top 10 items most likely to be stolen from your car… and some of the bizarre pieces thieves have nabbed - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-11
top 10 items most likely to be stolen from your car… and some of the bizarre pieces thieves have nabbed  -  new car alarm system
VEHICLE break-
Ins affects one of nearly five UK drivers every year, so being vigilant about our car safety is more important than ever.
Of the 2016 incidents alone, 831,000 were
It is reported that related crimes have occurred in Britain.
Shocking figures encourage car rental companies in the UK to investigate the most common items during a thief robbery.
It is no surprise that the car radio was the most common stolen item, and 31 victims allegedly took one.
However, it is shocking that the second most popular item for car robbers is a shopping bag.
A few months ago, the car was broken into shopping bags-
Four more than the stolen satellite.
Mobile phones are ranked fourth in the list, while clothes, shoes and sunglasses are ranked lower.
Crims did not limit itself to the car either.
Three of the last four most common items were taken from the outside of the vehicle, and model badges, wheels and number plates were also frequently engraved.
One of Sheffield's victims, Lucy lockter, tells the story that when her car was broken in, the thief stole only half of it.
Did the job and stole only one coach instead of the full pair.
"It's really confusing why they only took one," loc said.
"As a pair, they will sell at decent prices as they are professional Decathlon coaches.
I can only assume that they were interrupted during the break. in.
"But of the more than 800,000 burglary cases, a coach is not the weirdest project.
Cruxks also took the Simpsons air freshener, candy, a box of beer and a snooker club.
There are very few things that thieves will not claim for themselves, with personal razors, umbrellas and de-
Icer and ink cartridges are also one of the more obscure loot.
Jonathan Nolan, general manager of Carline UK, suggested that drivers be more aware of the possibility of theft and that if their vehicle does not have an alarm system yet, they will consider installing an alarm system.
"Research shows that the car was stolen more than just radio and satellite navigation," Nolan said . ".
"For a thief who has found an opportunity, an item that you may not think might be very desirable to leave to show a risk, so it is better to be cautious, leave the minimum display in your car.
"As thieves adjust their skills to compete with new car technology, it is clear that owners need to be more vigilant and careful about their belongings than ever before.
"It's best to make sure your vehicle is equipped with the latest security features, including alarms and anti-theft devices, to make it harder for criminals to target your vehicle.
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