top rated new vehicles for seniors - auto window closer for car

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-20
top rated new vehicles for seniors  -  auto window closer for car
Dear savvy elderly, can you recommend any reliable resources to provide the best vehicle for older drivers?
My wife and I are both in their 70 s and want to buy a new car, but it may take some help to choose an age friendly car.
What can you tell us? --
Dear shopper, while there are many websites that offer new car ratings for old drivers, one of the most trusted websites is Edmunds. com, a top-
Rated online resources for automotive research information.
2014, they have developed a list of "Top ten cars for the elderly" according to the user
Friendly features that help compensate for many physical changes-
Like decreased vision, arthritis and loss of range of exercise
With age.
But before we get into the list, here's a list of different features that are available on many new cars today and how they can help people of different ages
Related physical problems
So, depending on the annoyance of you or your wife, what is there to look for here.
Knee, hip or leg problems: there are six to look for comfort, fit better, and get in and out easier
Adjustable electric seats and seats that move the seat forward and backward, up and down-
Forward and backward.
You can also find low thresholds and seat heights that you can enter without much bending or climbing.
Leather or faux leather seats are also easier to get in and out than cloth seats.
Limited upper body motion range: if it is difficult for you to lift up or fit into traffic from your shoulders, look for vehicles with large rear windows for better visibility, wide-
Corner mirror that can minimize blind spots, back
Camera, active parallel park assist and blind
Spot warning system that reminds you of the object of the way.
In addition, for comfort and fit, consider vehicles with reclining and telescopic steering wheels, adjustable seat belts and waist support heated seats.
Arthritis hand: in order to help solve the problem of difficult and painful grip and turning, the functions that can be helped include keyless entry and push
Button ignition, thicker steering wheels, mirrors and seats, and larger dash controls.
In suv and crossover models, closer to the automatic tailgate may be a real reward.
Visual weakening: looking for vehicles with larger dashboard and dashboard controls makes it easier to see compared to text.
Those who are sensitive to glare will benefit from an expandable sun visor, automatically
Dimming mirrors and reducing side mirror glare.
Short and/or overweight: looking for six
Adjustable seat, adjustable foot pedal and tilt-and-
Telescopic steering wheel.
The 2014 Best vehicles here are the Edmunds list of the 2014 top 10 vehicles listed in alphabetical order.
Each provides features designed to support drivers that respond to the above conditions.
Their options include sedans and SUVs, from top to topof-the-
Luxury car models for those who are more affordable.
Audi A8 sedan, Ford Taurus sedan, Honda Accord sedan, Hyundai Sonata sedan, Lexus ES 350 sedan, Mazda CX-9 SUV, Mercedes-Benz-Benz E-
Toyota Avalon and Volkswagen Passat.
For more information about these options, visit Edmunds.
Com 2014 top 10 elderly car list.
AAA resources another excellent resource that can help you choose the vehicle that meets your needs is the online tool of the American Automobile Association, called "smart features for older drivers ".
"Driving in old age. aaa.
Com/smartfeatures you can enter the area where you have a problem-
Such as knee problems, hand arthritis, or stiffness in the upper body
The tool will identify brands and models with features that best meet your needs.
Although this tool looks at the model
The vehicle in 2013, in many cases, displayed the function of 2014 models.
Send your advanced question to: savvy advanced P. O.
5443 cases, Norman, OK 73070, or visit SavvySenior. org.
Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today Show and author of the savvy old man.
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