tote this gear, and you'll be traveling with ease - genius car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-10
tote this gear, and you\'ll be traveling with ease  -  genius car alarm
As with the arrival of spring, it is foreseeable that --
Launch the latest and innovative winter party for tourism commodity suppliers at the annual fair of the tourism commodities Association.
At confab in Las Vegas this year, 260 exhibitors showed 450 brands last week, which is more evident in terms of improvements than the revolutionary changes in bags and other travel gear.
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2013 gearSome trends: Here are some new projects that can be considered added to your travel Arsenal.
Genius Packers 22"
This is an ideal choice for travelers who have no apologies for admitting their obsession
This obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to packaging
Organized compartments with socks, underwear and electronics, including mobile chargers and mini speakers (both $28).
There's a zipper inside.
Toiletries, water
Bottle holder and magazine pocket, zipped zipper
Laundry bags with external laundry slots, so dirty clothes will never come into contact with clean ones.
It's a rule-
In size, but it will increase the space by 25%. geniuspack. com;
The ISafeThis nylon backpack costs $198, not only can you carry your laptop with you, it will alert if someone tries to steal it.
It is spacious with seven zip compartments with two batteries insideElectric siren (
The manufacturer says the sound is bigger than the car alarm), plus a high-
The intensity flash that can be activated through the pull line. iSafealarmbags. com; $49. 99-$89.
99 travelon waterproof portfolio for TabletThis air-and water-
A tight tablet lid prevents moisture, dust and sand.
The added benefit: the foam plug-in can prevent the device from sinking if it does land in the water.
In addition, the touch screen and camera of the tablet hold the function through the cover and convert it into easel for easy reading or typing. travelonbags. com;
It's $40 in June.
00 Iron Maiden is presided over by PollyseonAn engineer and Barberboth self-
Declared "addicts On Beauty"
Join forces to build a five
Piece-by-piece travel suit for hair-obsessed.
Which: Hot-
Let you put the resistance pack of a hot-shaped wand.
It also features a heating function
The retractable pad and the inside of the zipper prevent the power cord from twisting. Pollyseon. com;
With nylon, $59 or recycled plastic, $69 for travel, a wet bag sealed by Itzy RitzyColorful pattern zip bag prevents wet things like swimsuits and diapers from mixing with other items in your luggage.
100% cotton bag has PVC-
Free internal seal, washable. Itzyritzy. com; $15. 95-$17. 95 for medium (11x14 inches); $21. 95 for large (14x17 inches)
Briggs & Riley Torq's first hard-
Double sided collection made of cars
Grade polycarbonate composite with "secret" middle layer to prevent cracking, with unconditional lifetime warranty.
The bag comes in three sizes and opens the zipper in a 80/20 configuration instead of the traditional 50/50 clams
The housing is designed for easy packing and unpacking.
Also, carry it with you
The bag includes a protective external pocket. briggs-riley. com;
Listed this spring, $479-
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