today is your day! yeah, i said it! - best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-20
today is your day! yeah, i said it!  -  best car alarm
Warriors, today, due to some small details, I forgot why I was here and doing what I was doing ---
The dispute with PayPal, a particularly bad refund request, the car alarm sounded. . .
There are small beans in the big pot of life.
I was so caught in a negative mood that I completely forgot the 3 emails I received last week, thanks to my product and the information in it.
I forgot that my instructor student called me and said that she would not give up because she saw that taking action did produce results.
I forgot the constant reply on twitter & DM thanks for my help and answer questions.
I forgot the excitement on my face when my best friend finally saw me after 5 years of phone calls, emails, letters, parcels and video messages.
When I shared with him our company, the business we run together, I forgot his smile ---
Including its CEO (moi! )
On a regional radio show this month
There are 4,000 people listening to me about niche market research! )
I forgot how proud my father was when I came home, even if he hadn't seen me for two years.
I forgot about my friends, my family, business partners, Twitter baby, special people and all the people. . .
On little beans.
I need to look at the pot as a whole because there are delicious things to cook here!
I wrote this article in "spiritual warrior" because it is really the battlefield of the mind, as soldiers, we adapt as much as possible, we will be attracted by "little beans, forget all the good things outside of our day.
I'm a night owl. . .
Today is not over for me.
But even though so many things seem unclear and strange from this point of view, I have to smile: today is really my day.
Our days are designed for our happiness, our enjoyment, our peace with the world around us, and built to express our happiness to everyone we meet. . .
Why throw it on the little beans?
As warriors, our job is bigger, it is the job of motivation and motivation. -
Look at your own world.
How many people will give up their right leg to do what you do and to know what you know?
Jealousy and jealousy are powerful magnets, but the most powerful attraction comes from the twin titans of real power ---
Sincere service.
Combine the two twins and you never have to worry about where the next meal will come from.
So let's start and end our day with gratitude-
I will plant the seeds and expect you and I to be together on the other side of the battlefield, happy in our good days: this is one, one, serving each and every one of you here today.
Thank you for all your support and encouragement to me and guide me in the right direction.
Yes, today is your day, make good use of it!
Work hard, play hard, love easy Warriors!
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