toronto cyclist recovers stolen bike in kijiji 'sting,' wants police to be proactive - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-07
toronto cyclist recovers stolen bike in kijiji \'sting,\' wants police to be proactive  -  car alarms for sale
A Toronto Cyclist wants police to take the couple back in a "sting" operation at Scarborough TTC station after his girlfriend's amateur detective has stolen his bike more
Omer Lifshitz has had a bike stolen this summer, and his approximately $1,200 road bike was taken from the porch earlier this month.
"It's not the most expensive bike in the world, but it's my child," said Lifshitz . ".
"There is a lot of pressure;
It was a week before I went to Ottawa to be a health care worker.
His first call was to call the police.
Lifshitz said the officer told him that he would ask the seller to provide the serial number to confirm whether the bike had been stolen and then try to arrange a meeting for that night.
"Frankly, I think it's a terrible idea.
I told the detective, "said liveshitz, adding that the seller also had some other high
End bike for sale on Kjiji listing.
"The time of the day is already 10: 00 in the evening. I asked for a serial number and raised various red flags.
The Toronto police did not agree.
"This person sells bicycles. that's what they do.
So, if they want a serial number, there won't be anything strange or suspicious, "says Const.
Sidhu Jenifferjit.
"If someone sold a bike, that's it, and yes, it will alert.
"In the past three years, the Toronto CBC has asked the Toronto police to provide bicycle theft statistics, but was told to submit a request for freedom of information.
The reason given is that the police no longer publish statistics and need to conduct a more thorough search of their records.
After speaking with the detective, Lifshitz decided to make his own plan and have his friend meet with Kijiji sellers at Ellesmere RTstation.
The next morning, Lifshitz and his girlfriend were sitting in the car while his friend was waiting for the seller on the bench in the parking lot.
But then, the bicycle seller came, and the friend of liveshitz brought his bicycle over under the guise of riding a bicycle to try it out.
"Right away, I took out my phone and started taking pictures of him," said Lifshitz, who also broadcast the confrontation live on Facebook. He was so calm.
At first I thought, 'This guy is an idiot. Why didn't he run away?
None of this makes any sense.
"It looks strange," liffhitz told the CBC in Toronto.
"When people finally admitted that it was my bike, he left without any problems waiting for the police to fix it.
"Kijiji post Lifshitz's girlfriend found that the man was selling a bike he bought for his son a year ago.
But Lifshitzconfronted faced the seller, who said the man told him that it was just what he said was "for business reasons" and admitted that he had recently bought the bike in the McDonald's parking lot.
The seller said he had a receipt.
"The inconsistency of the story does not make any sense to the police," Lifshitz said . ".
"I had hoped that they would go to his house to see bicycles. . .
Because he invited them to watch the bike, they could run the serial number easily.
He invited them, "he said.
"I don't know why this has never happened.
But you know, there may be six other people taking the bike back.
"Instead, Lifshitz said the police gave the seller a ride home.
Lifshitz got his bike back in time and said he found the whole "sting" torture still a little surreal.
"What should you do if your bike is stolen?
The "sting" option may work well for Lifshitz, but Toronto police say they never recommend you to handle things yourself.
"Property is replaceable and your life is irreplaceable.
So, if you have encountered this dilemma, put the report in and contact the police . "
"There is a backlog.
This is an honest fact, but it has been investigated in at least 72 hours.
Police also advise cyclists to write down and register the serial number of their bikes, take photos of their bikes and keep receipts.
Lifshitz hopes that one day the police will be able to set up a special group to help people get their bikes back.
But at the same time, he said, there is a thriving community actively looking for bicycles and helping each other online.
The caregiver shared information about his stolen bike in the Toronto community and on the bike-riding Facebook group, and how he got his bike back.
"Someone approached me and said, 'Hey, have you seen my bike?
"They think I may be some kind of volunteer police officer who steals a bicycle . "
"No, I just had a very resourceful girlfriend and a group of friends who really survived.
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