tips to prevent car break-ins - top car alarm systems

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-03
tips to prevent car break-ins  -  top car alarm systems
(AOL Autos)--Each year, $1.
255 billion personal items and accessories were stolen vehicles in about one year.
85 million cases of theft
Experts estimate that there are several times of theft
Break in the door-ins.
With these common sense habits and precautions, you can greatly reduce the likelihood that your vehicle will become a target.
Lock your door when this suggestion should not be allowed
According to some law enforcement agencies, the theft of vehicles for up to one quarter came from unlocked cars.
Even if you run into the store to drink Coke, it's too long for anything in your car to open.
Simply locking the door will stop those who may just be waiting for a simple goal.
Keep it neat and tidy almost any worthless personal item visible from the outside-
Even an empty shopping bag. -
Can be regarded as a carrier of valuables or valuables.
If you have a van or SUV, it will show up your cargo area and consider buying a cover.
Most of these vehicles can be fitted with cheap retractable covers to help the shopping bags or other items be invisible.
Hide all the evidence and leave no bait for the thief;
Put your electronics and accessories in an invisible place
Or better yet, bring it with you.
The voucher alone is enough to stir up the interest of the thief, so also hide it, including the power plug, telltale iPod adapter or nav-
System windshield suction-
Cup holder and even put the lighter back in place.
AOL Autos: Save money with these spring cleaning tips before--not after --
The habit of your parking is to put your shopping bag in the trunk when you get back to the car, not after parking at the next place.
According to the National Bureau of Insurance crime (NICB)
Spokesman Frank Scafidi said thieves sometimes wander around busy parking lots looking for hidden valuables.
Don't show them what you have.
AOL Autos: The car is most likely to give you a ticket to completely close the windows and skylight. No, it's not just because the thief may go through the gap and open your lock with a hanger.
Opening the window will disable the pressure sensor in some car alarms, making it easier to damage the vehicle
The thief may be given more time before the alarm rings.
AOL Autos: If you do not have an alarm system, it is most unlikely that the car will buy you a ticket. Get an alarm.
Noise alone is enough to scare away an inexperienced thief and prevent damagein. Factory-
The option alarm system is usually the best, but the careful installation and calibration of the correct after-sales system can provide as much security as possible.
Be careful, a lot less.
Expensive new cars have remote access but no real alerts.
Sticking to the original audio system, theft of car audio parts is decreasing, but having an after-sales system will still make the car more attractive to thieves who want to break in.
Without the factory sound in the black market, they have become better probes in recent years.
AOL Autos: the best car technology today can park in a busy well
Bright areas, avoid hiding from larger vehicles, fences, or leaves.
In addition to the most shameless thieves, the more likely someone sees a crime going on, the less likely a potential thief will be to try it.
In order to steal the vehicle itself, a large part of the vehicle is broken in, so a combination of several visible, simple, inexpensive physical theft deterrence devices such as wheel locks (The Club)
, Steering column ring or brake pedal lock may prevent
A thief who enters and tries from a broken door.
AOL Autos: the strategy recommended by NICB is to look at the best 2009 cars for your defense layer;
Layers include warning equipment such as alarms, wheel etching, or decals; immobilizers;
Even tracking the system (LoJack is one).
Loretta Worters, vice president of the Institute of insurance information, agreed: "They are not foolproof, but they can really reduce opportunities if they use them at the same time . ".
Source: National Bureau of Insurance crimes, Institute of insurance information, Progressive and AAA.
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