people with guns.
Post a warning on the fence: This place is protected by an alarm system and trained by armed officers authorized to use lethal force.
In the short term-you have to be locked like the military, which is too bad.
Long term-how about tracking equipment on guns like dangerous criminals?
In fact, what you lack in America today is courage.
But on the other hand, does it take courage to change your political views?
Many supporters of the Second Amendment have denied calls for greater control and believe that the issue is not so much a gun control issue as a mental health issue.
However, the problem cannot be solved by locking those mental patients up.
It is feasible to limit gun ownership.
Although the situation of guns is complicated, I often wonder why the United StatesS.
Just as we treat the use and ownership of motor vehicles, the use and ownership of firearms are not treated at all.
Both can be used for fatal purposes. 1;
If you buy a gun, why not register in the country like we do with a motor vehicle. 2;
If you want to use a gun why users shouldn't get a user license from the state after the demo, proving that a person has at least a basic ability to use a gun correctly-just like when we get a driver's license. 3;
As a condition for possession of a firearm, why can't a user prove that he has an appropriate liability insurance policy (
Or replace insurance with a national fund)
-Like we need cars. 4;
Why should not appropriate penalties be used to strengthen laws related to the abuse of firearms-like laws related to hit-and-run, driving under influence, etc.
Just like those that exist now for improper and/or dangerous use of motor vehicles. 5;
Why law enforcement agencies should not be authorized to vigorously prosecute gun crimes like local police driving gun crimes.
Why is this method not working?
Dealing with such a system by the state may partially meet the requirements of gun rights advocates and will approximate the existing motor vehicle process and allow appropriate state changes.
After all, Montana and Wyoming are very different from highly urbanised states like California and New York.
Moreover, without unusual justifiable reasons, no one will be deprived of the right to own and use a firearm, in the hope that this is in compliance with the "reasonable requirements" clause of the Supreme Court's Haile ruling. Assault-
Type weapons are a category of their own and should probably be completely banned, just as certain types of motor vehicles are prohibited on public roads.
It's not easy to implement what I 've described, it takes a year or two to produce real results.
However, I suspect that such a regime will help contain the kind of serious violence that we have seen in the past few years.
We don't need to implement some long term from somewhere-
The term change of our social type in the United StatesS. ?
These are all interesting (
Can be very useful)
Current "gun-control" laws.
However, criminals do not comply with the law.
Chicago and New York have some of the strictest gun laws in the United States. S.
But the incidence of gun violence is not low compared to other big cities.
The gunman Adam Lanza did not have any guns and he stole them from his mother, who was also his first victim.
Further "easing" weapons are rarely used in most crimes, so why are they always the first to be subject to a ban review?
With more people dying from accidents every year, you can easily put forward reasons for banning motor vehicles, but we don't do so because we know that death is not the fault of an inanimate object.
We all have the responsibility to live in a free society!
Remember when the standard of yelling when I grew up because I was out of order?
Are you really acting because of the feeling of right or wrong? Or, to be honest, do we learn to behave because we are afraid of that ass.
Let everyone be honest and realize that as a society, we don't have enough attention to raise our children, not just to be their friends, but to spend time every day inspiring them in society.
I 've been spying on my kids.
When I feel that I have done my job and believe that they can behave and become productive members of society, they can have 100% independence.
If one of my children does what these cruel cowards have done or tried, I will fail.
I still think the parents of the Columbine school shooting should go to jail.
When their children built pipe bombs in the garage, they were clearly not parents.
Maybe it will send a message and block some non-parenting.
Perhaps the bottom-level journalists blame everything on protecting their guns and should report some parenting statistics 25 years ago.
This may be inspiring.
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