timeline of events in vw pollution cheating scandal - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-07
timeline of events in vw pollution cheating scandal  -  car alarms for sale
Frankfurt (AFP)-
The German auto giant Volkswagen is in the midst of its biggest scandal in history after news that the company has installed software for millions of diesel cars designed to cheat pollution tests.
This is the timeline for key events in the scandal that broke out 10 days ago.
2007: suspicious software is first installed according to quality
On 2007, the daily Bild issued by Bosch, the auto parts supplier, provided suspicious software to the public, "purely for internal testing.
"Although Bosch has warned that it is illegal to install the technology on cars intended to be sold to the public, the automaker has begun to install the technology on its vehicles.
Also in 2007, Martin Wendell was appointed chief executive of the public.
2011: Volkswagen employee Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung sounded the alarm that the software could "violate" legislation, but that did not prevent automakers from continuing to install, according to the Frankfurt newspaper on Sunday.
2014: Researchers at the University of West Virginia test vehicle researchers were commissioned by the International Clean Transport Commission to conduct road tests on mass vehicles.
The survey results show that the nitrogen oxides emitted by these cars are 40 times as much as the law allows.
The researchers informed the US authorities, which in turn asked the public to respond.
Car manufacturers believe that the abnormality between testing and road performance is caused by "different technical problems" and unexpected conditions of use.
As of the end of 2014, Volkswagen had recalled several models for "software updates" and informed the authorities that the problem had been remedied.
May 2015: The US authorities, including the California Air Resources Commission, conducted a series of new tests and the results remain unsatisfactory.
CARB informs the public and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Subsequently, a series of "technical meetings" were held by automakers and authorities ".
July 2015: In response to a question from the Greens, the German government said it was aware of the existence of technologies that could distort the results of emissions tests, but the company said, there is currently no information about whether these devices are actually in use.
September 3: Volkswagen admitted to CARB and EPA that it had deliberately installed the software on the car but was unable to provide any convincing answers.
September 18: when the public presents its new "ecology", the authorities will make it public.
At the Academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics Motor Show in Frankfurt, CARB and EPA's friendly "models made public their allegations that the masses had installed clean-
Software for air spoofing devices to escape US restrictions on nitrogen oxides and other contaminants.
According to US authorities, about 482,000 cars in the United States are equipped with so-
The software, known as the "failed device", turns off pollution control secretly when the car is driving, and turns on when it detects that the vehicle is undergoing an emission test.
September 20: Winterkorn 'sorry' vw issued a statement late on Sunday, and Winterkorn, 68, said he felt "undermining the trust of our customers and the public"
He vowed that the public will "fully cooperate" with the authorities and "will do everything possible to re-cooperate"
Build trust ".
September 21: when the market opened, sinksVW shares fell into chaos, plunged 17% and led to an increase of about 15 billion euros.
The German government ordered the vehicle to be tested "specifically and extensively" immediately.
South Korea followed suit by announcing emissions tests for three different Volkswagen models in the middle of the yearOctober.
September 22: 11 million Volkswagen shares fell further by 20% and dragged down other car stocks.
The carmaker acknowledged that 11 million cars were equipped with cheating software worldwide, and Wenden expressed "deepest apologies" for the fact ".
September 23: wintercohen resigned to accept the responsibility of the CEO, but insisted that he personally "did not know of any misconduct ".
"The German prosecutor initiated a preliminary investigation after receiving some personal legal complaints against the public.
Fitch, a rating agency, has threatened to downgrade the carmaker's credit rating.
September 24: The EU urges Volkswagen to continue to bear the pressure as the EU urges its 28 member states to investigate whether vehicles comply with European pollution rules.
Private law firms are also competing with the German firm, which has filed a class action lawsuit.
September 25: Matthias Miller, new CEO of US banVolkswagenyear-
The old head of Volkswagen luxury sports car brand Porsche, as the successor of wentcohen.
The new boss promised to do everything he could to expose the matter.
In the United States, authorities banned the sale of Volkswagen diesel cars by 2016, while Switzerland suspended the sale of new Volkswagen models.
September 28: criminal prosecutor criminal investigation of former German prosecutor
CEO Wendy Cohen said the investigation would focus on allegations of fraud by selling vehicles with manipulating emissions.
"The purpose of the investigation is to clarify the chain of responsibility," the prosecutor said . ".
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